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Song Kang-Ho 송강호 [“Broker”, “Emergency Declaration”]


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April 23, 2008

Cannes Film Festival - Unveiled Line-Up

Unveiling the line-up for the 61st edition of the world’s biggest film festival, which runs from May 14-25, organizers said there was a feeling that “a new cycle was beginning” after the widely hailed success of last year’s event.

“It won’t have escaped you that the selection process was long, complicated and quite difficult,” Thierry Fremaux, the festival’s head, told a news conference that was delayed from an originally scheduled date last week.



"24 City," China, Jia Zhangke

"Adoration," Canada, Atom Egoyan

"Changeling," U.S., Clint Eastwood

"Che," Spain, Steven Soderbergh

"Un Conte de noel," France, Arnaud Desplechin

"Daydreams," Turkey, Nuri Bilge Ceylan

"Delta," Hungary, Kornel Mundruczo

"Il Divo," Paolo Sorrentino, Italy

"Gomorra," Italy, Matteo Garrone

"La Frontiere de l'aube," France, Philippe Garrel

"Leonera," Argentina, Pablo Trapero

"Linha de Passe," Brazil, Walter Salles, Daniela Thomas

"La mujer sin cabeza," Argentina, Lucrecia Martel

"My Magic," Singapore, Eric Khoo

"The Palermo Shooting," Germany, Wim Wenders

"Serbis," Philippines, Brillante Mendoza

"The Silence of Lorna," Belgium, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

"Synecdoche, New York," U.S., Charlie Kaufman

"Waltz With Bashir," Israel, Ari Folman


"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," U.S., Steven Spielberg

"Kung Fu Panda," U.S., Mark Osborne, John Stevenson


"The Good, the Bad, the Weird," South Korea, Kim Jee-woon

"Vicky Cristina Barcelona," U.S., Spain, Woody Allen


“Maradona,” Spain-France, Emir Kusturica

“Surveillance,” U.S., Jennifer Lynch


“The Chaser,” South Korea, Na Hong-jin


“Ashes of Time Redux,” Hong Kong, Wong Kar-wai

“Of Time and the City,” U.K., Terence Davies

"Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired," U.S.-U.K., Marina Zenovich

"Sangue Pazzo" (Crazy Blood), Italy-France, Marco Tullio Giordana


“The Third Wave,” U.S., Alison Thompson


“A festa da menina morta,” Brazil, Matheus Nachtergaele

“Afterschool,” Antonio Campos

“De Ofrivilliga,” Sweden, Ruben Ostlund

“Je veux voir,” France, Joana Hadjithomas, Khalil Joreige

“Johnny Mad Dog,” France, Jean-Stephane Sauvaire

“La vie moderne (profiles paysans)”, France, Raymond Depardon

“Los Bastardos,” Mexico, Amat Escalante

“Milh handha al-bahr,” (Salt of This Sea), Palestine, Annemarie Jacir

“O’ Horten,” Norway-Germany, Bent Hamer

“Soi Cowboy,” Thomas Clay

“Tin Che,” (Parking), Chung Mong-Hong

"Tokyo!," France, Japan, Bong Joon-ho, Michel Gondry, Leos Carax

"Tokyo Sonata," Japan, Kiyoshi Kurosawa

“Tulpan,” Germany, Sergey Dvortsevoy

"Tyson," U.S., James Toback

“Versailles,” France, Pierre Schoeller

“Wendy and Lucy,” U.S., Kelly Reichardt

“Wolke 9” (Cloud Nine), Germany, Andreas Dresen

“Yi ban haishui, yi ban huoyan,” Fendou Liu


“Ba Yue Shi Wu,” U.S., Jiang Xuan

“Blind Spot,” France, Johanna Bessiere, Cecile Dubois Herry, Simon Rouby, Nicolas Chauvelot, Olivier Clert, Yvon Jardel

