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[unseen] More Tiffany (snsd) Before Debut~


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edit: changed topic title. :wacko:

netizens replied "SURGERY'S GENERATION!" :lol:

at hollywood bowl:




with jessica:







the results.


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yeah i was kinda shocked when i saw her before

i thought she was prettiest in that group pic next to hyoyeon, before she got her hair cut lol

but anyways she looks great now

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Guest bloated_stick_figure

wait she's not the same girl that won a spot at sm from the nyc choosuk festival right??

she's def prettier now but can't exactly pinpoint the differences lol

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Woah and I thought she was natural..kinda shocking and dissapointing at the same time

since she's the only girl that stood out for me in that group. She had this inviting aura.

The resemblance is very little in my actually like 2 diff people.

Can anyone inform me 'what' exactly did she get done?

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Wow.. It's like looking at two completely different people x_x

Anyways, she's a lot prettier now but if she did get surgery.. kind of disappointing because I like her the most out of SNSD. ahaha

& omgsh can Rain's vest be any smaller. :lol:

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

i dont think she got anything fix..

yes, she look way different

but u have to consider her hairstyle , her skin and her weight..

before, she was at a normal girl weight so her chin is a bit chubby

she has a long face also, and that style she had before just eccentrate (sp) her chin even more

i thought she have double eyelid surgery

but look at the before pictures, she have what u called as half-double eye lid

and she still have them now..

it's not like she have huge double eyelid now..

and she also added bang so her face wont look so long

she also dyed her hair and lighten her skin...

really!! not everything have to resolve by surgery..

u can make urself a whole lot better if u just know what's right for you

before, she look like the typical asian that follow what everyone does with highlighted hair and tan..

but now her stylist styled her better with darker shade hair and lighter skin..

her nose still look the same to me,, it was big before, and it's not like it's all pointy and small now

edit: after reading some of the later , all i can say is WHOA!!!.. the fact whether or not she undergone surgery is not going to change my opinion about her. SOme can believe she didnt, some can believe she did because we dont have any solid truth. People can change dramatically with or without surgery. For those who tell other to open their eyes and accept that she had surgery, why dont YOU open your eyes to see it in our perspective. NO one can know for sure that she did it, and you dont have any solid truth behind ur statement either so stfu and dont try to others what to do. And it's not that some people dont see the differences. C'mon. It just they can analyze how different and what might cause the change.

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Guest killjadeskye

I don't wanna say anything about the surgery. I think her current look can be achieved if she shed off some weight, got a new hairdo and lighten her skin.

Her nose looked slightly bigger in the picture with Rain, but maybe coz of the lighting or whatever.

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Guest Uyen Duong

O_O.. nose surgery?

Mannn, I'd be too scared to go for surgery D:!

But yah, she's really pretty. I find it a huge difference

but w/e. She's really popular right now ;3 I like her,

she's so cute~~

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Err why did you take off the last two "after surgery" pictures you posted up originally?

They're more recent pictures of her than the two pictures you have up now.

I'll edit my post with her pictures.



credit; snsd thread

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