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Bleach Anime Thread(ブリーチ)


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Guest happyroach

I'm just waiting for the ultimate Ichigo-come-save-Rukia moment. Cuz it was SO EFFING HOT in the manga. Haha But anyway. Yachiru is sooo funny!!! <333

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Guest thelivinlegend21

52 n 53 came out today?

the raw one or sub?

What K-PopChink said, along with how it's probably going to be released late Friday or Saturday, since the subbers have to work on new karaoke for the two new songs, in addition to the extra long episode.


lol, yea. Yachiru is awesome.

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Guest dunpingy

52 was pretty good, byakuyas bankai is ridiculous altough its pretty much the same as his first release. poor renji lol

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Guest sweet/nothing

D= ALL THE BLEACH EPISODES ON MY COMP HAVE BEEN DELETED!!!!! THANKS TO MY DAD!! >=O. Stupid butt deleted all my files cuz he thinks i have a virus...yea right -________-. So now i have to download ALLLL the episodes all over again. But I CANT WAIT TILL I WATCH EPISODES 51!! woohoo!!!! i wonder when ichigo will achieve bankai?


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