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[OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Jaejoong - 김재중 Thread

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Corporal Jaejoong arriving at Civil/Bureaucratic/Military/Police Security Concert venue 2j9096 more pics here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 6/6-6/12/2016 http://jyjcaf

@BerouSame here. I haven't at all followed since maybe 2012, but I'll still look out for his albums and such. I just only started visiting the forum a fews ago, and haven't even noticed that @tealee i

He was not in good condition, he suffer from sunlight allergy, but he managed perform lively , powerful n pro.  I really really really miss him 

class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; "[HQ PICS] 130829 Kim Jaejoong at “The Spy” Movie VIP Premiere – Part 2August 29, 2013 · JYJ3 Team

Part  1

photo Sooying_1.jpg

photo Sooying_2.jpg

photo Sooying_3.jpg

photo melitehero_1.jpg

photo J12150126_1.png

photo J12150126_2.png

photo January_1.jpg

photo January_2.jpg

photo HOB_1.jpg

photo HOB_2.jpg

photo HeroStep.jpg

photo prJJ.jpg

photo Popoong_1.jpg

photo Popoong_2.jpg

Non-fan Pics:

Spotted Jaejoong inside the cinema

photo rsm328_2.jpg

photo rsm328_1.jpg

Spotted Jaejoong behind the girl

photo BS1JwNxCcAAg20Z_spymovie2013.jpg

Credits: as tagged + @rsm328, @spymovie2013 (Non-fans)Shared By: JYJ3
Note: The girl in last pic is singer GaIn of the group BEG...

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