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E.L.F Are At It Again!

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LMAO! Wow, these suju fans should teach courses in legally correct mob mentality. I'm impressed.

Poor Henry. The boy just wanted to be a performer but now he's at the brunt of all this bureaucratic bally-hoo. If I was his mom, I'd just bring him back home and have him audition for less crazy entertainment management companies. :P He's talented enough.

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Guest YukiDesu

ELF isn't protesting at Lee Soo Man, Super Junior-China, or Henry. They're protesting at the fact that Lee Soo Man LIED to them by saying they WEREN'T a project group. They stated that back in Summer 2006, and then all of a sudden NOW they say they it was a lie made to calm fans down. Super Junior always thought that after Kyuhyun was added, that they were settled. Done. Not a project. The boys didn't want to be a project group, and cried for the fact that they were and the fact that they weren't anymore..And now they hear about this and they can't believe it. It isn't anyone's fault but whoever created the idea of lying to fans and most importantly the boys. Kyuhyun was a different story. Of course ELF didn't want it, but that idea SM actually announced, this time they're just using evil ways to get members in, and other members out. ELF wants the original Super Junior, not some group that has new members and no old members, the boys want that too. They aren't OVERREACTING, they're doing whats right. This is not what they're doing for themselves as people, but for the 13 boys of Super Junior as fans, as ELF. i agree with Carolyn. It's tough for Henry, but think about the group themselves. They've had to fight off the fact for the last two years, and then finally in 06 they get news that they aren't a project, and then this comes. Two years.

And if you didn't read what i typed then fine you can keep on misleading yourselves.

PS. They weren't screaming it at Henry. It's a protest. They do it wherever Super Junior performs, whether Henry is there or not.

.. first of all its ELFs.second of all. elfs are not overreacting.

lsm made it perfectly clear that super junior was no longer a project group after releasing "U" and adding kyuhyun to the group.theres even a clip that has leader teukie crying that he was so happy when he found out they were no longer a rotating group.

but, if lsm decides to add another person into superjunior, that means that suju becomes a rotating group once again.

WHICH MEANS: old members out, new members in.

lsm should never have implied that suju was no longer a project group.

he led us on for two years now.. making fans think that super junior was forever 13.

now. TWO WHOLE YEARS LATER. he changes his mind and wants to add new members?!

after everything super junior has been through.

all the criticism, accidents..

with new members, they just get all the glory & awards that super junior had.

thats not fair to current members who worked their tails off for this.

all of the fans that have been with super junior for the past two years.

we learned all of their personalities & grew so attached to them.

he cant just separate them and take them away.

elfs & fans have EVERY RIGHT to boycott buisiness, protest, etc.

without fans, there is no sm.

how does lsm plan on getting his money?!

also. no one is directing any harm towards henry.

we are against ANYONE being added into super junior.

not just henry.

henry is just a poor victim in this stupid plan of lsm..

also. for those who are wondering why we didnt protest when kyuhyun got added..

at the time, all the fans were aware that suju was a project group.

so we expected new members to be added.

but then. with the addition of kyuhyun, suju wasnt a project group anymore.

& now, its like lsm is calling us stupid by saying he never announced super junior was a project group.

he's taking us for idiots.. thats why we're even more mad.

this was for all the people who were wondering why we were protesting.


hm, yup you guys sumed up 95% of my thoughts on this;

I think those that doesnt follow SuperJunior shouldn't have ANYYY say in this matter

especially with comments like, "it doesn't matter if henry's added" or "well what about kyuhyun's case"

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Guest janeberryblue

ohgoodness i'm just surprised that their taking quite a peaceful route by just sitting there.... i was sure that they would actually march upon the SM building itself. but ahhahaha LSM went ahead and called for police. that's hilarious

and though i feel sorry for the poor guy, i understand why these fans are mad. obviously, i would never act THIS mad, but it's at least understandable. poor suju fans are always being jerked around with all 32842389432 subgroups SM has created.

but they definitely should NOT be booing henry on stage. that's just disrespectful.

whatevs... this is why i'm a dongbang fan. nothing ever happens to those boys. and if it did... i know cassiopeia is crazy-richard simmons enough to bring WWIII to LSM :D

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what was sm's reaction to this?

They reacted by telling the fans that we were delusional because HE said HE NEVER said Super Junior was NOT project group anymore.

I normally don't reply to these kinds of topics but wow steam

wtf@like all of your posts.

I know mishkim has probably said everything I wanted to say but ok


They don't hate Henry. Yes, Henry must feel really sad about this but HONESTLY OK. HAVE WE HEARD HIM SAY ANYTHING? "He cried after a performance when ELF said 13 members" There's a thing called rumors people. How is saying 13 members harming in any way? TECHNICALLY it's the same as chanting SUPER JUNIOR because they are STILL a 13 member group.

Everyone is looking at this situation from two points of view. From Henry's, and from ELF. Has anyone even THOUGHT of Super Junior themselves? What about them? How are THEY reacting to this? After crying about finally being a permanent group where they can begin a new adventure, and suddenly hearing SM say they're not permanent? Honestly... wouldn't they think that they are a project group now? New members coming in...old members going out? When Super Junior filmed The Super Junior show, they had a part once where all the boys sat together with candles and CRIED about they day they would have to break up (at the time they were project group). Think about how happy they could have been when they heard they were signing a contract to extend their time together.