“Et dans mon coeur, j’emporterai…,” Belgium, Yoon Sung-A

“Forbach,” France, Claire Burger

“Gata,” Russia, Diana Mkrtchyan

“Gestern in Eden,” Germany, Jan Speckenbach

“Himnon” (Anthem), Israel, Elad Keidan

“Illusion Dwellers,” U.K., Rob Ellender

“Interior. Scara de bloc,” Romania, Ciprian Alexandrescu

“Kestomerkitsijat,” Finland, Juho Kuosmanen

“The Maid,” U.S., Heidi Saman

“Naus,” Czech Republic, Lukas Glaser

“O Som E O Resto,” Brazil, Andre Lavaquial

“El Reloj,” Argentina, Marco Berger

“Shtika” (Silence), Israel, Hadar Morag

“Stop,” South Korea, Park Jae-ok

“This Is a Story About Ted and Alice,” U.S., Teressa Tunney


“411-Z,” Hungary, Daniel Erdelyi

“Buen Viaje” (Bon Voyage), Javier Palleiro, Guillermo Rocamora

“De Moins en Moins,” France, Melanie Laurent

“El Deseo” (The Desire), Mexico, Marie Benito

“Jerrycan,” Australia, Julius Avery

“Love You More,” U.K., Sam Taylor Wood

“Megatron,” Romania, Marian Crisan

“My Rabbit Hoppy,” Australia, Anthony Lucas

“Smafuglar,” Iceland, Runar Runarsson

Source: http://www.filmofilia.com/2008/04/23/eastw...-film-festival/

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aWww.. pics of Song Kang Ho-ssi at the 44th Baeksang Arts Award held on the 24th. He was nominated in the Best Actor (movie category) for 'The Show Must Go On' but didn't win as the coveted prize went to actor Im Chang Jung for his role in 'Scout'.

Either the popular theory "no show up, no award" discussed at the Baeksang thread is not exactly true or SKH-ssi is simply an awesome actor attending the ceremony to celebrate the event for all movie makers and entertainers. he's looking so suave in a cool suit & tie. Nothing fancy but simply fitting the occasion perfectly.

Must say that Mr. Song looked trimmer and younger, too.. now that he's clean-shaven. In fact all the GBW men are looking so awesome these day. :rolleyes: :blush: Can't wait to see the 3 fabulous actors and Director Kim Jee Woon at the Red Carpet in Cannes this May. Woohoo, what a treat that'll be! :w00t:

Captures from yahoo.kr






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April 27, 2008

Korean Films to See at Cannes

By Lee Hyo-won

Staff Reporter


1. “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” by Kim Ji-woon.

2. “The Chaser” by Na Hong-jin.

3. “Stop” by Park Jae-wook.

4. “The Housemaid” (1960) by Kim Ki-young. / Courtesy of Korean Film Council

The world's premier film event, Festival de Cannes, will open for the 61st time May 14-25 in the southern French port city. While there are no Korean entrees this year in the main competition section, five films ― including the world premiere of the anticipated blockbuster "The Good, the Bad, the Weird" ― will shine in other sections of the festival.

"The Good, the Bad, the Weird," directed by Kim Ji-woon, will be shown in the Out of Competition section. This "oriental Western'' features exciting horseback races and train rides in vast Mongolian plains.

It stars three of the hottest Korean actors ― hallyu star Lee Byung-hun (TV soap "All In"), heartbreaker Jung Woo-sung ("Daisy") and bona fide actor Song Kang-ho ("Secret Sunshine").

The film will receive its own gala event, complete with a red carpet event. It is anticipated to be a big highlight along with the premiere of films like Woody Allen's "Vicky Christina Barcelona" and Steven Spielberg's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Song will return to the red carpet after last year's feted "Secret Sunshine" while Lee comes back for the first time in three years since "Bittersweet Life." It will be a first for Jung.

Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser," is another movie that will be screened in the Out of Competition section. Directed by newcomer Na Hong-jin, the suspenseful serial murder story stars actor Ha Jung-woo, whom Martin Scorcese had once complimented as "having as much potential as Leonardo Dicaprio."

In the section Un Certain Regard, showcasing the latest notable works in world cinema, festival goers can see "Tokyo!" It's a joint project by Korea's director Bong Joon-ho ("The Host") and France's Michel Gondry ('Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind") and Leos Carax ("Boy Meets Girl").

