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Kim So Yeon 김소연


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Kim So-yeon, a goddess figure in a scarf dress! Elegant black and white outing look




Actress Kim So-yeon showed off her enchanting beauty like a Greek goddess in a white scarf dress look.

Kim So-yeon is at the Dynasty Hall of the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 7th.On this day, Kim So-yeon wore a black dress with a long white scarf and completed an elegant and stylish black and white outing look.

The Brand of the Year Awards is an annual event that selects and awards brands that have shone in the past year through public consumer voting.">Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon starred in tvN's weekend drama "Gumi Ho Daeon 1938," which ended in June.










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Kim SoYeon at the 2023 Brand Of The Year Awards





2023 Brand of the Year Award Actress (Drama) category ㅡ Kim So-yeon congratulations on winning









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Lee Sang-woo ♥ Kim So-yeon, captured on an amusement park date... A beautiful visual that even a mask can't cover






Actor Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon enjoyed a date at an amusement park. Kim So-yeon posted several pictures on her social media on September 6 without comment.

In the published photo, Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-yeon are facing each other and smiling brightly. The splendid visuals that cannot be hidden even when wearing a mask exude admiration.

Kim So-yeon also revealed a two-shot taken with the amusement park mascot.Kim So-yeon, who showed off a comfortable outfit in a T-shirt and jeans, boasted her superior 8-head-to-body ratio. Netizens who saw this responded such as "Sister is so pretty", "Goddess herself", "As if only I was getting older", "You two aren't too cute".

Meanwhile, Kim So-yeon married actor Lee Sang-woo in 2017. Kim So-yeon performed passionately as Ryu Hong-joo in tvN's 'The Tale of a Gumiho 1938', which ended last June.





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Kim So-yeon wins the '2023 Brand of the Year Award' in the Actress Drama Category




The '2023 Brand of the Year Awards' awards ceremony, hosted by the Korea Consumer Brand Committee and hosted by the Korea Economic Daily and the Korea Consumer Forum, was held at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul on the morning of the 7th. Actress Kim So-yeon (right), who won the Actress of the Year in Drama category, poses with Song Gwang-rim, managing director of the Korea Economic Daily.




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Park Hyun-seon, CEO of Lavien, uploaded a few pictures on her Instagram and commented:


Lavien's new muse is the perfect actress for the role.
Cool mimosas, it's Kim So-yeon who is showing perfect acting
I'm a huge fan of So-yeon's work.
I'm so honoured to have worked with her.


I'm so honoured to be working with Lavien.
All the staff members gave a standing ovation and completed a huge amount of cuts.
I can't wait to see the finished commercial!
I want to see the finished commercial.
Everyone is looking forward to it
Please look forward to Soyeon Muse's activities in the future.


So yeon replied: I'm so happy to be a part of Lavien.









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Brand of the Year Awards Ceremony


Kim So Yeon won the Drama Actress award.











[Adults don’t know what the new generation is seeing] Episode 16: A Certain Temptation | 19950622 KBS Broadcasting


So yeon had 15 years when she acted in this drama special (one episode).



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Soyeon Kim, simple and calm look! All For You Fall Collection ‘Only-Fall Jumper’ introduced




The ‘Only-Fall Jumper’, which became a hot topic after being worn by actress Kim So-yeon, has a sophisticated feel by using a luxurious print developed with All For You’s own logo. Made from high-stretch fabric, it is comfortable to wear. The jumper color is composed of beige and navy colors with an autumn feel, and the waist string holds the line for a slimming effect.


To commemorate the launch of this fall jumper, All For You has prepared an online event. For the event, if you leave a comment on All For You's official Instagram with the hashtag #ALLFORYOU #OnlyFallJumper #ALLFALLYOU with the travel destination you want to go to while wearing the 'Only-Fall Jumper' and the reason, you will be entered into a drawing to receive an 'Only-Fall Jumper'. Is expected. The event period runs from September 11th to 30th.



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Kim So yeon with actor Choo Yeong-Woo. He received the Male Actor Rookie Award at the same event.

He uploaded a few pictures and commented:

Actress Kim So-yeon won the 2023 Brand of the Year Award







I like to see her smile.





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So yeon posted several pictures on her Instagram from Brand of the Year Award .


