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[variety] Brain King Einstein 두뇌왕 아인슈타인

Guest theLEGEND

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The one with the circular pictures on a black background? If so then each round a new picture is added and they have to point out which one it is. Its easy at first but it gets sorta challenging when the screen gets filled up with pictures of different sizes.

oh.., thank's for the info..:)

wow..that's quite hard..., in eps 2, bong sun did very well til round 16...

she's very good

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Guest theLEGEND

OOH.. Tiffany and Tae Yeon of So Nyuh Shi Dae are gonna be on this week! :D

The changing pictures game, I guessed correctly sometimes but got it wrong most of the time. LOL! :P

Hmm.. about the bouncing shapes; squares, stars, circles and triangles.. I believe they have to choose which shape got the most amount(?).

They never show the muscle guy wearing ahjumma's clothing anymore.

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I saw Tiffany and TaeYeon's episode, and bits and pieces of Brian's episode.

This game show is fun to watch XD

Trying to figure out the answers was also fun ^^

But no offense, I think that little girl is unnecessary >_>;;

Her voice bothers me and she is slightly annoying :X

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Guest missinu

The show is so interesting. It's hard to solves those mysterious pictures biggrin.gif

YEA!! i watched the episode 3 and i only managed to solve the angels one so i was kinda proud of myself and still laughing at them UNTIL the rest came out. i was like OMGGG!! i was busy noticing the people/objects in the paintings that i didn't notice the surroundings.

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Guest litt0piggy

this week's guests will be Lee Ji Yeon, Lee Jung Min, Choi Song Min, Jo Woo Jong Announcer (이지연, 이정민, 최송현, 조우종 아나운서)

hum... is all of them announcers or is just Jo Woo Jong? lol i got it from the site...

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lol i watched this how at kbsworld cause it comes with subs...

when i watch the first ep

i saw that brian won...

that got me hooked up till the end...

i guess here it is a lil late...

i this week will be the suju ep will be aired...

but it comes with subs so yay....

doesnt really matter who won but it's nice to see and even take the test...

sometimes i am more curious on seeing how old my brain is.....

ha ha ha

thank god i am not that old...


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