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More cast joining Fate and Anger




Actor Huh Joon-seok


Huh Joon-seok, 'Fate and Anger' casting ... Disseminating synergy with Lee Min Jung

Enter the article 2018.09.12 13:52

[Expo News News reporter Kim Hyun Jung] Actor Huh Jun-seok joins 'fate and anger'.

Magnum Entertainment on December 12 said, "Huh Jun-seok was cast on SBS new weekend drama 'Fate and Anger.'

'Fate and Anger', which is broadcasted first in December following 'Miss Ma, the Goddess of Revenge', is the main character of Goh Ha Ra (Lee Min Jung) who is trying to change her fate and InJun (Ju Sang Wook) who falls in love with her. It is an authentic melodrama that tells the story of four men and women in which fateful love and angry anger cross each other.

Huh Jun-seok plays Kim Chang-soo in the play and plans to show Lee Min-jung and acting synergy.

He has been active on the stage for many years. It has become a new stiletto with movies and drama. The film starred in 'Haye' and 'Home' and was featured at the 22nd Pusan International Film Festival. The movie 'Prodigy' and 'Extreme Career' have been filmed and are about to be released.





Actress Park Soo-ah


[Sole] Ridge → Park Su-aa, the first intruders .. SBS 'fate and anger' appearance
2018.09.12 09:59
Print |


[OSEN = Choi, Na Young] Rizi, a girl group after-school, has announced his debut as an actor after changing his name with his real name.

On the 12th, OSEN reported that Park Soo-ah will appear in a terrestrial drama for the first time under a new name through SBS 'Fate and Anger.'

Park Soo-a is a member of the drama "Son Guys" (2012) and "Angry Mam" (2015) web drama "Momo Salon" starting with the sitcom "My Love" (2011) He demonstrated his potential as an actor by solidifying his position with digestion and smoke stones. Recently, I was cast in the corn original drama 'I picked up an entertainer on the road' and was recognized as a performer.



cr. http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110987488



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Update: Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun Confirm They Are Dating Update: Cha Ye Ryun’s and Joo Sang Wook’s respective managements confirmed that the two are dating. Cha Ye Ryun’s managemen

Finally confirmation from both side,  both looks soo compatible & beautiful together....  I'll hope their relationship last forever... 

@trust71 I will go back and support the thread by posting Previews and BTS Videos but I don't think I will make any comments, there are very few left that makes sense there, I try checking the thread

Park Soo Ah Confirmed To Join Lee Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook, And Lee Ki Woo’s New Drama


Park Soo Ah Confirmed To Join Lee Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook, And Lee Ki Woo’s New Drama

Sep 13, 2018
by esspee

Park Soo Ah will appear in a new drama!

On September 12, a source from Celltrion Entertainment said, “It’s true that Park Soo Ah will be appearing in the SBS drama ‘Fate and Fury‘ [literal title].”

“Fate and Fury” will be about a woman named Goo Hye Ra (played by Lee Min Jung) who tries to change her fate, and a man named In Joon (played by Joo Sang Wook) who falls in love with her. It will tell the story of fateful love and extreme rage of four men and women.

Park Soo Ah will appear as TH Group’s youngest daughter and In Joon’s younger sister Tae Jung Min. Actors Lee Min Jung, Joo Sang Wook, So Yi Hyun, and Lee Ki Woo have already been confirmed for this drama.

Writer Kang Chul Woong and director Jung Dong Yoon of “Suspicious Partner,” “Defendant,” and “EXIT” will work together for this drama.

“Fate and Rage” is scheduled to air in December.


cr. https://www.soompi.com/article/1229543wpp/park-soo-ah-confirmed-join-lee-min-jung-joo-sang-wook-lee-ki-woos-new-drama

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Lee Min Jung And Joo Sang Wook’s New Drama Reveals Photos From First Script Reading

Lee Min Jung And Joo Sang Wook’s New Drama Reveals Photos From First Script Reading

Nov 9, 2018
by C. Hong

SBS’s upcoming weekend special drama “Fate and Fury” (literal title) has revealed photos from its first script read-through with the cast.