BTS pictures








Kim So-yeon, her mirror selfie is so elegant... Picturesque visuals

Kim So-yeon released behind-the-scenes cuts from the awards ceremony. Actress Kim So-yeon said on the 8th, “Thank you so much.” The photo released together shows Kim So-yeon taking a selfie through a mirror in the waiting room of the 2023 Brand of the Year Awards. She received the honor of being selected as first place in the female actress drama category at the 2023 Brand of the Year Awards


Above all, Kim So-yeon showed off her beautiful beauty with her elegant styling, attracting the attention of viewers. Meanwhile, Kim So-yeon married actor Lee Sang-woo. She also received great love for her role in the tvN drama ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox 1938’. The second story of 'Tale of the Gumiho', 'Tale of the Gumiho 1938', is a K-fantasy action drama in which Lee Yeon, a nine-tailed fox who crash-landed in the chaotic era of 1938, unfolds to return to modern times.



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sorok_hong`s Instagram





Last year, the event felt a bit gloomy due to the coronavirus, but this year it felt brighter :-) . .

And Kim So-yeon, who was so nice to meet you!! I hesitated on whether to say hello or not, but I was so happy and grateful that she came and said hello first! A real angel :-)


I took a picture with Soyeon, started valet with a new card that I replaced after KMA was discontinued, and had fun while working. Actually, I did it because I didn't have time to go to the parking lot because I was afraid I would be late for the awards ceremony, but it made me feel good.

I don't take many pictures these days, but as Assistant Manager Park, who is passionate about photography, I took a lot of pictures.

Because this is also a fun memory haha



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From Oligio`s Instagram:


You look so beautiful even on a phone camera, how about an A-cut

Actress Kim So-yeon and Oligio X will make your heart stop the moment you see it! Please look forward to it.








We are revealing the filming site with Oligio's Muse Kim So-yeon~! Our actress Kim So-yeon shows great poses and focuses without any sign of difficulty during the long filming time☺ Thanks to this, all the staff were able to film with energy

I will continue to post with actress Kim So-yeon





Kim So-yeon is a hot topic by showing off her sexy body in a dizzying miniskirt. Her wife Lee Sang-woo and actress Kim So-yeon released a number of certified photos taken at her photo shoot through her social account on the September 13th.




In her published photos, Kim So-yeon shows off her gorgeous beauty while filming her beauty pictorial, drawing attention to her. In particular, Kim So-yeon showed off her sexy charm by wearing unconventional outfits.

Kim So-yeon married actor Lee Sang-woo. She also received great love for her role in the tvN drama ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox 1938’. The second story of 'Tale of the Gumiho', 'Tale of the Gumiho 1938', is a K-fantasy action drama in which Lee Yeon, a nine-tailed fox who crash-landed in the chaotic era of 1938, unfolds to return to modern times.






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Kim So-yeon exposes her subtle glamorous body




Kim So Yeon stole the show at a photo shoot.

On the 14th, Kim So Yeon posted a photo and video on her Instagram mentioning a brand. In the photo shoot, Kim wore a variety of outfits, including a black three-piece, a brown set-up, and a blue miniskirt.


In particular, Kim So-yeon's perfect figure was revealed in various outfits, attracting attention. In response, actor Kim Yong Ji said, "I'm going to go up," and Hwang Hee said, "She's an angel," praising Kim So Yeon's beauty.


Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo developed a romantic relationship after working together in the weekend drama "Happy Home" which aired in 2016, and they tied the knot in June 2017.



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Kim So-yeon ♥ Lee Sang-woo, a surprisingly pretty ‘good man and woman’ couple [Star Shot]








On the 20th, Kim So-yeon shared several photos on her SNS, tagging the brand that did the photo shoot with a heart emoticon. In her photos, Kim So-yeon and her husband Lee Sang-woo posed in various poses, showing the appearance of a friendly handsome man and woman couple.


Netizens at home and abroad showered her with praise, saying things like, “You’re crazy pretty,” “The best,” and “My favorite couple.” Meanwhile, Kim So-yeon appeared in tvN's 'Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox 1984', which recently ended, and worked with actor Lee Dong-wook.



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I just watched an old video Guerilla date with Kim Seo Hyung from 2019 and I remembered So yeon`s Star Date (I think it is the same show with a different name) from 2012. Seo Hyung talked how she worked hard to play a certain role (a villain role in Temptation of Wife) but the offers did not come after that  although it was a succesful role. The villain role had dragged her down. She even was emotional about remembering about those moments.  Just like So yeon had a dry spell after All About Eve. Seo Hyung made another succesful villain role after 10 years in Sky Castle and So yeon after 20 years in Penthouse and it seams that the past is not repeating itself.

In contrast to the past, So yeon got a lot of advertisements after her villainess role this time. She had Ryu Hong Joo after her succesful Cheon Seo Jin and I really really hope she will get more drama offers. I am a little worried but I  should remain optimistic. Nice to see So yeon in everyday pictures looking so happy. Now she has Sang Woo too. :wub:

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