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Kang In Vs. T.o.p (look A Like)

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Guest keiichiro


i ve seen both of them closely already

quite look alike, i accept

but it s hard to choose how s more handsome

i prefer kangin's personality

but top..... >< achhhhh!! he is so damn handsome

just met him 2 days ago, and i cant explain how handsome this guy was then HAHAH

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Guest Peachdoll_Ocean

I am a fan of T.O.P. , but I love Kangin's group more.

I LOVE THEM BOTH!! HAHAH, they're so awesome together, I know T.O.P is so shy when Kangin is around, but so is kangin, he just doesn't show it until afterwards hahah...especially when Top isn't around, Kangin gets so happy and hes so flattered that people say they resemble one another..love em both!!

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Guest loveartiste

It really does surprise me how similar they look

maybe they are separated cousins! lol. jk

those eyebrows, face bone, & deep eyes.

TOP is funny though.

where's HongKi?! haha

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Guest ruthie08

sori i cant pick.. ill choose both! lolz, lately ive been so into TOP, the reason could be the same why i like kangin! they could be cute, sexy, manly, goofy...name it! love them! thats why im so disappointed when i heard that they wont be hosting the music core together.. arrrrggghhh! im still bitter about it! lolz

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