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1 hour ago, irilight said:

@badsmuler, I don't know. I actually did not watch the Go Show.  At the time, I did not know about it, or else I would have given it a try. Having said that, I seldom watch reality shows. Too many drama and movies on my list.


@irilight...back then i think Go Show were likely a talkshow...same with you i seldom watch variety/talkshow...i just follow TSR only for SIK and his adorable triplets parts and Healing Camp when Lee jun ki were their guest... :wub::wub:

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Go Hyun Jung Sets Record Price for How Much She Is Paid Per Episode


Go Hyun Jung, who will be starring in a drama for the first in three years since “The Queen’s Classroom,” will be reaching new records for the highest pay at tvN.

In her new drama, “Dear My Friends,” which will air in May, she will be receiving 60 million won (approximately $49,000) per episode. This is the most out of any of the actresses in the drama.

Writer No Hee Kyung, who is the mastermind behind the scripts of romcoms like “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” will be writing the script for Go Hyun Jung’s first cable drama “Dear My Friends.”

The actress who receives the most after Go Hyung Jung is Kim Hye Soo, who is currently starring in the popular drama “Signal.” She is paid 55 million won (approximately $45,000), and her appearance is worth every penny. “Signal” is currently popular among all generations and has taken first place among all cable channels for its past 10 episodes.

Choi Ji Woo, too, is high up on the list, receiving 50 million won (approximately $41,000) for “Twenty Again

Credit : http://www.soompi.com/2016/02/23/go-hyun-jung-sets-record-price-for-how-much-she-is-paid-per-episode/

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February 23, 2016

Ego battle: Kim Hye Soo VS Ko Hyun Jung VS Jeon Do Yeon

Source: TV Report via Hancinema.net


Actress Jeon Do-yeon is starring in the tvN drama "The Good Wife". This makes the entry to cable dramas along with Kim Hye-soo and Ko Hyeon-jeong complete. The ego battle between the 'big girls' starts now.

From Kim Hye-soo in "Signal", Ko Hyeon-jeong in "Dear My Friends" and Jeon Do-yeon in "The Good Wife", they are all top actresses who have won Best Actress in different award ceremonies. They are competing at what they do best, acting.

First, Kim Hye-soo is starring in the tvN drama "Signal". She took home the grand prize in 2013 for the KBS 2TV drama "The Queen of Office" and this time she's back with a cable drama. "Signal" revolves around a unique subject of 'radio message from the past'. Detectives in the present time go ahead and solve cases with the help of this radio signal. Currently the viewing percentage is in the 10s.

Kim Hye-soo takes on the role of Cha Soo-hyeon, a detective and her first attempt at a cable drama can be said to be successful.

Ko Hyeon-jeong is coming back in May with "Dear My Friends" which is written by hit-maker Noh Hee-kyeong. The quality of the drama is trustable.

"Dear My Friends" is the life story of twilight youths starring Ko Hyeon-jeong, Ko Doo-sim, Nah Moon-hee, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Hye-ja, Kim Yeong-ok, Park Won-sook and Joo Hyeon. There are special appearances by the younger generation such as Lee Gwang-soo, Jo In-Seong and Seong Dong-il.

Jeon Do-yeon is coming back for the first time in 11 years with a drama. "The Good Wife" is an American original about a wife whose successful investigator husband is booked for corruption and sets out to become the breadwinner of the family for the first time in 15 years.

Jeon Do-yeon's "The Good Wife" will be on air after "Cheese in the Trap" and "Pied Piper".

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Kim Sung-ryung Voted Most Beautiful Miss Korea in History


Miss Korea 1988 Kim Sung-ryung has been voted the most beautiful Miss Korea ever, followed by Kim Sa-rang, who won in 2000, and Ko Hyun-jung, a runner-up in 1989.

The Chosun Ilbo commissioned online bookstore Yes24 last month to conduct a survey about 60 years of the Miss Korea pageant. Of the 2,504 respondents, 1,442 were women.

Kim Sung-ryung won 24.8 percent of the vote, Kim Sa-rang 16.1 percent, and Ko 13.6 percent.

The pageant started in 1957.

From left, Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Sa-rang and Ko Hyun-jung


It found that some 450 Miss Korea contestants are active in showbusiness, be it as actresses, models or TV presenters. Kim Sung-ryung is still a sought-after actress, as are Kim Sa-rang and Ko.

Kim Sung-ryung said, "I'm surprised and happy that I came top. I'm one of the oldest Miss Koreas who are still active in entertainment industry." She still uses the nickname Miss Korea 1988 on social networks and looks back on it fondly. "It made what I am now. I will continue to do my best to maintain beauty so as not to damage my title as a Miss Korea winner."

Yes24 also tried to find out something about the present-day image of an institution that looks increasingly out of kilter with the times.

Some 25.1 percent of respondents said they see no need for the pageant any more, and 16 percent who said the negative effect outweigh any positives.

