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[unseen] More Tiffany (snsd) Before Debut~


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Guest suicidal_glamour

I don't think anyone can really say what she and what she hasn't done in terms of plastic sugery, unless she admits to surgery and explained what has/hasn't done.

Too me, there's a big difference in the 'before' and 'after' pics.

I have to say that her 'after' result is amazing

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Guest chemical9

I don't think she did anything to her face.

It seems like she just lost weight and cut her hair.

Her nose was big before but its not like it's no longer big.

I think its because of make-up that it looks slightly better now. lol.

The girls also said that she's the member who looks the most different with and without make-up.

So I guess that kinda proves what I just said. :lol:

And if you compare the features, they look exactly the same.

I mean, you can't expect all the singers to look exactly like how they used to when they were younger.

People do change. And make-up does wonders. lol

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Guest PhuongNguyen

i don't think we should all jump to conclusion when we see a drastic change in someone, afterall, this is the entertainment business, and entertainment business consist of make up, airbrush, styling, photoshop, lighting, etc...

I remember when I went to take professional picture, I came out as a whole different person. They made my skin 10x lighter than its normal color (And believe me, I'm pale as hell) and they use this color to make my nose appear "taller and smaller", They use eyeliner to make my eye appear bigger, use fake eyelash make my eye appear larger, use lip liner to make my lip appear fuller, use extension to make my face appear slimmer, up bronzer to make my cheekbone appear higher, use concealer to hide my dark circle, use photoshop to get rid of my scar, use lighting to make me "glow", I came out looking like someone I don't even know... honestly... the MAGIC of make up and technology if quite deceptional.

I'm not saying she didn't do surgery, but sometimes, comparing a "before" debut picture and a "after" debut picture is rather unfair because they go through an entire make over. Tiffany obviously look A LOT lighter and she surely lost a lot of weight. Her hair is style differently and it's dye black. If you see my picture in black hair, and then see a picture of myself with blonde hair, I actually look very different. And I certainly haven't done any plastic surgery. I think it's unfair to call someone out without any proof, and picture can be very deceptional... different angel, different lighting, different camera can make a person look like 2 different person. I remember seeing a thread where people use camera angle to trick someone into thinking that have huge eye, skinny, pretty, etc... when they aren't. Whether tiffany did surgery or not, to believe a statement just because of pictures is rather gulliable if you ask me.

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Do not underestimate the power of makeup. She prob caked on a ton right now.

I don't see any distinctive change in her features. Like..her nose still looked..big and crooked.

Lolz...The eyes could be fix wif makeup as well..to make it look bigger and all.

And her skin got fairer. Maybe casue of the weather in Korea or something.

Oh well..watever..I dun relli care.

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I think she just had double eyelid surgery, which I think in Korea isn't such a big deal,

and the rest is just simply part of growing up and maturing and a tremendous amount of weight loss.

I don't wanna sound like a fan in denial, but that's just what I really think.

Tiffany is very pretty now and she definitely has talent and has already

proven it so it doesn't matter if she did what people say she did.

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Guest engot02

Yep! shes definitely gone prettier.

But I don't think shes done A LOT.

She probably just lost weight and got more mature.

But either way, I still love her!

So talenteddd and cuuuteee *__* ~~

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Guest amarynthis

Hmm I think it's quite obvious that she did surgery. I think she did an eye job, a nose job, and cheek sculpting. Plus weight loss and her skin is lighter.

If I didn't know those pictures are of the same person I would NEVER have guessed.

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doesnt matter.

shes pretty now

i like her like that lol

surgery is to make people pretty.

i honestly dont know why some/ many people are against it.

now who doesnt want to look pretty

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Guest haradays

She's really pretty after the surgeryyyyy,

omo she isnt pretty before just when she go through this surgery,

she loook mooooreeeee beautiful than the natural one, i love it

she's cute!

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