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E.L.F Are At It Again!

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Guest janicex3

LSM better keep it 13 only if its considering SUPER JUNIOR.

isnt SUPER JUNIOR CHINA just a sub-group? like KRY & T?

im okay with the sub group idea but if its like REALLY ADDING Henry to the ORIGINAL SUPER JUNIOR...


i guess i agree with the fans. henry should just do his own thing.

he's not SUPER enough to be in SUPER JUNIOR. LOL but he's super in his own DIFFERENT violin playing way :)

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Guest iya.donghae

I'm sick of everyone saying it's OVER REACTING. I think their protest is pretty awesome and brave.

SM practically lied to us. Want details? Backtrack on the Super Junior thread and you could see how harsh the articles have been. And we want them to stay THAT way. 13. Because we are the fans. Fans make the artist famous. Fans buy merchandise. Without fans, SM is nothing.

Plus, Popseoul is just a blogger with no life who wants hits by bashing SuJu + fans. So Any article from that place is sure to be...ugh. -__-;;

Oh, and let's make a comparison, as I and others have said before.

How would you feel if it was DBSK or Big Bang in their place? Wouldn't you protest, too?

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Guest mintiful

its funny how some of you guys don't know the whole story but just comment about how the elf are crazy fans.. <_<

if you been following them you would know that henry is going to be in suju-c not just featured like lsm said..

anyways i'm with the e.l.f on this. and i agree with mishkim and junsulover. :)

and its not only about adding henry. its about suju turning into a project group which fans are against! also eeteuk said in the radio when "U" came out his most happiest moment was when they became a permanent group.. he actually cried about that cause he was so happy!! know how he feels about suju being 13..

and for those who are feeling bad for henry. did you guys every think about how suju is feeling too?

they worked their richard simmons off to get to where they are today.

and then lsm would add new member and those new ones have that fame too? that they don't even need to work for? is that fair for suju boys who earned it?? also suju-c is the same thing. how are you suppose to be in suju subgroup if you aren't even in the real super junior. suu subgroups are for suju members.. hence the suju part in the front!!

people are saying henry is talented in playing the violin.

so are suju members who play instruments too.

ryeowook/sungmin/etc. could play the piano very well. donghae/sungmin could play guitar. any so can the others..

they don't show it off doesn't mean they are not talented..

and wtf.. what school? its saturday for goodness sakes!!

dont tell me students have school on saturdays too.. okay they too.. then afterschool.

also get your facts straight before posting the same thing.

kyuhyun is different. suju was still a project group when he joined.

and he made them a permanent group. also with all 13 they started getting recognized and winning awards!!

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Guest Aromati97

You guys.

It's not the fact about adding more talent into the group.

The original Super Junior is extremely cherished by the Elves.

The Elves love and support only the original 13 members.

It is quite foolish and stupid by adding a new member onto the already big group.

I, as a SHCJ, support these Elves in this protest!

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Guest 13miracles


It's E.L.F. not Elves


E.L.F. had an s itself


E.L.F. DO NOT protest against Henry

E.L.F. protest to AGAINST ADDING new members to the group

Do you see any of the sign have the word "Henry" on it? NO!

People compared Kyuhyun case to this case....but do you know that after Kyuhyun was add Suju is no longer a project group?

And Kyuhyun was add haft a year later....now is almost the boys' 2nd anniversary....what is the point of adding another member?

If another member add to Super Junior, that's mean they will become a project group again

We doesnt want that to happen since the boys work so hard to achieved what they got today,also with many tears.

Of course I know the boys won't want to be a project group again. People keep saying we hurt Henry feeling, what about the boys? what about us? that is 13+1387347333x :1

All E.L.F. do is sit there, hold signs, sing songs.....anything wrong with that? They even told the police before they do the protest & clean up after it.

But all we got for the answer is " We never said Suju is not a project group" from SM....we should be mad, should we?

And any of you have hear of the word after school and saturday?


Please read other posts before blaming E.L.F.


I support E.L.F. with all my heart

I wish to be there with them

And thank you for calling me crazy, richard simmons, no life, etc...

because I'm E.L.F.

at least what we did get more attendtion from people and they know that we doesnt want to have another member in Super Junior ( and I hope people actually know that)

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Guest --joyful.

^ You're comparing a person who trained for a year, to all the boys that trained for 7 years? (and Ryeo and Kyu who got accepted because they have amazing voices). It's not that we hate Henry, and it's NOT about the reactions of Kyu getting added being different from Henry. When Kyuhyun was added they were still a project. Now after getting lied to and used, they're just going to add him in? That is what's wrong. Hankyung HAS company. 12 of them. Super Junior members are their own family, their own best friends, and they known each other to the point that they can even be like one person.

