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[drama 2002] Glass Slippers 유리구두


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Guest xosandy

Glass Shoes

SBS drama (2002) - 40 episodes

Aired on SBS in Korea: March 2, 2002- July 28, 2002 Saturday & Sunday nights 9:45-10:50

Writer: Kang Eun Kyung (Hotelier)

Producer: Choi Yoon Suk (Love & Ambition)




Kim Yun-hee/Lee Sun-woo:

-as a child: Ha Seung Ni (Trap of Youth)

-as an adult: Kim Hyun Ju (Her House)

Kim Tae-hee:

-as a teen: __ (To Be With You)

-as an adult: Kim Ji Ho (More Than Love)

Jang Jae-hyuk

-as a teen: Choi Woo Hyuk (Autum Story)

-as an adult: Han Jae Suk (Four Sisters)

Park Chul-woong: So Ji Sup (Delicious Proposal)

Woo Seung-hee:

-as a child: Park Eun Bin (Kitchen Maid)

-as an adult: Kim Min Sun (Like Father, Unlike Son)

Park Yon-woong (Chul-woong's sister): Kim Jung Hwa

Yun Suh-Joon (Yun-hee & Tae-hee's cousin):

-as a child: Shin Tae Hoon (Stock Flower)

-as an adult: Kim Chung Ryeol

Suh-joon's mom: Kim Chung (Romance in Paris)

Kim Hyun-ho (Yun-hee and Tae-hee's dad): Ha Jae Young (Beautiful Days/Cool)

Chairman Kim (Hyun-ho's father): Baek Il Sup (Fox & Cotton Candy)

Mr. Park Kwi-joong (Chairman Kim's chauffeur): Hyun Suk (Romance/All AboutEve/Snowflakes)

Mr. Jin Sang-man (Chairman Kim's assistant): __

Oh Hwan-young (Jang-hyuk's assistant): Son Young Joon (Love Letter/Her House)

Oh Kum-sun (Seung-hee's mom): Song Ok Sook (Winter Ballad/Kitchen Maid)

Mr. Hwang Kuk-do (Seung-hee's stepdad): Lee Hee Do

Lee In-soo (gangster leader) -as an adult: Lee Ki Young (Prince's First Love)

Mr. Can (gangster leader's assistant): Sung Dong Il (Romance in Paris)




credits: koreanwiz.org


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oh WOW! THANKS SO MUCH! aww... but i cant use BiTorrent... oh wells... i guess ill keep looking around in clubboxes...

thanks again!

thanks for starting this thread anyway.

last year it's broadcast here in singapore. i only watched half of the drama.

later i gave up watching cos it show on TV very late night (till midnight) while i still got school early in the morning. i keep thinking about renting from vcd stores but havent got time to watch it.

cant you read chinese subs?

chinese subbed available at: http://clubbox.co.kr/xiaomao123

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Guest MysticaL

I totally love this series...its soo sad especially the ending....was hoping Kim Hyun Joo to accept So Ji Sup whole heartedly...

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Guest StylishAzNx07

i remember being obsessed with this series. lol, it was soo good but sooo darn sad. the ending was a major tearjeaker. :tears:

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Guest conduongmuathu

I think this is one of best K-dramas of all time

I love it so much. It scored highest rating in my country - Vietnam. Everybody knows it and loves it.

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This was a really good drama. Great plot, beautiful actors and actresses. I didn't like how the plot was getting all dragged, though, but overall, it was great.

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Guest june_showers

loved this drama; remember starting to watch halfway while my mom was watching it, and i was soo into it, finished it before her; the ending was a tearjerker, totally bawled my eyes; don't remember much but thanz for the clubbox link, maybe watch it from beginnign to end when i have time..haha..thanz!

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

I had this terrible crush on Han Jae Suk while watching this drama every afternoon years ago..so handsome!!

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Guest xmishy

o man i remember crying a lot from watching this drama. it was so good! but i was so dissappointed with the ending sigh.

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Guest *frutti

omg, i loved this drama!! This was my 1st kdrama and it's the reason why i'm into the korean culture! It's really sad, but highly recommended!

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Guest chdairkld

I cried my eyes out..man. the beginning, the middle, the ending. it was like major water works for me. so tragic and sad. beautiful drama, lovely so ji sup.. haha. it all comes together.

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