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Song Kang-Ho 송강호 [“Broker”, “Emergency Declaration”]


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Monday, 17 March 2008

"Secret Sunshine" is AFA triple winner

Written by Patrick Frater


HONG KONG – Continuing its remarkable kudos collection, South Korea's "Secret Sunshine" Monday grabbed top honors at the second running of the Asian Film Awards show.

Pic, a heart-wrenching tale of a single mother's search for new love in an unfamiliar town, was named best Asian film. It also earned Lee Chang-dong the helming crown and Jeon Do-yeon the best actress accolade. Jeon began picking up prizes for her performance in the film as far back as the Cannes festival last May.

"The Sun Also Rises," the big budget Mainland Chinese art-house pic that baffled some auds but pleased critics, was the only other film to earn multiple honors. It picked up best production design and the least surprising award of the night, best supporting actress kudos for veteran Joan Chen.

Other awards were sprinkled liberally among movies and talent from Greater China with only Om Shanti Om's music composers Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani earning any silverware for India, Asia's biggest movie producing nation.

That meant relative disappointment for "Lust, Caution" whose actress revelation Tang Wei was recently censured by China, and an empty handed departure for "The Assembly"



2nd Asian Film Awards 2007-08

Best film

"Secret Sunshine"

Best director

Lee Chang-dong "Secret Sunshine"

Best actor

Tony Leung Chiu-wai "Lust, Caution"

Best actress

Jeon Do-yeon "Secret Sunshine"

Best supporting actor

Sun Honglei "Mongol"

Best supporting actress

Joan Chen "The sun Also Rises"

Best screenwriter

Au Kin-yee and Wai Ka-fai "Mad Detective"

Best cinematographer

Liao Pen-jung "Help me Eros"

Best production designer

Cao Jiu-ping and Zhang Jian-qun "The sun Also Rises"

Best composer

Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani

Best editor

David Richardson "Eye in the sky"

Best visual effects

Ng Yuen-fai "The Assembly"

Source: Variety Asia, photo from sina.cn thanks to Shirley


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March 17, 2008

SECRET SUNSHINE Tops Asian Film Awards!

Posted by Todd Brown


Though I was too jet-lagged to attend myself, the Asian Film Awards proceeded just fine without me last night and Song Kang-Ho starring Korean drama Secret Sunshine topped the awards, taking home awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress. Song was edged out in the best actor category by Tony Leung, in what must have been an emotional win for Lust, Caution, whose female star was just banned from all media by the mainland Chinese government because of the film’s sexual content.

Source: twitchfilm.net

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March 19, 2008

'Secret Sunshine' Snags Three Awards at Asian Film Fest


From left, actor Song Kang-ho, actress Jeon Do-yeon,

director Lee Chang-dong attend the red carpet of the Asian Film Awards

as part of the event at Hong Kong International Film Festival in Hong Kong on Monday. /AP

Korean film "Secret Sunshine" by director Lee Chang-dong has once again earned recognition at an international film festival.

The movie was honored at this year's Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in three categories -- Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

In the Best Film category "Secret Sunshine" went up against Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee's erotic espionage thriller "Lust, Caution."

Actress Jeon Do-yeon who played the lead female role in "Secret Sunshine" grabbed the Best Actress award. Jeon also won Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival for her performance in "Secret Sunshine."

Arirang News


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Guest kdramafanusa

* 2nd Asian Film Awards *

Secret Sunshine team: Director LEE Chang-dong, actor SONG Kang-ho, actress JEON Do-yeon













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Ooo.. I've always like how the Secret Sunshine team would appear on the read carpet. JDY picked a fabulous dress to wear, the vibrant red against the fiery red carpet really sets out her youthful appearance. And her hair is perfect! Simply eye-catching! :wub:

Whoops.. I'm gushing about JDY in SKH's thread! :lol:

But what I LOVE the most is the last photo.. just look at SKH's hand at the back of JDY's elbow as they stepped down the podium, as well as watching out for her step. :blush: A truly TRUE GENTLEMAN! :wub:

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Guest kdramafanusa

Actor Shin Ha-gyoon (The Devil's Game, Welcome To Dongmakgol, Save The Green Planet!, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance, Guns & Talks) joined the cast of director Park Chan-wook's "Bat".



In addition, the cast also includes actress Kim Hae-sook. Filming starts at the beginning of April.