I normally don't reply to these kinds of topics but wow steam

wtf@like all of your posts.

SERIOUSLY. IF YOU DON'T READ KAYLA. 'S POST, OR ANY OTHER THAT HAS REALLY TERRIBLY LONG PARAGRAPHS, THEN YOU MUST HAVE NO HEART FOR SUPER JUNIOR. I'm sick of hearing what about henry omg poor henry, have you ever thought of what SUPER JUNIOR feels about this. Have you ever thought about them crying at the fact that when they were

crying at the fact that they were a project, and will break up, or crying about them not being a project group anymore. Having your own company lie to you, the group that has been together for 2 years (1 with kyu), is way worse then having your company do anything to a trainee that just got in last year. Some of the boys in Super Junior has been together for almost 10 years now, what do you have to say about that?

LSM better keep it 13 only if its considering SUPER JUNIOR.

Super Junior China isn't anything like KRY or T. Super Junior China isn't just going to be Super Junior members, it will have other trainees. It's not Super Junior alone, it's more people under the Super Junior name, which is SM's way of adding them in.


BTW. Schools in Korea DO have school on saturday, but they get out earlier on Sat. By the time Mucore comes on, school is already out.

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Guest iya.donghae

if he was gonna add Henry i tink he shud. they complained about adding kyuhyun (not as much) but he fitted well. and Hankyung cud use some company ^^;;

^Because when Kyu was added to SuJu, it made them a FIXED/Permanent group and no longer a rotation group. SM even released an announcement.

Then now they're taking it back. Liar. <_<

Hei Yan, way to go!

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Guest rukawa11


They never write good things about Suju anyway.

Yes, poor Henry for being caught in the middle. But what about the other boys?

After having to train for so many years only to find yourself in a project group.

And then feeling all glad that the group became permanent only to find out a year later that everything was a lie.

The company lied to you. How would you feel? After spending years of your youth training under that company.

For those who don't even follow Suju's news, I really think it's unnecessary for you guys to bash ELF.

And the '13 only' chant was not directed at Henry, but at SM.

Evidence: even when Henry's not performing, ELF chants it too.

No one is against Henry, and while Henry is ONE of the victims, it is not ELF's fault but SM's fault anyway.

And, not bashing Henry here, but his Korean isn't really good.

And his Chinese isn't good either.

For what good will it do for SM to add him into Suju, only to lose so many ELF's support?

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Guest Afairytale

eh. korean fangirls overreact. =X

poor henry. it's not his fault. seriously, people should follow the "if you don't like it, then don't look" policy instead of trying to ruin other people's lives.

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I do think it's a bad idea to have super junior china because I think everyone will just say that they're carbon copies of suju but chinese...

I support henry completely but I wish that super junior would stay super junior and henry would form a different group with other people.

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Guest Inconnu

This is really ridiculous. Isn't Henry exceptionally qualified? IMO, Henry is way too talented for them. If in the end he can't join them, then good for him!

:lol: I agree with you. Henry is definitely wayyyy too talented to be in a group

with 13 other members... IMO, LSM should just allow him to be in another

group because I understand why the E.L.F. would protest about adding him

in with SUJU.

I never liked the SM entertainment. LSM always lies to his trainees... lol.

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Guest teddylove2

Regardless of these protests, SM should go on with their original plan because Super Junior badly needs talent in their group, but what do you think? Will SM succumb to the Elves’ request or will SM proceed with their Super Junior China plans?

i'm kinda offended with that bolded part right htere....................................

they have a right to protest cause it is the fans that make up the propularity of the group

and they're not protesting against henry but the idea of the suju china....

i dunno. but suju definitely has talent... so does henry but i can't never think of suju as more than 13.

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Guest SavannahBee

This is really ridiculous. Isn't Henry exceptionally qualified? IMO, Henry is way too talented for them. If in the end he can't join them, then good for him!

He should be the one rejecting them. How come the ELF cannot see that putting Henry in is a boost to SUJU's fame, talent, greatness, etc?

:lol: I agree with you. Henry is definitely wayyyy too talented to be in a group

with 13 other members... IMO, I never liked the SM entertainment group.

LSM always lies to his trainees and stuff... lol.

Ehh, I don't understand how you guys think Henry's too talented for Super Junior. He is a good violinist and dancer, but you guys' have never heard his singing voice. Who knows if can he even sing? As of now, you guys are giving him too much credit, IMO.

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