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[OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Jaejoong - 김재중 Thread

Guest ces

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this boy...no matter how many times i see his face..he never fails to make me speechless(no..annoying fangirly squeals do not count as speaking)


^ one of my favoritest pics of him...he looks so much like a girl here..still so mindblowingly gorgeous [feels all lesbo]

i think even if he kept the single eyelids..he would have found a way to work it cuz he was such a cutie in his little boy days


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Corporal Jaejoong arriving at Civil/Bureaucratic/Military/Police Security Concert venue 2j9096 more pics here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 6/6-6/12/2016 http://jyjcaf

@BerouSame here. I haven't at all followed since maybe 2012, but I'll still look out for his albums and such. I just only started visiting the forum a fews ago, and haven't even noticed that @tealee i

He was not in good condition, he suffer from sunlight allergy, but he managed perform lively , powerful n pro.  I really really really miss him 

Guest iluvsuju

^Jaejoong look so sexy XDDDDDD~<3333 He is perfect, no?

seeing him singing live for Lovin' You makes me feel sad (TT^TT) I love his voice<3 thanks for sharing his picture<3

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I don't know if this is possible but... can someone find a bad picture of him.. lol :P

lmao this guy is toooo photogenic, that's why its [almost?] impossible.

Nope, not that I've come across XD

omg I got electrocuted again.

His hotness has escaped through the computer and is messing his my head @_@


Hopefully I can contribute something to this hot thread.

I'll be back!

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Guest ShInHwAcHaNgJoTM

I don't know if this is possible but... can someone find a bad picture of him.. lol :P


Yeah I was wondering

has anyone EVER come across one

cuz I haven't.

He's too sexy!


And here's what I mean by too sexy~!

Sorry for the hugeness of some of these

Credits to photobucket











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He is simply too gorgeously hot <3

I was wondering if anyone would make a thread for him hehe.

Im excited LOL ! .

My computer is broken so I have to use my brother's computer and he doesnt have any pictures of Jaejoong . XD

I'll share when I can use my computer (:


lets build this thread up (:

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Guest o.jung.ban.hap

oooooohhhh....he looks goooooooooooooooooooooooood haha

this is kinda random but i <33 it when he winks...

its not rele sexy but he looks funny and cute doing it lol

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