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^ WAH!!! :w00t:

It's another JSA reunion! :w00t: SHG and SKH were both playing the North Korean soldiers in the awesome 2000 movie. After LBH and SKH in GBW.. another great duo in 'Thirst'.. oops.. uhh.. I mean Bat.. it's the same movie, right? :blink: The one that's also called 'LiveEvil? :wacko:

Wow.. actress Kim Hae Sook is really making it big.. on the bigGER screen. Good for her! :D

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Guest kdramafanusa

It's another JSA reunion! :w00t: SHG and SKH were both playing the North Korean soldiers in the awesome 2000 movie. After LBH and SKH in GBW.. another great duo in 'Thirst'.. oops.. uhh.. I mean Bat.. it's the same movie, right? :blink: The one that's also called 'LiveEvil? :wacko:

Rubie, it's the same movie. =) I'm confused about the different titles being used by this movie.

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Guest kdramafanusa

March 21, 2008

Shin Ha-gyun to Join Director Park Chan-wook


Talented actor Shin Ha-gyun will join famed director Park Chan-wook and fellow actor Song Kang-ho for the film “The Bat.” This is Shin’s first movie with Park and Song since “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” in 2002.

“The Bat” is a tragic melodrama about how a man who turned into a vampire after an accident falls in love with a married woman. Song will play the man who becomes a vampire. Kim Ok-bin has already been cast as the female lead Tae-joo and Shin’s role is of Tae-joo’s husband Kang-woo.

Now that all main parts have been cast, the filming of “The Bat” is expected to begin in early April.

Source: KBS World

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^ Thanks for the update, so.. it's finally confirmed. Oops.. I didn't realize that the trio of PCW, SHG & SKH already collaborated in 2002 with "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" after JSA. :blush: It's their third time around.. huh..

I thought the shooting already started in March (when Mr Song was busy with AFA ^^).. but April it'll be.

Great sharing and all the best to the filming. :rolleyes:

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March 20, 2008

Top stars' next work anticipated


Top stars including Jeon Do-yeon, Choi Min-sik, Song Kang-ho, and Seol Kyeong-gu are emerging as saviors of Korean movies. From blockbuster hits to cinematographic movies, they aim to revitalize various genres this summer.

Jeon Do-yeon, who received the Cannes Film Festival award for Best Actress for "Secret Sunshine" is working hard to finish filming "A Fine Day".

This movie is about an unemployed, single woman in her thirties who meets an ex-boyfriend and embarks on an adventure for a day.

She acts with Ha Jeong-woo, who is raising stock prices with this year's best movie, "The Chaser".

As soon as filming ends at the end of this month, they will go into the latter half of production.

Park Ji-eun, the marketing team leader of the production company said, "There isn't a definite genre and plans for marketing, but it is certain that you can see this film in theaters in the later half of the year".

Choi Min-sik is done filming "Himalaya-Where the Wind Stops".

He showed his great acting in 2004 in "Old Boy", and this is his first film in three years after "Crying Fist" in 2005.

When a Nepalese factory worker dies in an accident, Choi Min-sik's character goes to a town in the Himalayas to give his family the remains. Director Jeon Soo-il has gone to many international film festivals with movies such as "The Bird Who Stops in the Air".

Team leader Son Min-kyung of Show East, the producing company, revealed that, "Kim Hyeong-suk, who was the music director of "My Sassy Girl", is also involved. It will be premiered in the first half of this year if impossible".

Song Kang-ho, a very influential actor, will be appearing in the Western style blockbuster "The Good, the Bad, and the Weird".

It is an action movie of men who are in lawless Manchuria in the 1930s during Japanese control. It is expected to be this year's best movie, for it features other top stars such as Lee Byeong-Heon and Jeong Woo-seong.

Also, Seol Kyeong-gu will play Kang Chul-jung, and Choi Min-soo will be in "Street of Dreams", a joint production of Korea, America, and Japan.

Movie producers said, "The fact that top stars like Jeon Do-yeon and Song Kang-ho are starring means an audience of at least 1 million. There is great expectation that they will bring a new craze into the stuck movie industry.

Original article at media.daum.net

English translation by www.hancinema.net

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March 31, 2008

Song Kang-ho in "Evil Live" is vampire pastor?


A representative of Park Chan-wook's new movie "Evil Live" said, "In addition to Song Kang-ho, Kim Hae-sook, Sin Ha-gyoon, Kim Ok-bin and other actors have finished reading the screenplay. They are all eager to try their best".

The exciting thing is that Song Kang-ho is playing a vampire pastor. He plays Sang-hyun, who goes to his friend Kang-woo's (Sin Ha-gyoon) house and is enchanted by his wife Tae-joo (Kim Ok-bin) and falls in love.

Sang-hyun gets infected by an unknown virus, becomes a vampire, and undergoes an identity crisis. He also perceives the presence of a ghost at Kang-woo's house.

The relationship between Tae-joo and Kang-woo's mother, who is paranoid about losing her son to Tae-joo, is also interesting.

