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Jang Woo Hyuk And Kim Jong Min Off To The Army!

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Guest SweetSerein

awww *tears* I heart Kim Jong Min..he's the coolest and funniest guy ever...so sad for Woo Hyuk too..he doesnt look happy. dont worry..they will be remembered!!!

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Guest xx_dreamer_xx

"웃으면서 지금 군대에 가고 돌아올 때도 웃으면서 돌아오겠다. 돌아올 때는 잊어주셔도 괜찮은데 반겨주셨으면 좋겠다."

I leave for the army with a smile and ill come back with a smile. When i comeback ..its ok to forget me but i hope you'll be happy to see me back

^ awww.

going to miss Kim Jong Min .. ):

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