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E.L.F Are At It Again!

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Yet no one still has ANY proof that Super Junior are against this.

No one has any proof that any members will be removed from the group.

Your all making assumptions and taking them as facts.

Henry IF added to SuJu[?] would not effect the lack of attention the less popular members ALREADY receive. You all chose to ignore some members before all this talk of sub groups/additional members was brought up and you will continue to ignore them even if changes happen.

Those 2 arguments are crap.

Were not talking about the violinists of the world. Were talking about a person with great musical talent being added to a boy band that lacks very much in any musical abilities.

You've seen Super Junior do numerous amounts of things and the MAJORITY of the members suck at all of them.

Singing[excluding K.R.Y], acting, modeling,etc. I'm not blown the hell away nor is anyone else.

I've seen Henry do ONE thing so far and he did it AMAZINGLY!

Now lets compare that to all the "amazing" things suju are capable of. hmmm...

So yeah I think I have a very strong right to say who's more talented then who.

And I honestly don't want to bash Super Junior but I seriously see that some people give you no other choice.

You are proof of what I mean when I say this is about Henry. You sitting here picking him apart speaks volumes.

One word: Business

This is the reason why they were marketed as a rotating group.

Business is unfair. The music industry is hella unfair. But they all knew what they were getting when they signed up for this.

They KNEW they weren't titled as a permanent group.

Should I break out the tiny violin for your sad song?

Give me a break.

I'm not LSM's keeper or his maker.

I have no right, just like you to judge his business strategy.

Last time i checked he knew what the hell he was doing & still does.

And this is solely why he continues to rub this in the faces of E.L.F.

Can I ask if you read other posts? If you do, I apologize because I think you didn't

You said we assume everything, yet I though you're doing the same thing, how would you know adding Henry is going to be good for SuJu? How could you know if there is 14th member, there will not be 15th or 100+n member in the future? The whole 13 members of SuJu couldn't make you love them very much, doesn't mean they're something that lack of talent .... Henry ( I really don't want to take Henry to this issue) other side, make you think he's talented ^_^ I think he's cool. Yet, once I'd said, even if everything ELF do, people call it "hurting Henry", I would never stop to try to keep SuJu is forever 13, even if I have to hurt Henry more (this is worse), but I'm willing to. I'm selfish, I admit

Someone even PM me because of that, she (or he) told me to wake up, do not make Henry cries, swears at me and advice me to stop my stupid childish and become more mature :lol:

There are many thing I love about SuJu, not just their singing, you said YeSung, RyeWook, and KyuHyun have great voice, thank you, but I was catch into SuJu because of HeeChul's voice ^_^ I believe there are many more people out there like me, falling for SuJu not just because of their singing talent, their personalities, their strong relationship, ... take us as well.

Say about love, when you love something, you love their weakness as well :lol:

and SuJu is no longer a rotation group, you would know if you read other posts.

I very much respect your opinion, I don't have any problem with your thinking about SuJu's talent.

you would say we fall for them because of their handsome, and beauty, I'm sorry just because every member of SuJu is handsome, I have no way to prove that I would love them even if they're not handsome :D

I (and other SuJu fans) would feel very hurt if there is someone get kick out from SuJu to leave a vacant for a added talent one. Noone is perfect, just our love for them could make us love them just because who they are, not because what they have. And you don't have to tell me I'm thinking too much that noone's sure if SM will kick out the old member, how could SM manages SuJu if there is 20 members? or even more

About "against adding member" side's posts, all I've seen that we just request the other side read our posts, but only 1-2 people care, other just have a quick look and assume us killing other because of this issue. I'm sorry this is ridiculous, those people just evaluate people by their own thinking

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Guest j o y spill!&;

[sarcasm]Yes. Let's bring an article from PopSeoul because they are so unbiased and have all the facts. [/sarcasm]

die popseoul.

I don't see anything wrong with their protest AT ALL. And some of you have this "they're crazy and were rioting etc." . UH NO. It was a silent protest, they left in a organized manner and even picked up their trash.

If anything, Henry fans should be DAMN happy ELF is protesting. Why would Henry want to get stuck in a 13 member group where each individual member has fans of their own as well as all together? It may hurt him now, but don't deny that it'll only help Henry (and another other trainee LSM wants to throw in there) to be kept OUT of Super Junior. In a different group/ or a soloist he can show off his skills more. Ever think of how bad a song would be cut between 14 different members?

And isn't this protest just the ELF members voicing their opinion? Just like how so many people in this thread have voiced theirs against ELF? ELF, are just trying to get their point across about a musical group they love (knowing it may as well fail in the end), and doing it in a non psychotic manner. And then soompi members here who think they have right to call them "crazy" "no lifed" etc. without even bothering to know every detail.

How amazing.

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Another member in a 13 group band is gonna be barely a line per person. I just find it a waste of talent if he were to be put into an already huge richard simmons group, he has the skills to go solo or in a smaller group so why put him into a 13 person group where the members barely get to show how much talent they have? Adding Henry into SUJU doesn't really affect me but the thought of how much talent goes to waste if that does happen, is disappointing =/.


Just had to say it.

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That is so full of fail...

I won't even bother saying how much elf is overreacting, wait- I just did =x

I hope no one gets hurt though o.O;

So yeah, you look like a nicholas cage. :mellow:

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Guest iheartporn

Can I ask if you read other posts? If you do, I apologize because I think you didn't

I've read and understood everything.

You and the rest of the ELFs in this thread seem to think that the logic behind this incomprehensible to us common folk.

No it's simple - rubbish elementary behavior.

