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E.L.F Are At It Again!

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i still don't understand why they are so against it...T.T

can somebody explain to me?

cause in my point of view..

i personally think there's absolutely nothing wrong with adding another member

cause I kinda realized and accepted that suju was created that way.. a rotating group..

i know lee so man's too intelligent to just debut 13 guys without a reason.. he definitely had plans..

well, i do understand that these guys have been training for so long and all that but 13 guys? it is still out of the box.. a few of the guys in the group could still train for a few more years also.. its not at all necessary to debut these 13 guys at one go

these guys are talented.. in their OWN ways .. so i guess these kind of thing is perfect for them..

okay back to the adding another member issue..

its not really that bad especially with mr. awesome violinist and great dancer, henry lau.. i think its even better.. it would bring the group much more recognition.. lol most of the suju boys are known for their personality and looks so adding someone very talented could at least emphasize those talents they have that are being overshadowed by the promotions and work they've been receiving.. or doing..

well yeah.. the guys would probably be split up.. but it really isn't for long.. a single promotion only lasts a couple of months.. 5 at the most actually.. so after hankyung's done with china..he could go back to korea..

can't they realize that this is really good for hankyung.. ? >< his work in korea is very limited because of his visa..

if the girls are thinking all of suju would come to china.. it really can't be helped.. the guys and the company need to make money.. they are suju because of that one reason too.. dressing up 13 guys isn't really a cheap thing.. and taking care of them and everything .. probably costs sm thousands and thousands of dollars every month.. adding another member would probably add to the cost but adding another member would probably add to the income everybody needs

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Guest lucky*13

I forgot who ELF was for a second. Then it struck me.. It's Super junior fans!!

I think Henry should be debuting either by himself or with another group.

Super Junior is good w/ 13 members. I am not going against Henry or anything.

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Guest JaeHoLove

WOW!! They're making a big protesting war for that 1 extra member? This is too much. I don't really care bout the forming of Suju china cause there are already 2 sub groups so another one doesn't make any difference but then although I highly against Henry to join the group I won't protest like the so-called fans =.=! I wonder how the members might feel seeing their fans acting like that cause I think Suju wouldn't mind to have Henry as part of them cause they are friends. I don't think SM will cancel their plan for these fans if they are really confident. Those fans need to get a life seriously.

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Guest --joyful.

I read the first page and you guys don't get it.

ELF isn't protesting at Lee Soo Man, Super Junior-China, or Henry. They're protesting at the fact that Lee Soo Man LIED to them by saying they WEREN'T a project group. They stated that back in Summer 2006, and then all of a sudden NOW they say they it was a lie made to calm fans down. Super Junior always thought that after Kyuhyun was added, that they were settled. Done. Not a project. The boys didn't want to be a project group, and cried for the fact that they were and the fact that they weren't anymore..And now they hear about this and they can't believe it. It isn't anyone's fault but whoever created the idea of lying to fans and most importantly the boys. Kyuhyun was a different story. Of course ELF didn't want it, but that idea SM actually announced, this time they're just using evil ways to get members in, and other members out. ELF wants the original Super Junior, not some group that has new members and no old members, the boys want that too. They aren't OVERREACTING, they're doing whats right. This is not what they're doing for themselves as people, but for the 13 boys of Super Junior as fans, as ELF. i agree with Carolyn. It's tough for Henry, but think about the group themselves. They've had to fight off the fact for the last two years, and then finally in 06 they get news that they aren't a project, and then this comes. Two years.

And if you didn't read what i typed then fine you can keep on misleading yourselves.

PS. They weren't screaming it at Henry. It's a protest. They do it wherever Super Junior performs, whether Henry is there or not.

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Guest JunsuLover

.. first of all its ELF.

second of all. elf are not overreacting.

lsm made it perfectly clear that super junior was no longer a project group after releasing "U" and adding kyuhyun to the group.

theres even a clip that has leader teukie crying that he was so happy when he found out they were no longer a rotating group.

but, if lsm decides to add another person into superjunior, that means that suju becomes a rotating group once again.

