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[variety] Conduct Zero

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I'm not sure if anyone is interested anymore...

but, I recently visited their cyworld..

There wasn't much.

So basically, Hwan, Joonhyuk, Giwook, and Lisa all hang out a lot

and Taeyang and Donghyun hang a lot

but since Hwan is modeling with Taeyang and Donghyun.


Donghyun, Hwan, and Taeyang become models, and they're in a group called syndrome

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this is late but...yeah, i heard of syndrome...i still don't really understand what that is.

haha hwan's a lucky boy<3 he gets to see all his friends :3 well, i have a picture of them goofing off xD<3 they're such dorks.

i go on risa's cyworld from time to time (: and he answers me from time to time.


taeyang was in Ji Eun's music video. Ji Eun is an artist in YG Entertainment.

i thought he looked familiar and every site that i went on that had that music video talked about him and i realized who he was x_x he looks different lol. maybe it's his hair and the video in general. but he was so hot lkfjewklfjwaelfwae and it was so nice to see his face again ;_;

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Guest x__hayani

^ Syndrome is a Guiyeoni (who wrote Wolf's Temptation and He Was Mushisuh that became movies) online fic. she wanted to try something new, so for her fic she casted specific people (but she still has never said who was supposed to be who, but it's sorta obvious if you read the fic) to play the characters. they made a tiny MV, modeled for pictures that were used in the background of her chapters, and she even had some singers make an original OST for her (like K.Will and G-Soul).

so basically, it's not that the boys made an actual modeling "group", but they just were used in the fic Syndrome. :D

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Guest A.lee

omg, i miss this show soo, soo much...

i remember i could only watch short, cut versions that i found on youtube but still, i laughed so much watching them xD

i loved all the boys so much! haha, esp. Lisa.. he was cutee :lol: i wonder whats going on with him now

all the previously posted links are dead (as i expected) so i would be so grateful if anyone can re-upload the links for meee.

if anyone does, please pm me!

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yeah, it'd be really cool if people could re-up some of the episodes...i think some of them are on youtube though? i wonder how they're all doing. i hope that at least some (i'm pretty sure that wishing that all of them were good is a little naive to think) maintained the change they went through...i haven't visited their cyworlds in such a long time...

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Guest rockmelon123

anybody know where i can rewatch this?

been looking around for it but not successful.

boyfriend's leader donghyun was in this show and they recently(?) debuted.

made me remember how good this show was!!

please share if you know!!

personal messages are welcomed!

thank you!

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Guest glitzyglam

Soooo I've heard that Lee Hwan is now a DJ?

He's under Bit Hit Entertainment apparently..... (2AM, 8Eight, Lim Junghee, etc.)

Bahaha, I miss this show!

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