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[drama 2001] Love And Ambition / A Fairy Story Of Love / Shinhwa / Myth 신화


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[sBS] Park JungChul and Kim JiSoo

'신화' (Shinhwa, MYTH) SBS Drama 2001

-also known as "Love and Ambition" or "A Fairy Story of Love"-

Directed by Choi Yoon Seok (Glass Slippers), Written by Kim Young Hyun (Dae Jang Geum, Suh Dong Yo's Storyline)


(Starring Park JungChul and Kim JiSoo)


Hello. ^-^

2001.. It's not that old right? =) I was searching all over for more info and a further look @ this drama, but couldn't find anything!! >_< I looked in the thread directory as well, and was very surprised that i couldn't find it here on soompi. But please feel free to close this thread/redirect me if you find me to be blind^ :sweatingbullets: ^ (thanks!!). I saw it once only, and really fell in love with the drama. Here is what i have gathered so far (since i don't understand korean well yet, i assume there are a bunch more info out there i haven't gotten to =D +I believe there are streams on the SBS site, but again~ i can't understand krn ^-^).



Main Cast


Yoon SeohYun (윤서연) played by Kim Ji Soo (김지수)


Choi TaeHa (최태하) played by Park JungChul 박정철


Kang TaeWoong (강대웅) played by Kim TaeWoo (김태우), Gu HongEun (구홍은) played by Lee YuJin (이유진)


Jun MiSun (전미선) played by Choi KangHee(최강희)

Other cast members:

Go DuShim (고두심)

Baek IlSub (백일섭)

Jung SungMo (정성모)


I still cannot write a decent synopsis on this drama, as there are a lot of happenings that i can't explain >_<. Not so good @ summarizing, i usually end up telling the whole story. :lol: But trust me, it's a great drama. Will someone be willing to help me? I'll be sure to put it [here]. ;)

Yoon SeohYun (Kim Ji Soo) is a very outspoken girl who was raised by her father. They have a close relationship, though soon one day he is put to death because of his involvement in an assassination plan. SeohYun is left alone and is swayed to live with a 'friend' of her father's. But after finding out how he is, she is determined to leave. Once she does, she is homeless and meets Choi TaeHa (Park JungChul) on the street market. Taeha fled home where he lived and worked [hard] with his mother. He works for a powerful woman and must collect dues for her from vendors in the market regularly. There, he meets SeohYun in a :unsure: way. After their encounter, SeohYun is in desperate need of a place to stay and finds herself in a little studio, which belongs to Kang TaeWoong (Kim TaeWoo). Being a sweetheart that he is, TaeWoong instantly helps SeohYun in asking his father if she can stay with them for the time being. In the meanwhile, many sparks light up for SeohYun and TaeHa, despite their financial and economic status. When everything begins to get on track for the couple, they plan to leave the city. But TaeHa's boss insist for him to stay and work for her, deceiving him and offering her daughter's hand in marriage...

The best i can do so far..?? heheh

Watch it:

http://www.tudou.com/playlist/yyhan013/ (Chinese subs)

If anyone else can find other subs (particularly English subs) that would help a lot!!^^

Please let me know and i'll keep on editing! :)


So sweet to have the OST provided by daramji* here on soompi :) :


^Scroll to the very end (it's the very last OST on the page) :) .

01. Main Title

02. go baek - Lee Sang Wook

03. geu dae dwi eh suh

04. han bam joong eh - Lee Jung Sun

05. nuh eh jon jae - Lee Jung Bong

06. ee byul ee ib mat choom

07. yul ri ji ahn neun chang moon

08. ah moo ruh ji do ahn ah - Choi Sun Won

09. dduh nan ja wa nam eun ja

10. yun ga

11. in yun II - Choi Jae Hoon

12. go baek (Instrumental)


Here's one video that i found on YouTube (credits to tt1205 on YT ^_^): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HpUyTc-eb4

The official SBS Shinhwa sight: http://www.sbs.co.kr/tv/sinhwa/

Credits to Shinhwa's SBS Site^, autumn_sangwoofc, and aggiesbaby :)

If you have any additional things to add, or want to share, please do!!! I can't find any info on this @ all.. =(

Thanks everyone!! :D

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Guest conduongmuathu

This one is one of my best favourite drama ever!!! The writer is talented Kim Young Hyun who wrote Dae Jang Geum and Suh Dong Yo's storyline.

I love Park Jung Chul since I watched this drama. PJC and KJS are the great couple, I love their chemistry on screen. Both they have the great acting skills.

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Guest conduongmuathu

Yay!!^ I've added the link onto the introduction post :D :D Thanks Shirley!

And autumn_sangwoofc, i'm adding that info onto the page too!! Thanks a bunch.. it really is a great drama.. :rolleyes:

It's ok, Songielove

Anyway, you don't know the director of this drama, do you? He's one of my favourite directors. He's Choi Yoon Seok who made Glass Slippers.

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^ :lol: You're right!! I watched this drama quite awhile after its broadcast and no one seemed to know much about it..

And now that i look @ the credits... :lol: i see!! =DD Thanks for pointing that out!! =DD Lovely work!!

I was watching it with chinese subs, though i still had no clue what they were exactly saying..

I could pick out some lines/words and remember what was going on in the story :lol: ..

..Would really help if there was more i could find on this drama. ^_^

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