WHICH MEANS: old members out, new members in.

lsm should never have implied that suju was no longer a project group.

he led us on for two years now.. making fans think that super junior was forever 13.

now. TWO WHOLE YEARS LATER. he changes his mind and wants to add new members?!

after everything super junior has been through.

all the criticism, accidents..

with new members, they just get all the glory & awards that super junior had.

thats not fair to current members who worked their tails off for this.

all of the fans that have been with super junior for the past two years.

we learned all of their personalities & grew so attached to them.

he cant just separate them and take them away.

elf & fans have EVERY RIGHT to boycott buisiness, protest, etc.

without fans, there is no sm.

how does lsm plan on getting his money?!

also. no one is directing any harm towards henry.

we are against ANYONE being added into super junior.

not just henry.

henry is just a poor victim in this stupid plan of lsm..

also. for those who are wondering why we didnt protest when kyuhyun got added..

at the time, all the fans were aware that suju was a project group.

so we expected new members to be added.

but then. with the addition of kyuhyun, suju wasnt a project group anymore.

& now, its like lsm is calling us stupid by saying he never announced super junior was a project group.

he's taking us for idiots.. thats why we're even more mad.

this was for all the people who were wondering why we were protesting.


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everything doesn't make sense here ?

no one is protesting against henry. just against the addition of new members.

if you think henry felt the pain, please think about how the boys are taking it, the pain and the tears.

if you think it's unfair to henry, please tell me how fair is it to the boys.


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SM should go on with their original plan because Super Junior badly needs talent in their group,

-__- Popseoul is ... %#$%@#%@#

but I understand why they're doing this.

Kinda crazy, but perfectly understandable

LSM needs to think before he does/says things.

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this whole thing is ridiculous...if they wanna add a new member, it's their decision. i think Super Junior is fine the way they are, but the fans don't have to rub it all in to Henry and LSM. but LSM should take one step @ a time. he's being too ambitious.

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Guest kimchi hana

__m i s h;k i m & JunsuLover

Oh, hahaha. All right, that makes more sense. I thought Popseoul was saying they were protesting against SJ China & Henry.

I'm sure SJ was really happy when they weren't a rotating group. They have worked very hard to get where they are.

If does seem unfair, adding a new member after all of the hardship they went through, especially the car accident.

Poor Henry, trapped in the middle of this. I understand and stand by ELF at this decision, now. Gah, LSM you crazy man.

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After reading this, I STILL don't get it.

Let's say all of the LSM lying to us thing is true .. it's just saying that Henry would be added ( IF that was true ..), it's not saying that new people will be added o_O And if SJCHINA was true, wouldn't it be a subgroup? They're not adding ppl onto the original SJ.

Either I'm slow or you guys missed out a small point ..

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Guest SavannahBee

It's obvious that some people didn't read the comments people posted before them :mellow: . If they did, then they would know that m i s h;k i m & JunsuLover said that the ELF are not protesting about Henry, but the fact that LSM lied to them.

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Guest Mishxmish

wow.. im so impressed with these korean fans... lol~! it use to be throw things at the SM building, vandalize the place so its unrecognizable.. but now its like a proper revolt. they came a long way.. they actually got consent from the police as well!!!

but i dont understand.. Super junior china is a whole different thing isnt it? they are only going to perform in china compiled with whole different members probably... but including probably shiwon and hankyung?

im not really sure cause i stopped following Suju awhile ago.. now that i am so much older.. -.-

but i know SM isnt stupid.. their plans totally exceed our expectations and limits... so ohwells

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Guest --joyful.

After reading this, I STILL don't get it.

Let's say all of the LSM lying to us thing is true .. it's just saying that Henry would be added ( IF that was true ..), it's not saying that new people will be added o_O And if SJCHINA was true, wouldn't it be a subgroup? They're not adding ppl onto the original SJ.

Either I'm slow or you guys missed out a small point ..

They released a statement saying that they fabricated the "Super Junior is not a project group anymore" news, and said that they could add and TAKE OUT as many members as they want. From the beginning they wanted this, add in new ones, take out old ones, which is what they're protesting again. No new members in means no current members out. It's a subgroup, but it's a subgroup under the name of SUPER JUNIOR. It makes no sense to have people who aren't in Super Junior to be in a subgroup of Super Junior. This is a really confusing matter, so it's okay to be confused.

BTW Popseoul isn't the best place to get news from like i mentioned before. Popseoul bashes more than they give props.

if you guys really insult ELF like that, you insult EVERY super junior fan. including us here at Soompi.

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