You/ELF are assuming and I gave another side of the coin.

Your whole argument seems to be based on "what if" and nothing else.

This whole entire protest is based on assumptions.

I proved, like anybody with a brain how water thin this argument is by doing my own version of the "what if" game?

Example: "How could you know if there is 14th member, there will not be 15th or 100+n member in the future?"

Answer: How do you know that SM won't stop at just Henry? How do you know they won't start rotating until the original members are called away for military service?

Is this really the logic you want to based your argument on?

And I honestly have no idea what else you said in your first paragraph. It just slipped off into some unknown english after the whole "..member in the future?" part. If you write it again though I'll be happy to respond to that part of your post. Moving on...

In regards to anybody elses opinion of your views I don't care, that has nothing to do with me.

I'm responding to everybody in this post who has taken the ELF side just like all of you did earlier to anybody who opposed your views.

Like I said. Super Junior are entertainers, they entertain.

K.R..Y members can sing wonderfully, the others can't.

Heechul is liked for his personality by the majority.

No one is fainting however because his voice is that of an angel.

It's not. Does there really need to be a flash back to him bombing with Yangpa or him talking his way through another song and it being label as singing?

Before you try being witty & patronizing please know what your talking about:

“We never stated that Super Junior was a permanent group. The fans had it misunderstood. Super Junior was formed as a gate to stardom in Asia, therefore our Chinese trainees like Han Kyung were added.” - SM

Your sitting here getting on me for supposedly not reading what was stated correctly but here you are butchering most of what I've just said.

I said that SuJu is/ was not liked/made for there talented singers. Am I being untruthful in someway when I say this? No

Go read once again what I said about the treatment of "talent" in SuJu.

Your doing exactly what you got on me about in your first paragraph - MAKING ASSUMPTIONS!

You know nothing more about the future of Super Junior then any of the rest of us do.

Your sitting here and your repeatedly arguing with me in this post on the grounds of your make believe assumptions.

You & ELF are not Shakespeare. WE GET IT!

Your just saying nothing that we don't already know and understand perfectly well.

You & this protest are just not that complex.

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Guest pinkpiglet

it was actually 800 people i heard lol

i saw one sign that said "sm 싸우자"

(sm let's fight) and that cracked me up!

this was actually really intense because

one of them got into a fight with staff

and i don't know which one but one of

them hit them across their face O_O

but luckily, the police took the fan's side.

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I hope no one gets hurt though o.O;

Apparently i'm 12 pages later, lol lol...

it was actually 800 people i heard lol

i saw one sign that said "sm 싸우자"

(sm let's fight) and that cracked me up!

this was actually really intense because

one of them got into a fight with staff

and i don't know which one but one of

them hit them across their face O_O

but luckily, the police took the fan's side.

Yup, late... that's scary see? D:


I'm sorry, I just had to ... =x

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Wow. Now THAT was childish. (& um. shouldnt it say "All your boybands belong to me?")

I'm sorry, but when did you start being a fan of his? Hmm. You are pretty much just putting gas on fire just to richard simmons people off, eh? I think you should just stop with your posts. Seriously. It's a bit sad for people to do those things for laughs or "just because they feel like it." Will you be doing such things if they added someone to Dbsg? I don't think so. -_-

I don't think it's really "assuming" when they release a statement stating that there will be a "sub group" with "so-so" + members. There is K.R.Y. & Suju-T but they were formed with OFFICIAL members. So, if adding a non member into the mix - wouldn't you at least assume that it is a 14th member? You just don't join a sub group that is supposedly hitting the China market & remaking their Korean songs to reach out to Chinese fans with the name Super Junior. We don't have to have exact words from SM to get what they are saying. We aren't stupid -- they are obviously beating around the bush & just throwing him in there. I can ramble on about this -- but it's been talked about so let's just leave it like that.

I'm going to leave this thread as is because some people just don't understand. Have fun~

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Guest infinityyy

(directed towards person posted before me)^have you been reading ANYTHING that has been written? o_o



ok E.L.F stands for

everlasting friends

so if we were elves

what would it be

everlasting VRIENDS?

oh please...

are you kididng me? "rolls eyes again and again"

im sure YOU and a whole bunch of other people here did NOT read a thing that was written

before you

thats right

Omgoodness. You're kidding right? *rolls eyes* *rolls eyes* *rolls eyes*

oh, *and again, I roll my eyes*

You and everyone else who has gotten mad about how "Elves" or "ELFs" was wriiten is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

I don't need to look through 10+ pages of responses to have an idea on what's going on.

Unlike you, I don't have that time. What more is there to know than:

1. Business is business.

2. 13 +1 = 0 ?! Please, adding Henry would only raise Super Junior's popularity.

My post was in defense to the topic starter writing "elves" and for Henry.

You getting all worked up over that..

I laugh at you.

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Guest --joyful.

Honestly, if you call yourself a fan, and then talk about how talentless they are or whatever the hell you think, then you obviously don't know the difference between fan of the group, and anti of the group. Being a fan of three people out of the group, is honestly not called a real fan.

A N D !

If you guys are here to say anything bad or non-supportive of ELF, why bother coming here at all ? Some people obviously wants serious attention by starting arguments.

Also, i can't believe we're arguing with someone who's user name is iheartporn.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you have nothing good to say just leave.

ELF is entitled to protest for a good reason. Arguing over what WE are against is pointless.

And iheartporn, if you decide to quote me and argue back i hope you have FUN.

They honestly need to learn that:

You DO NOT mess up something that was perfectly FINE in the first place.

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