Only 4.8 percent said there is a great need for the contest and 17 percent that the effect is overwhelmingly positive. Some criticized the pageant for objectifying women and setting a uniform standard of beauty, but others said it is a good platform to show off Korea's beauty to the world and serves as an occasional source of energy in their daily lives.

Asked if they remember who won last year's pageant, a whopping 83 percent said no. Undaunted, the 60th Miss Korea pageant takes place in July this year.

Credit : http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2016/03/09/2016030901788.html

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Award Winners of “Korea Cable TV Awards 2016″ Revealed


Here is the list of winners!

Variety: “Go Hyun Jung Reality Show (SBS Plus)”

Documentary: “Korean Scientist (YTN Science)”

Kids: “Kko Kko Proverb Science Investigators (AniBox)”

Music: “I Hear Your Voice (Mnet)”

New Media: “You Will Love Me (Drama H)”

Global: “Korean Food Made Simple Season 2 (UMAX)” & “Super Idol (MBC MUSIC)”

Production: “Pop Music Singing Seoul (tbs) & “Go for Youth (KBS Joy)”

Korea Cable TV Association President Special Award: “Tasty Guys (Comedy TV)”

Best Actor: Park Hae Jin

Best MC: Shin Dong Yup

Rising Star: Ryu Jun Yeol, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Jin Ho

Popular Star: Ra Mi Ran, Lee Soo Geun

Best Couple: Oh Chang Seok, Lee Tae Im

Best Character: Kim Dong Wook, Lee Chung Ah

Relatable Star: Yoon Jin Seo

Tasty Star: Kim Jun Hyun, Yoo Min Sang, Kim Min Kyung, Moon Se Yoon

Best Comedian: Lee Guk Joo

Best Singer Selected by Cable TV Music Producers: TWICE, INFINITE, Jessi

Hallyu Wave Singer: B.A.P

Hot Issue Variety Star: Choi Hyun Seok

One-Man Creator: Great Library

Channel Grand Award: tvN

VOD Drama Grand Award: “Reply 1988 (tvN)”

VOD Variety Grand Award: “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (JTBC)”

VOD Movie Grand Award: Film Maker R&K (Production company of “Veteran”)

VOD Kids Grand Award: Choi Rock Contents Factory


Credit : http://www.soompi.com/2016/03/25/award-winners-of-korea-cable-tv-awards-2016-revealed/


Congrats GHJ unni... :wub::wub:

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May 13, 2016

Ko Hyun-jung Faces Off Against Veteran Acting Masters

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Ko Hyun-jung returns to the small screen with the new tvN series "Dear My Friends," which starts Friday and is mainly making a splash due to a cast with an average age of 70s. 

Ko is the only young actress in the soap. 

She plays a freelance translator who is a complex and sometimes abrasive character as she observes the lives of these old people.


"Old age is the toughest period of life when people experience aging, sickness and death. I thought it would be enough to make a good story," screenwriter Noh Hee-Kyung said.

"There was no one who could play the role like Ko. She can act among such veteran actors without being overwhelmed by them or losing her nerve."


Shin Sung-woo and Zo In-sung will also appear in a love triangle with Ko. "While filming the drama, I'm realizing that if young people do not try to reach out to the elderly, it's their loss," Ko said.

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Done watching ep.1&2 but no subtitles :wub:....  can anyone share the link :)

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Link from  badsmuler

Ep. 4

Sports Seoul - Naver: 'Dear My Friends', friendships of old people, is tearfully beautiful  
1. [+2,269, -24] Na Moon Hee grandma's life is tough... 
2. [+1,828,-17] The scene of Go Hyun Jung running after the aunts and her lines of her understanding  them brought me to tears 
3. [+1,683, -20] Na Moon Hee's age in the drama is 72 and I have no words for her kids... Made me realize how much of an annoyance I am to my mom but she never says a thing about it
4. [+1,441, -29] So sad and heartbreaking.. I hope they don't run into problems 
5. [+1,328, -35] Ah daebakㅠㅠ that can happen to anyone but they acted it out so realistically, it totally grabbed my focus 
Herald Pop - Naver: 'Dear My Friends', Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung confess their love for each other 
1. [+1,513, -50] Jo In Sung-ssi, how can you look ridiculously handsome when you wear your hair down... 
2. [+1,203, -29] The story has so much realistic aspect to it enough to even make you comfortable... I was really surprised when the person was hit
3. [+757, -31] Yeon Ha-yaㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My heart takes a leap every time I look at him.. 
4. [+531, -23] Ah... so sad.. 
5. [+202, -5] Yeon Ha is still better than a married man 
6. [+162, -2] Jo In Sung's just a cameo from what I knew, am I mistaken? He's been in every episode, is he a male lead? - yes I noticed that I will cross my fingers that jis and ghj end up together in this drama. :blush: :heart::wub:
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omo why is this thread so quiet for almost a year now??

i miss Go Hyun Jung unnie!!! hope she'll do another drama asap! 