Up and coming Korean talent can also be seen at Cannes. Park Jae-wook will compete in Cinefondation, the competition section for students. Park is a senior at the Korean Academy of Film Arts, and presents "Stop," a short animation film.

In Cannes Classics, the black and white 1960 piece "The Housemaid" by the late director Kim Ki-young, will be shown. This section shows restored classic movies from around the world. The 60s are often called the Golden Age of Korean film history, and Kim is one of the most representative artists of his time. Last year, "Bound by Chastity Rule" (1962) by Shin Sang-ok was shown in the section.

The big movie event is also expected to bring more attention to Korean cinema through the film market.

Last year, Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon stole the limelight at Cannes by winning Best Actress for "Secret Sunshine." In previous years, director Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy" won the 2004 Grand Prix while Im Kwon-taek was awarded Best Director for "Chihwaseon" in 2002.

Credits: hyowlee@koreatimes.co.kr


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  • 3 weeks later...

By the way, thanks to Janice's highlight on the Cannes 2008 screening guide (more GBW-Cannes updates at the movie thread)

screen2a.jpg<-- Out-of-Competition Official Selection

Source: filmofilia.com


GBW related gist provided by Janice from article at media.daum.net

Last year, Female actress JDY graced herself at Cannes; These year it's the male's turn to dominate the red carpet!


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May 8, 2008

The Korean sector film looks abroad

By Mark Russell

SEOUL -- With South Korea's boxoffice down 5.5% in 2007 and another 9.4% so far in 2008, these are depressing times for Korean movie production houses. Layoffs are hitting all parts of the industry, and many companies are getting out of movie production altogether.

Mediaplex is shutting down its production division Motion 101, iHQ is returning to its core business of talent management, and Dyne Film is looking into options outside of filmmaking.

Korea's film industry has grown dramatically over the past 10 years -- from $207 million in 1996 to $1 billion last year -- but that growth has come at the cost of nearly constant upheaval. New production, distribution and sales companies have come and gone with chaotic regularity. CJ Entertainment, founded in 1996, is already one of the oldest. And CJ, while investing in many movies, has produced very few films of its own.

Cinema Service, once CJ Entertainment's biggest rival and now partly owned by CJ, is now a shadow of the size it was around the turn of the millennium. Mediaplex, the biggest player since Cinema Service declined, sold off its multiplex division to a consortium of investors led by Australian banking group Macquarie and closed Motion 101 at the end of April. MK Pictures, which was founded in 2004 by the filmmakers responsible for some of the most successful films in Korean history (1999's "Shiri," 2000's "JSA" and 2004's "Taegukgi"), closed its international sales office last year and eliminated most of its once-ambitious plans for diversification and expansion. Last summer, it was bought by cable network operator Gangwon Television Broadcasting. And the examples go on.

The crux of the problem, according to many industry observers, is too many movies. From 1995 to 2005, the number of productions was fairly stable, averaging 61.7 per year, but the average cost of a film soared from $1 million to $4.3 million (including P&A). Over the past couple of years, producers have put the brakes on rising costs, which fell to $3.8 million in 2007. In response, filmmakers produced 102 films in 2006. In 2007, that climbed again to 112.

The jump in new titles also came in part from new sources of funding, in particular the telecoms and stock markets, which bypassed the old financing routes. Production companies that went public in particular needed regular revenues to keep their shareholders happy, so they ramped up production.

As tough as times are for many Korean producers, the local industry still has its strengths. Last year was the worst showing for local films since 2003, but Korean-made films still accounted for more than 50% of the boxoffice. And overall attendance in 2007 was the second highest ever.

Many high-profile films are coming up in the second half of 2008, including Kim Ji-woon's eastern Western "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird", Kim Yu-jin's historical epic "The Divine Weapon" and Park Chan-wook's psychological thriller about vampires, "Thirst." As in most years, Korean distributors are staying away from May and June, when Hollywood's biggest blockbusters hit the market.