Think of your favorite band. Think about adding some random person to all of their performances and having to wonder for [iTS BEEN TWO MONTHS NOW ]what they're going to do with that person. Think about the possibility of your favorite band members leaving to make room for new ones.

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty

i like suju just fine right now with 13 people...and personally i think henry would do great as a solo act...or maybe sm should think into creating a group where each member plays an instrument so henry can be in there??

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Guest smile-jw

I have so many things to say, but I dont know how. Okay, first of all, I hate the "elves are crazy and they have no life- etc" because it seems as if you are directing it to every SuJu fan. (ELF by the way, thank you. >_>)

E.L.F is not against Henry, or any other SM trainee okay? They are agaisnt the plan of ADDING THEM. We didnt make a big deal over Kyuhyun when he was added because It was a PROJECT GROUP that time and it was expected. SM said they werent a project group anymore(last year) meaning they are permanent= 13. Now LSM has this plan about SuJuChina, adding idk, 1-3, more trainees. Then he said that "We never said SuJu was a permanant group". Can you see how angry suju fans are? Its because LSM lied to us AND SUJU. There was a clip of Eeteuk about last year, crying because he knew that suju was a project group and that they probably wont last. So you guys can probably imagine how happy SuJu was when LSM said they were permanent. Yes, it might be hard on Henry, but he should understand that no one is agaisnt him. Its hard to SuJu and ELF. I think what LSM is doing is just hurting everyone. ELF, Henry, SuJu. Sorry if my post is confusing or frustrating to read.

But Seriously, it bothers me that some of you guys dont get it, and only comment about the first part of the story which is "Well Why did they accept Kyuhyun then?" "Henry was only in the mv people" "god, SM already said henry is not a suju member, theyre overreacting."

Get your facts straight before you start flaming E.L.F.

die popseoul.


V It all started when SM released info about SuJu china. And also, I get exactly what youre saying but, I don;t think E.L.F is doing anything wrong. All they did was sit in front of the SM building, singing some SuJu songs and holding signs. (http://flvs.daum.net/flvPlayer.swf?vid=tjQ_kt5aCZg$) They even picked up their trash and everything after the protest. Its not like they vandalised the place or yelled "We hate henry!" or anything like that. (Im not trying to start an argument, so I hope you dont take this the wrong way.) Im just asking..what other ways could E.L.F get this message out? V

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I read about this a while ago. It first started with Ryeowook's "leaking" on his mini-homepage that led to a suspicion upon adding Henry to the group, then later the fans started to scream "Only 13" when Henry would performed with SuJu (of course, during his part only)...and now this...it can get worse through.

Even though I am not a fan of SuJu, and could careless who gets add in or leave out. But I actually understand for both side. Fans are just upset at the fact that their favorite group will no longer be the "same" SuJu anymore...imagine, DBSG and you add one more person. Does that make them DBSG anymore? (example: hence referring back to the big incident of "5-1 = 0") Same with SuJu. But their method is so ridiculously stupid and overboard. They could have approached it in a more mature way. While they "care" of their idols, they completely disregard Henry's feeling. There is not doubt this will hurt Henry's future (whether he is going to be in SuJu or not)...I mean, he didn't even officially debuted yet and look how many anti he has gained (-_-), and the guy doesn't deserve it at all.

Eh...best of luck, I guess?


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Guest joon-ki-fied

Lol.... Honestly I have to say I don't feel bad for LSM at all. That's a thing you have to be aware of when you put boy bands into the music biz.

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wow. . . i really don't have anything to say except that they should be studying instead of doing whatever they're doing.

and i feel really bad for henry, it's not like he can do anything about it.

- Kyu

ps it was fun reading the posters! haha .lol. there was one like soo manah~ geu man hae. :lol:

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Guest xiaochingu.

ok first of all...i see that most of the people here

are saying that the fans are overreacting

they went over board and are being disrespectful to henry...

(unfortunately he is just a victim in this whole situation)

but if you think about it..theyre just trying to be loyal and dedicated fans

if you guys are asking WHY adding a new person to suju is bad

then you guys dont KNOW super junior at all

not only that

but LSM LIED to the fans AND to super junior

dont you think that is a little unfair?

what __m i s h;k i m JunsuLover and smile-jw said

is all true if you still dont get it...go read their posts

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^ agreed. people need to go read their posts first before replying with...

"OMG elves are at it again" its ELF btw.

"whats wrong with adding henry, they added kyuhyun"

"they are so disrespectful"

stuff like that.

edit:ELF are not protesting against Henry, they are protesting against the addition of new members..

oh and like other posters before me have said, POPSEOUL is NOT the best place for you to get your news. They HATE Super Junior and will write anything bad about them.-_-

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Guest roseltv

I don't have anything against Henry but I don't support the idea of Suju-China or adding Henry in. I mean if Henry is to debut, he can debut as a solo singer or another group, not Suju. KyunHyun is a different case coz at that time, Suju is still new so it's easier to accept KyunHyun.

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Guest kiwistar

I don't want SuJu to have more than 13 members, I think some of you are criticizing them too much. They can do what they want, and act on something that they strongly believe in. They just have their own way to act out on it. It's an organized protest, and they aren't being violent or anything.

Personally, I want SuJu to stay with 13 members. They're perfect the way they are!

Henry should go solo. he has a lot of talent that shouldn't be hidden behind a group.

SM should make a new China group that's NOT under SuJu's name, and if they want Hankyung to be in it, Hankyung can just be part of both groups, or simply feature in some of the other group's songs

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