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Hai anya24, Go Hyun Jung had one project this year and the other one still considering


Screen queen Go Hyun-jung (Dear My Friends) has chosen a low-budget film for her next project, and in doing so will support director Lee Kwang-kook (a former AD for Hong Sang-soo), whom she’s worked with previously on the films Like You Know It All and Woman on the Beach. In his latest, Winter Guest Scarier Than a Tiger, Go’s been cast as a woman who became the novelist she always wanted to be, but she’s now crippled by writer’s block. She’ll run into her ex when he arrives as her designated driver one day, and having just been dumped himself, they’ll begin life anew. The male lead hasn’t been cast yet, but they’ll have to get cracking if cameras are to start rolling on schedule in February.


Song Hye-gyo, Go Hyun-jung up for occupation-era film about comfort women



Song Hye-gyo (Descended From the Sun) and Song Joong-ki must’ve timed their wedding announcement with new casting offers or vice versa, because on the same day that news broke of their coupledom and October wedding, Song Joong-ki’s name came up for zombie apocalypse drama Kingdom, and Song Hye-gyo announced that she’s considering an offer for a new period film called Go Back Home.

The film is set during the Japanese occupation and tells the story of comfort women who were recruited under false promises of work or education, and forced into sexual slavery and stationed in brothels to serve the Japanese imperial army. The production is courting Song Hye-gyo and Go Hyun-jung(Dear My Friends) to headline, and both actresses have stated that they’re considering the project carefully. If they sign on, they’ll be playing sisters, and not much else has been released about their roles.

Director Ryu Seung-wan’s (Veteran) wife, film producer Kang Hye-jung, is behind the production (they’re also the team behind Song Joong-ki’s upcoming occupation-era prison break movie Battleship Island). It’s been three years since Song Hye-gyo’s last domestic film, the warm family drama My Brilliant Life, and five years since Go Hyun-jung’s action comedy Miss Go, though Go Hyun-jung has recently completed shoots for the low-budget indie film Winter Guest Scarier Than a Tiger, which will be released soon.

I’m so glad to know that more films are going to tackle the subject of comfort women, because it’s a truly tragic part of Korea’s history that should be talked about. Last year’s award-winning Spirits’ Homecoming was based on real-life women who had come forward to share their stories of being forced into slavery, and though it struggled to get funding and complete production, it ultimately topped the box office on opening weekend. I can only hope that a major film with A-list stars will do even more to bring these stories to light.

Go Back Home is still in the planning stages, but hopes to begin filming later this year.

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Photo List: Dynamic Acting Studio, Seoul  @d.a.studio_korea


Talented, admirable and respectable Korean actors


#HwangJungMin #JeonDoYeon # ChoJinWoong # ChunWooHee
#NaMoonHee #YooHaeJin #HanSukKyu # KimHyeSoo 
#SongKangHo #SulKyungGu# MoonSoRi #KwakDoWon 
#OhDalSu #BaeDooNa #JoSeungWoo #KimHyeJa  
#LeeSunGyun #GongHyoJin # KimYoonSeok #JangJinYoung 
#LeeByungHun #KimYunJin #GoHyunJung #ParkHaeIl



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I wish this thread would be more update: i just discovered her in SBS Return and i can only see her!

She's very talented and has a lot of charisma.  

I"ll try to catch up soon on her other works, starting by  Dear my friends which is on my watch list since 2016.





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Go Hyun-jung finally speaks up about ”Return” controversy


After months of silence, actress Go Hyun-jung has finally opened up about her controversial departure from her SBS series ‘Return. During a press event for her new film Winter Guest Scarier than a Tiger, Go said, “There are misunderstandings and also things that didn’t happen. People around me asked me why I’m not saying anything.”

She added, “I realized once again that with everything, there aren’t just bad things or just good things. My fans are one of the reasons why I need to live well and that’s everything. Thank you.”

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On 12/5/2015 at 4:17 PM, badsmuler said:


@irilight...back then i think Go Show were likely a talkshow...same with you i seldom watch variety/talkshow...i just follow TSR only for SIK and his adorable triplets parts and Healing Camp when Lee jun ki were their guest... :wub::wub:

@badsmuler dear..  How have you been?  so sorry.. I only now see this information from you. Sorry. I have not been on Soompi too much.  I will try to come here more often.


Go Hyun-jung considers facing Park Shin-yang in Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2


The last time we saw Go Hyun-jung (Dear My Friends), she was bowing out of SBS’s legal crime drama Return after the revelation of heavy strife on the production set. It looks like she may make her glorious comeback with another legal drama, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho 2. Actor Park Shin-yang confirmed long ago that he’d be reprising his role as the titular lawyer for this highly anticipated second season. And these two actors are both powerhouses who know how to command a screen, so I’m eagerly looking forward to watching them together.

Read more on Dramabeans

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