“Fate and Fury” stars Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook, who previously worked together four years ago in “Cunning Single Lady.” Park Soo Ah, So Yi Hyun, and Lee Ki Woo have also been confirmed to be part of the cast.

“Fate and Fury” is about a woman who loves a man in order to change her fate and a man who loves that woman because he believes she is his fate. There is also a woman who intends to win the man’s heart to achieve a goal, as well as a man who seeks revenge on that woman. It is a realistic melodrama about the love and rage of these four characters.

The script reading took place on September 11 at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center. The director, Jung Dong Yoon, and screenwriter, Kang Chul Woong, were both present, as well as the full cast. This included the aforementioned actors as well as Cha Soo Yeon, Jung Kyu Soo, Jung Soo Young, Yoon Hak, Gong Jung Hwan, Song Ok Suk, Go In Bum, Shim Yi Young, Jo Seung Yeon, Kwon Tae Won, Ha Min, Lim Ji Kyu, Han Eun Sung, Jo Wan Ki, Heo Joon Suk, and Kim Dan Woo.


Lee Min Jung, in her first return to the small screen after “Please Come Back, Mister,” plays Goo Hae Ra, a woman who begins love under false pretenses in order to change her fate. She has experienced terrible tragedies in her life such as her father’s death and her older sister’s attempted suicide.

Joo Sang Wook plays Tae In Joon, the second son of a chaebol family, who intentionally pursues Goo Hae Ra because he believes she is his fate. When he discovers the lie at the heart of their relationship, he is consumed with anger. He also intends to become the owner of his family’s company by getting his stepmother and his older half-brother out of the way.

So Yi Hyun plays Cha Soo Hyun, an ambitious and greedy woman who hates Goo Hae Ra because she is in the way of her marriage to Tae In Joon. Lee Ki Woo plays Jin Tae Oh, a man who was betrayed by Cha Soo Hyun and now seeks revenge on her.

Go In Bum plays Tae In Joon’s father and the head of the company, Tae Pil Woon. Song Ok Suk plays the stepmother, Han Sung Sook, and Gong Jung Hwan plays the older brother, Tae Jung Ho. Shim Yi Young plays Tae Jung Ho’s wife, Go Ah Jung, who is ignored by her mother-in-law.

Jung Kyu Soo plays Goo Hae Ra’s father, a shoemaker, and Cha Soo Yeon plays Goo Hae Ra’s sister, Goo Hyun Joo, who is currently in a coma. Jung Soo Young plays Goo Hae Ra’s friend Kang Sun Young, Yoon Hak plays the friend’s younger brother Kang Eui Gun, and Heo Jun Suk plays the loan shark who harasses Goo Hae Ra, Kim Chang Soo.

“Fate and Fury” will premiere after the end of “Ms Ma, Nemesis” on December 1. It will be available on Viki!


cr. https://www.soompi.com/article/1260489wpp/lee-min-jung-joo-sang-wooks-new-drama-holds-first-script-reading

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Watch: Joo Sang Wook And Lee Min Jung Tease A Precarious Romance In SBS’s “Fate And Fury”

by J. Lim

SBS’s upcoming weekend drama “Fate and Fury” has released its first look at its two leading roles Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung!

“Fate and Fury” will be a melodrama of love and fury that tells the story of four people, a woman who loves a man to change her fate and that man loving her because he believes they’re fated to be together. There is also a woman who tries to win over a man for her own selfish reasons and a man who tries to win that woman back.

The first teaser gives a glimpse into the complicated relationships that will unfold. A man’s voice can be heard saying, “No matter what I do, don’t give your heart to me,” to which a woman replies, “Stop tempting me then. I might just start developing feelings for you that didn’t exist before.” Another voice says, “You’re the woman with the heels,” to which a woman replies, “I want to see where these heels will take me.”

The teaser shows snippets of Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung’s interesting connections, as Joo Sang Wook can be seen taking care of Lee Min Jung, who is open to his affections. She seems to be enjoying a new kind of life thanks to him, and it will be intriguing to see how things unfold for the two.

“Fate and Fury” is set to premiere on December 1 at 9:05 p.m. KST.

Watch the teaser below!



cr: soompi

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