In the meantime, with the local market appearing saturated, at least for the time being, many companies are turning their attentions abroad in the search for growth. Unlike past years, when the focus was on preselling Korean titles abroad, Korean producers now have a greater interest in working more closely with their international partners. Mediaplex is one of the major investors in John Woo's "Red Cliff"; CJ Entertainment invested in Kirsten Sheridan's "August Rush";

Taewon Entertainment invested in "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon"; and BOM Films invested in Peter Chan's "Warlords."

"You need to find ways to sustain your company globally," says Christopher Chang, head of media and contents at Mediaplex. "But the benefit needs to be on both sides. It only works if both companies understand their projects."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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Thursday, 15 May 2008

"Thirst" quenches Scandinavia

Written by Patrick Frater

CANNES -- Nordic distribution group NonStop Entertainment has sucked up two vampire movies.

Strockholm-based company has acquired "Oldboy" director Park Chan-wook's "Thirst" in a deal with South Korea's CJ Entertainment.

In a separate deal it bought its first local Swedish movie "Not Like Others" (Vampyrer) by helmer Peter Pontikis.

In both cases NonStop bought all rights in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltics.

Source: Variety Asia Online


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May 15, 2008

Five Korean films join Cannes fest


Cannes2008.gifOfficial Website festival-cannes.fr

The 61st Cannes Film Festival has kicked off with fanfare, spicing up the festive mood for moviegoers all around the world. The ebullient mood remains largely the same here in Korea, but one thing is palpably different: There's no chance for a Korean movie or actor grabbing an award in the competition section this year.

Last year was special for the Korean film industry. Jeon Do-yeon won the prestigious best actress award for her impassioned role in the heart-wrenching flick "Secret Sunshine." This year, however, such dramatic development is unlikely to occur because no Korean film has been invited to the competition section.

But it is too early to shift attention from Korean filmmakers toward Hollywood stars. After all, five Korean movies are to be screened in various sections at Cannes, and all of them have a potential to charm foreign filmmakers, critics and media in various ways.

At the forefront stands director Kim Jee-woon's big-budget flick "The Good, the Bad, the Weird," which is one of the official selections in the Out of Competition section. The movie, set in Manchuria in the 1930s, is one of the biggest Korean projects this year, with the star-studded cast drawing keen attention from local movie fans and critics. Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung play rebellious characters in an exotic style.

In the Un Certain Regard section, director Bong Joon-ho's "Tokyo!" -- an omnibus film produced through a Korea-Japan-France joint venture project -- has been invited, and what's notable is the renowned Korean filmmaker's efforts to expand his moviemaking coverage. Bong recruited Japanese actors to portray a sense of isolation and the meaning of affection by focusing on the travails of a group of Japanese who are sidelined and shunned in society.

In the Midnight Screenings section, director Na Hong-jin's "The Chaser" will be featured. The film, released in mid-February, emerged as Korea's top film in the first half of this year thanks to its heart-pumping dramatization that outsmarted other competitors, including Hollywood blockbusters. The film's success came as a surprise because its budget was smaller than other mainstream Korean films and main actors were relatively low-profile. Defying skepticism, however, the film drew enthusiastic response from Korean moviegoers largely due to its fast-paced storytelling and the actors' dedicated performances.

Also joining the Cannes programs is Park Jae-ok, whose animated short, "Stop," will be featured in the Cinefondation section. Park graduated from the Korean Film Academy this year and is regarded as a promising younger-generation filmmaker.

Kim Ki-young's 1960 masterpiece "The Housemaid" will be also screened in the Cannes Classics section.

Some of the Korean filmmakers and actors have already taken steps to join the festival. To promote "The Chaser," director Na Hong-jin and main actors Kim Yun-seok and Ha Jung-woo have flown to Cannes. In particular, Ha will make it to Cannes for the third time after he had visited the festival for his roles for Yoon Jong-bin's "The Unforgiven" (Un Certain Regard section in 2006) and Kim Ki-duk's "Breath" (competition section in 2007).