Tae-joo endures maltreatment from her mother-in-law and is torn apart as she also starts a dangerous love with Sang-hyun. Many actresses wanted the role of Tae-joo, but director Park Chan-wook chose Kim Ok-bin.

One representative said, "The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship is similar to the one in "The Hole", but it will be lighter". The movie seems heavy, but the wit of Park Chan-wook will permeate through the movie. He will fill the movie with commotion about vampires and ghosts and the ridiculous situation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

"Evil Live", sponsored by CJ Entertainment, will be filmed in Seoul and Pusan and will start filming second week of this month.

Original article at news.naver.com

English translation by hancinema.net

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Thanks to kdramafanusa at the News thread for the highlight

April 10, 2008

Movie industry struggling with slowdown

"The Chaser (Chugyeokja)," a Korean thriller directed by Na Hong-jin, has turned out to be a surprising hit in the slump-laden local film industry in the first quarter. Released on Feb. 14, it is still showing strong performances at the box office, outsmarting other Korean and foreign competitors.

If the current trend continues, the ticket sales of the thriller is now expected to reach the 5-million landmark soon, possibly emerging as the most successful Korean film in the first half of 2008.

The trailblazing success of "The Chaser" at the box office reflects the dearth of successful Korean flicks. Even foreign films are not faring so well, with Hollywood blockbusters mysteriously absent in the box office slots.


The problem with the film lineup in April has been compounded by the current downturn hitting local productions and distributors hard. Discouraged by the poor showings of major Korean films last year, production houses are delaying the release dates of some of the most promising movies like "Modern Boy" until the second half of this year. Director Jung Ji-woo's "Modern Boy" features top-notch actors Park Hae-il and Kim Hye-soo in a retro style story set in the vibrant 1930s. A series of promotional materials touting the movie's delicate depiction of cafes, coffee shops, and department stores in that era have been distributed, but the film's production house decided to put off the release.

"The Good, The Bad, The Weird," a big-budget Korean film that unfolds in Manchuria, is also unlikely to greet local moviegoers any time soon. Well-known Korean Wave stars Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung play exotic roles -- a bandit, a train robber and a bounty hunter -- and expectations were rising high. But producers experienced cold feet about the negative sentiment in the film industry, rescheduling its release date to the second half.

The delays suggest that local production houses sponsoring big-budget projects are reluctant to stage a direct showdown with Hollywood blockbusters in the May-July period. At the same time, investors are highly cautious about Korean films, citing the frequent commercial failures and cutting off the much-needed funds for new projects. To reduce risks and stay afloat, production houses are taking all the steps necessary to turn a profit, leading to the lack of new releases in recent months.

On the weekend, Korean filmmaker Gong Su-chang's thriller "GP506" secured the top position at the box office, selling 190,000 tickets. Trailing behind were "Three Kingdoms," a Korea-China joint project that drew in 170,000 moviegoers. Even considering the slump, it is unusual when box-office leaders fall short of taking in less than 200,000 viewers.

This week, Korean-American director Lee Jie-ho's debut feature "The Air I Breathe" is hitting theaters featuring a high-profile American cast, including Brendan Fraser and Andy Garcia, in an labyrinthine tale. But this movie is unlikely to infuse a momentum to a box office stuck with slow ticket sales and an absence of major hits.

By Yang Sung-jin (insight@heraldm.com)

Source: Korea Herald

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Guest Nath87

Hi, I've just finished watching Memories of Murder and I found Song Kang Ho amazing in this movie. It's only the 2nd film I see with him (the 1st one was JSA), but I think it's evident that he's one of the best actor in the world, really. He can play any character, do the comic parts as well as the dramatic parts and he's incredibly charismatic.

I plan to watch The Host and Secret Sunshine (although for the latter I'm mostly looking forward JDY performance).

And I can't wait to watch The Good the Bad and the Weird. What a cast! :)

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Hi, I've just finished watching Memories of Murder and I found Song Kang Ho amazing in this movie. It's only the 2nd film I see with him (the 1st one was JSA), but I think it's evident that he's one of the best actor in the world, really. He can play any character, do the comic parts as well as the dramatic parts and he's incredibly charismatic.

I plan to watch The Host and Secret Sunshine (although for the latter I'm mostly looking forward JDY performance).

And I can't wait to watch The Good the Bad and the Weird. What a cast! :)

Hi Nath87! Welcome to SKH thread! Very happy to have you here, reading your thoughts.. well said! :D

I sure agree with you about this awesome thespian's real acting talent, he can be just anyone.. at anytime. I'm afraid I haven't seen 'Memories of Murder' which had won so many acclaims and various awards. :sweatingbullets: When I first saw SKH in JSA.. there's just "something" about the actor.. you know, he's really good that you'll not be able to shake his lasting effect. In 'The Host'.. he's simply the man of the hour.

