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[unseen] More Tiffany (snsd) Before Debut~


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Guest pinkpiglet

she's not very photogentic.

my friend was friends with her

because they went to same school.

she did have inside double eyelids

but sm pressured her to get a bigger

one done so i guess she did and her

nose was fine before and now it's way

too skinny and up there....

i like her long hair better.

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she looks like she had double eyelid surgery.but thats about it...she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight and so her features look sharper. I lost a lot of weight in the past 3 years...well not a LOT of weight...but i slimmed down quite a bit..and now my features look way sharper (i.e nose, jaw..eyes look bigger etc). Prob same case for her. BUt neway..i still think she was pretty before and after

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Guest smile-jw

I dont really understand why people make such a big deal over surgery..

Is there anything wrong with wanting to look better? I honestly dont think so.

The society these days judge peple by looks so much. Its pressure.

Tiffany only got eyelid surgery, and in Korea, thats basically as common as getting braces. -_-

Tiffany is still the same Tiffany...so I dont think this should be a big deal~

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a lot of my friends knew tiffany long time ago

and they said she definitely got surgery

but hey she got prettier and she is cute

but i jst heard she lost a lot of weight cuz she used to be kinda big

but i think shes cute and yeah she got surgery so what at least she looks better now then she did before

a lot of ppl do plastic surgery these days so its not a big thing.

before or after oh wells that was them then and this is them now.

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Guest babyN_xxs

i hope they do surgery on ALL SM audition winners... alot of them are very talented and i hope they get the spot light.. but i guess to koreans appearance is very important...

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Guest itrayya

she just looks thinner!

that's all.

i think you can still see her.

i think her face is just way thinner than before.

maybe she did do her nose a little,


but she looks the same to me.

some people change completely, but she looks the same.

i love that girl.

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Guest sunnyside

So she really did get fixed?

I've always thought it was just b/c of her hair and her skin looks lighter and maturity that made her look different. You know hair can really change how a person looks like

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Guest minazzang

man.. how old is she?

But whatever.. She looks prettier now for sure..but not unique.

Now she looks like any other SM singer. haha

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she had eye and nose done!! Forsure even if she lost weight ad she is not the only one in the group!! Since there is a lot of SNSD fan here ... I wont say anything anymore. I just find it normal to have surgery since she is an entertainer it's her job to look decent anyways

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Guest disfunktional.

awwies. she used to attend hollywood bowls, im sure next year

she will be the one on stage taking pictures with fans.

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Guest octoberbaby

I had a feeling that she did her nose but... it looks like she did a lot more than that :mellow:

Whatever. I still like her and SNSD :)

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Guest MizzprEEETy

WHOAAA That's crazy. I thought she was cute before, just might need a new hair style or something to fresh up her look.

She does look pretty after plastic though...but it's sad to see the world is becoming like this.

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