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[unseen] More Tiffany (snsd) Before Debut~


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wow she can look like a TOTALLY different person but people will always use the excuse 'she just lost weight'.. i loveeeee tiffany but its REALLY obvious she got surgery.. there is no way the ssangapul will become so much thicker & bigger after you lose weight.. & ur nose will not become sharper & prettier after weight loss. she wasn't even FAT.. just chubby.

whatev tiffany is super cute now & she was cute before too.

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Guest aquapoppie

seems like she only got her nose done. Her bridge is higher, but everything else looks like the result of losing a lot of weight.

Remember, the nose makes a BIG impact on the appearance of your face, because it's right smack in the center, and basically holds the balance for the structural integrity of your face. So just by changing your nose a tiny bit, it can make a drastic difference.

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Guest flycrazily

she looks the same to me. u can see the resemblances not like its two different people -.-. she just got skinner. and got lighter. her smile is still the same. :]. i adore tiffany for her cute personality!

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lol youre funny. i actually saw that thread fyi.

and saw that these pictures were not posted (except the last one).

ur thinking way too much into it.

ur assuming im not a snsd fan when i really am.

the purpose was to share unseen debut pictures. (still waiting for mod to change the title :))

Wait! Unseen by whom? People who don't give a damn about SNSD?

Believe me these pictures have been posted counltess times in the AMBITION forum, the SNSD music thread

and the old and very very infamous Super GIrls thread.

I don't understand how these can be unseesn.

Especially by fans.

If you go to the Music thread right now I bet a majority will say they've seen these, save those who've only

joined a couple or so weeks ago.

If you wanted to share unseen pre-debut pics, make sure they really are unseen by us fans and not just by you.

I just find these, being unseen like you put it, ridiculous.


I rest my case, I'm done here.


I know you can post whatever pictures you want, but I'm just saying....*points to my post above*

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

I think she only did her eyes

and somehow lightened her skin lol cause she used to be soo tanned but now she's super pale

I don't think she's that pretty

but she's a cute girl

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Guest dankyung

im so jealous of her. i really don't care if people get surgery cause i want it too. but mann i love how white her skin got and her nose looks awesome. TT.TT she looks great.

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Guest shesmiles

works of surgery. she looks like two different people.

even so she's so pretty even if she's not all that natural.

she has a personality that makes up for that. i'm happy as long as she's content and happy.


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Guest omaetofu
But you didn't choose the right pics to show the difference because those last ones don't even look like herself now. It's photoshopped (not just hers but practically all the other members, too -.-).

Exactly. The 'after' pictures that you used aren't really fair because I'm pretty sure that all the pictures that were used in the nine videos representing each girl were airbrushed/photoshopped.

Well, no one's ever going to know whether or not she did or didn't do surgery.

And I don't really care, I'm not going to judge her because of that.

Ugh. Tiffany hwaiting!

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