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[photomanipulation] --- Vanemuine


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Guest satisfaction!

Omg I knew I just had to click on this thread ^^

I loved your previous manip, so I thought I'd love this one too - and guess what?


My gosh, loving the whole green grungy effects!

The composition of the manip is seriously awesome.

Really pleasing to the eye =)


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Guest touche`

I am truly impress by your art work. o_o I'm sure you did this by adobe, right? Because it looks like real painting. =(

Anywho, I like the texture a lot. It goes well with the picture and I really like the mystery feelings. :D

How long have you been doing this kind of art work? I really enjoy them.

Great job.

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Thank you for you great comments! They really made me smile.

Yes desperation, all of my artworks are done in Adobe Photoshop. I cannot paint so therefor I must use thy computer @.@...That's really weird though, my friend also said that my stuff looks like paintings. But I guess that's good! LOL Thanks for you comment :)

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