Definitely looking forward for the highly-anticipated 'The Good, the Bad, the Weird' this July.. it's been a really long wait, too. Join us at the Secret Sunshine and the GBW thread, we'd love to hear your movie thoughts later. :)

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Kim named most powerful in Korea

Written by Han Sunhee

- compiled from the article, hope we'll have a complete list later

1. Kim Joo-sung (CJ Entertainment)

2. Tcha Seung-jai (Sidus FNH)

3. Kang Woo-suk (Cinema Service)

4. Kim Woo-taek (film director)

5. Bong Joon-ho (film director)

6. Shim Jae-myung (MK Pictures)

7. Kim Kwang-seop (Lotte Entertainment)

8. Song Kang-ho (actor)

9. Park Chan-wook (film director)

10. Yoo In-chon (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

12. Kim Ji-woon (film director)

14. Lee Joon-ik (film director)

17. Jeon Do-yeon (actress)

23. Jang Dong-geun (actor)

29. Choi Dong-hoon (film director)

36. Jeong Ji-hoon (actor)

49. Lee Byung-hun (actor)

SEOUL---CJ Entertainment prexy Kim Joo-sung has been named as the most influential figure in the Korean film industry for the first time. Kim topped the 13th annual "Power 50" list published in the recent edition of film weekly magazine Cine21, which is voted for by 85 leading film industry personalities and observers. Previously in second place, he swaps places with Tcha Seung-jai of Sidus.

CJ Entertainment headed by Kim is taking the most critical role as the key investor and distributor in industry that is struggling this year. CJ Entertainment currently manages numerous biggest budget titles which will be released 2008, including "The Good, the Bad and the Weird", "Modern Boy" "The Divine Weapon" "Kang Chul-joong" and "Thirst".

Slipping to No.2 was producer Tcha Seung-jai of Sidus FNH, who previously topped in two consecutive years on the list. Unchanged in the ranks were Cinema Service founder and "Kang Chul-joong" helmer Kang Woo-suk was at No. 3, followed by Mediaplex CEO Kim Woo-taek at No.4; with helmer Bong Joon-ho at No. 5.

Rounding out the top 10 were MK Pictures producer Shim Jae-myung, Lotte Entertainment CEO Kim Kwang-seop, actor Song Kang-ho ("The Host"), helmer Park Chan-wook and Yoo In-chon, the former actor and newly inaugurated Minister of culture, sports and tourism as the first time entry at No.10

Among the actors and actresses on the list, Cannes winner Jeon Do-yeon was ranked at 17, Jang Dong-geun (upcoming in "Laundry Warrior") at 23, Lee Byung-hun ( upcoming in Paramount's "G.I. Joe") at 49. Korean Wave superstar Rain (a.k.a. Jeong Ji-hoon, "I'm a Cyborg, but that's O.K." "Speed Racer" ) also entered the list for the first time at 36.

Helmers included Kim Ji-woon ("The Good, the Bad and the Weird") at No.12, Lee Joon-ik ("Sunny") at No.14, Choi Dong-hoon ("Tazza") at 29.

Source: Variety Asia Online


Previous related articles

2007 Most Important Figures in Korea Film Industry


Tcha tops Korea power list again


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April 22, 2008

Cine 21 Names CJ’s KIM Joo-sung Most Influential

Local film weekly magazine, Cine 21, provided its annual list of the most powerful players in the Korean film industry, with CJ Entertainment president KIM Joo-sung at the top for the first time. With the industry taking a downturn last year, CJ Ent. has grown to become the key investor and distributor for many of the biggest projects expected out this year, including Modern Boy and The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

In second place was CHOI Sung-jae of SIDUS FNH, switching from the top spot last year and the year before. In third was Cinema Service founder and director KANG Woo-suk, (Silmido, Hanbando, and the upcoming Kang Chul-joon). Mediaplex CEO KIM woo-taek came in fourth while The Host helmer BONG Joon-ho was in fifth place.

The ranking are voted on by 85 leading film industry representatives. Other notables included MK Pictures producer SHIM Jae-myung at no.6, Lotte Entertainment CEO KIM Kwang-seop at 7, top Korean actor SONG Kang-ho at 8 and director PARK Chan-wook, currently shooting his latest film “Thirst” with SONG at no. 9. International superstar RAIN (JUNG Ji-hoon) entered the list for the first time at no. 36.

Nigel D’Sa (KOFIC)


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  • Guest changed the title to Song Kang Ho 송강호 - Upcoming Movies: Emergency Declaration & Fifth Column
  • Helena changed the title to Song Kang-Ho 송강호 [“Broker”, “Emergency Declaration”]

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