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Cpu Usage @ 100%


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When I use my computer now the CPU usage is usually at 100%. I checked the processes and it shows that Bitdefender(bdss.exe) takes up 90+%. What bothers me is that when I first started using Bitdefender, it didn't take up this much(I'm not sure how much it tooked up individually before). The total CPU usage was usually just 0-5%. What I can tell you guys is that this started happening about 2 weeks ago around the time I added more memory to my computer. My computer did run faster when I added more memory but that's not even noticable anymore since the CPU usage is constantly at 100% now. Sometimes I would restart my computer a few times then check the processes tab on task manager and the CPU usage would be back to normal. Like 0% again. But I don't want to have to always restart it though.

Is the problem basically just Bitdefender or is it something else?

Is there a way to lower it?

Does anyone else here use Bitdefender, if so does it always takes up 90+?

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I never used ti before, but go to the options.

Somewhere in there it will say what file its scanning at the moment. I had to set my Nod32 to stop scanning programs like PeerGuardian which would use 100% of my CPU. Why? I think it was like constantly checking my network so NOD thought its changing so I had to put that on the safe list to ignore.

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This doesn't explain why your problem only started two weeks ago BUT....

... test your computer by booting into Windows and DO NOT run any P2P programs like Limewire or Bittorrent clients. Check it periodically to see if your BitDefender is running normally or not. If it IS running normally after 30 mins then see what happens after you start bit torrent or any P2P program and check after running it for 5 minutes.

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Well I searched up bdss.exe on google to get a better a understanding what it means. And here's what i got:

The bdss.exe process runs in the background and scans your system for virus threats. If you stop this process, BitDefender will not be able to effectively protect your computer from viruses and trojans, so unless it causes problems with your system your should try and leave it running.

bdss.exe is an application that does NOT appear to be a security risk

The Process Server database currently registers bdss.exe to BitDefender.

This is part of BitDefender Anti Virus.

After reading this I opened up task manager again and it's still at 100% then I open up Bitdefender without having any idea what to do when I opened it. After just looking at bitdefender for a few seconds, I click back onto the task manager then I saw the bdss.exe go down to 0% and the total CPU usage was 0%. Was it because I opened up the BitDefender program itself or was it just a mere coicidence?

Btw this happen before I came back to view this thread for replies.

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