Kim Jee-woon, Song Kang-ho, and Jung Woo-sung are scheduled to leave for France next Thursday to promote "The Good, the Bad, the Weird." Lee Byung-hun, who is working on his Hollywood debut film "G.I. Joe," will also join the team to hold a press conference and red-carpet events.

Korean movie sales firms led by CJ Entertainment, Mirovision, Showbox, Show East, and Sidus FNH also attended Cannes by setting up their booths in the Cannes Market.

By Yang Sung-jin (insight@heraldm.com)


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A fabulous, fabulous highlight by cacao & Angel70 at lovelbh.com from info at CJ Entertainment

“The Good, The Bad, The Weird”

by Director Kim Jee Woon


Presented by CJ Entertainment

Produced by Barunson Film Division / Grimm Pictures

Distributed by CJ Entertainment

SONG Kang-ho, LEE Byung-hun, JUNG Woo-sung

Director KIM Jee-woon

July, 2008

Oriental Western, 35mm, 2.35:1, Color, Dolby SRD

Genre : Period Action/Drama

Synopsis : With the Korean Peninsula under Japanese rule in 1930s, many Koreans flock to Manchuria for refuge. Some become bandits, some train robbers and yet others bounty hunters. While the Weird, a notorious train robber, is stealing from a Japanese train crossing the Manchurian plains, he discovers a treasure map. But the map is also sought after by the Bad, a merciless gang leader. Coincidentally, the Good, a bounty hunter, is on the train, and he is after the Bad. The three engage in a spectacular chase with the Japanese Army, the Korean independence fighters, and the Chinese bandits all looking to get their hands on the prized map.

SONG Kang-ho - A self-commando train robber with nine lives, Tae-goo

Tae-goo is a train robber who goes around on a scooter rather than a horse. Always at the source of trouble and dispute, he is an unpredictable die-hard self-commando with no telling what he’ll do next.

SONG has portrayed some of the most memorable characters starring in hit films like <The Foul King>, <Memories of Murder>, <The Host>, and <Secret Sunshine> and his lines often became the cant phrases in fad. SONG has always been in the films that changed the history of Korean films. No matter the role, through outstanding distinction and ‘SONG Kang-ho-ization’ acting, he has become one of the most beloved actors by moviegoers, directors, and producers alike. Now in <The Good, the Bad, the Weird>, SONG presents the world with ‘the weird’ character teeming with unparalleled individuality, ‘Tae-goo’.

Selected Filmography

2009 Evil Live (Director: PARK Chan-wook. Filming)

2007 Secret Sunshine (Director: LEE Chang-dong),

The Show Must Go on (Director HAN Jae-lim)

2006 The Host (Director: BONG Joon-ho)

2005 Antarctic Journal (Director: LIM Pil-sung)

2003 Memories of Murder (Director BONG Joon-ho)

2001 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Director: PARK Chan-wook)

2000 The Foul King (Director: KIM Jee-woon),

JSA, Joint Security Area (Director: PARK Chan-wook))

1999 Swiri (Director: KANG Jae-kyu)

1998 The Quiet Family (Director: KIM Jee-woon)

1996 Green Fish (Director: LEE Chang-dong)

Interview with SONG Gang-ho

Tae-go is ‘the Weird’ but when I first read the script, I didn’t realize who ‘the weird’ one really was. All three of the main characters are bad with a weird side to their personalities mixed in with some good. Tae-goo’s character is like a weed. He does all kinds of things by fair means or foul in order to survive in the vast, desolate Manchurian plains in chaotic times. But he is not bleak in human nature. He has his own unique feelings and attachments to people but lives like a die-hard weed on the hit and run in order to survive. He appears comedic but he is the most miserable character out of the three. His actions are different from Do-won’s and Chang-yi’s, not typical of the western genre. While the others prepared for their action scenes prior to production, I found my own answers to ‘How did Tae-goo live and what is he like?’ and prepared that way.

Source: cjent.co.kr

For more cool GBW highlight.. check out our movie thread!


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Credits to kfccinema for the highlight

Lasting After Sinful Pleasures, Thirst Cannes Teaser Poster

Posted on 05 19 08 by Brian


We are back with another Thirst update for you thanks to forum member Khitcher. The Cannes promo teaser poster for Park Chan-wook's Thirst has turned up on the Korean news sites.

Filming started last month with Song Kang Ho, Kim Ok Bin, Mercedes Cabra, Sin Ha-gyoon, and Kim Hae-sook making up the all-star cast.

This is the synopsis provided by CJ Entertainment

Beloved and devoted priest from a small town volunteers for a medical experiment which fails and turns him into a vampire. Physical and psychological changes lead to his affair with a wife of his childhood friend who is repressed and tired of her mundane life. The one-time priest falls deeper in despair and depravity. As things turns for worse, he struggles to maintain what’s left of his humanity.

Thirst doesn't drop until 2009, but as always we will keep up updated with any new news. With filming already underway, it shouldn't be long before the first set stills and videos are released. So make sure to check back. Until then you can check out our Thirst coverage thread link provided.

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By 나지영 (Na Ji-young)

송강호 이미지가 담고 있는 서사 읽어내기 (The epic of Kang-ho Song)


The purpose of this paper is to reveal the epic of Kang-ho Song"s image.

In chapter 2, I have researched four different films which Kang-ho Song was starring. There are 〈The Foul King(반칙왕), 2000〉, 〈Memories Of Murder(살인의 추억), 2003〉, 〈The Host(괴물), 2006〉, 〈Secret Sunshine(밀양), 2007〉. Through those four films, I found three distinctive features of Kang-ho Song"s image. First, His character has humanity. In each films, his character is below the average, playing innocent, but hiding a desire. Second, His character always makes comedy from difficult situation. His image can be very funny, but at the same time very sorrow too. Third, His character acts on emotion rather than on reason. His image responds instantly on the question at issue rather than chose rational way.

In chapter 3, based on chapter 2, I reveal the epic of Kang-ho Song"s image. For this study, I have compared his image with three other actors, Jung-hun Park, Suk-Kyu, Han, and Sung-ki An. After comparing those four actors" images, the epic of Kang-ho Song"s image became more distinct.

In conclusion, I chose 〈Secret Sunshine(밀양), 2007〉 for the epic of Kang-ho Song"s image. In this film, Kang-ho Song"s image performed its duties very competently. Kang-ho Song creates very unique character, it can only be created by Kang-ho Song"s image.

Source: http://ref.daum.net/item/12297860

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Thanks to ylin at GBW thread for these charming men in Cannes!

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2008 - 24 May 2008

Cannes 2008: Le Bon, La Brute Et Le Cingle Photocall

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 24: Actors Jung Woo Sung, Lee Byung Hun and Song Kang Ho with director Kim Jee Woon attend the Le Bon, La Brute Et Le Cingle Photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st International Cannes Film Festival on May 24, 2008 in Cannes, France.


Shot at 2008-05-24


Shot at 2008-05-24


Shot at 2008-05-24


Shot at 2008-05-24

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Guest kdramafanusa


South Korean director Kim Jee-woon (Right) poses with cast members from (L-2nd R) Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008.

REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE)


South Korean director Kim Jee-woon (Right) poses with cast members from (L-2nd R) Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE)


Cast members Song Kang-ho (L) and Lee Byung-hun pose during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" by South Korean director Kim Jee-woon at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE)


Cast members, from L- R, Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung pose during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" by South Korean director Kim Jee-woon at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (FRANCE)


Cast members, from L- R, Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung pose during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" by South Korean director Kim Jee-woon at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (FRANCE)


Cast members, from L- R, Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung pose during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" by South Korean director Kim Jee-woon at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (FRANCE)


South Korean director Kim Jee-woon (Right) poses with cast members from (L-2nd R) Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung during a photocall for the film "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" at the 61st Cannes Film Festival May 24, 2008. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard (FRANCE)

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Guest kdramafanusa

2008 Cannes Film Festival - "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" Red Carpet & Premiere

May 24, 2008 - Palais des Festivals

Cannes, France





















Credit: As labeled

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  • Helena changed the title to Song Kang-Ho 송강호 [“Broker”, “Emergency Declaration”]

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