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[OFFICIAL] JYJ Kim Jaejoong - 김재중 Thread

Guest ces

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Born in 1986, Jaejoong was the lead vocal of the quintet TVXQ, and currently a member of the trio JYJ. He is a Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and concert director. His accomplishments include the following:

Solo/ Duet Songs:
◦ "Greeting" (인사) which was featured on the A Millionaire's First Love soundtrack.
◦Japanese solo "MAZE", which was featured in the "Keyword / Maze" single, the fifth and last installment of the group's "TRICK" series.
◦ Duet with The Grace, "Just for One Day", which was featured in The Grace's first Japanese full-length studio album, Graceful 4.
◦ "Forgotten Season", a remake of the original song by Lee Yong, which was a famous hit in the 1980s. His solo is included in TVXQ's 4th album MIROTIC (Track 11).
◦ "For you, It's Separation, To Me It's Waiting" for the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
◦ "I'll Protect You", one of the official soundtrack of "Protect the Boss", a TV drama that he also acts as one of the main characters, Cha Muwon. 
◦ "Living Like A Dream", one of the official soundtrack of "Dr. Jin", a TV drama that he also acts as one of the main characters, Kim Kyungtak. 

◦ Lyricist and composer of "Don't Cry My Lover", a track included in TVXQ's 4th album MIROTIC (Version C).
◦ Lyricist and composer of "Wasurenaide", a track included in Tohoshinki's Bolero Single
◦ Composed "Kissしたまま、さよなら" with Yuchun
◦ Lyricist and composer of "9095", a track included in The Secret Code Album, and "9096" a bonus track
◦ Composed, together with Yoochun, the song Colors - Harmony and Melody used in Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary
◦ Composed and arranged, together with Junsu, the song Shelter, included in the Colors CD Single release
◦ Composed and arranged Still In Love, included in "The Beginning" CD
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Nine, Pierrot and IDS, included in Their Rooms, JYJ Music Essay
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Get Out, In Heaven and Boy's Letter, included in "In Heaven" Album
◦ Composed, arranged and wrote No Gain for Xia's Tarantallegra Album◦ Wrote I'll Protect You included in Protect the Boss' OST CD◦ Wrote Living Like A Dream, included in "Dr. Jin's" OST CD◦ Composed, arranged and wrote Till the Sun Rises for Baek Seung Ho's Debut Single

Film/ Drama:
◦ "Dr./ Park Seonsu" in the Japan drama production "Sunao Ni Narenakute"
◦ Film: Korea-Japan drama production "Heaven's Postman" as the main lead
◦ "Cha Mu Won" in the SBS drama production "Protect the Boss"
◦ "Kim Kyung Tak" in the MBC drama production "Dr. Jin"◦ "Choi Hyun" in the movie "Code Name: Jackal"

◦ Served as Executive Director for JYJ's 2011 Worldwide Tour (Asian Leg)
◦ Son Yeonjae's Gala at 2011 LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars

◦ Intermodulation

◦ The 2nd Annual SM Best Competition - Best Appearance 1st Place
◦ The 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix - Best Supporting Actor for Spring season (for Sunao ni Narenakute)
◦ The Oricon’s “Spring Drama ☆ AWARD 2010″ - Spring Drama Most Interesting Actor (for Sunao ni Narenakute)
◦ 2011 Shorty Awards Best Celebrity ◦ 2011 SBS New Star Award

JaeJoong went through lots of hardship. He did lots of part-time jobs from working in a convenience store, delivering chicken, newspaper delivery, manual labor, theres nothing he has never done. YoungWoong also appeared in the movie 'Taeguki wa Hweenalli myuh' (waving the korean flag) as an extra. But its really difficult to find him in the movie. He appeared as one of the chinese soliders. JaeJoong's special talent is his husky voice. But the one thing he likes the most is his eyebrows. Jaejoong said when Song SuHun sees his eyebrows he is going to bow. When he was young his dream was to be a supermarket owner; because you can eat a lot of cookies all you want.

His hobby is weight training and cooking. He sometimes carries out the role of a "big brother" or the "mother" towards the members, and also gives the most criticisms to the members regarding music. He has deep thoughts and talks straight-forwardly, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Many, including himself, say that he gives a cold impression when first met, however, the members say he is most 'loving' and warm in the group after getting to know him better.

Random Facts About Kim Jaejoong

◦ He has a birthmark on his neck.
◦ He has a phobia of coke, because once, he was entering a coca cola drinking contest and he fainted after drinking cola.
◦ Jaejoong has good cooking skills. He improved his cooking skills while preparing for his debut also his parent's contribution was the biggest. Jaejoong's parents owns a restaurant in ChoongNam KwangJoo
◦ He won the best looking award in the SM Entertainment auditions and also passed the singing competition.
◦ He donated blood for their cookies.. because he didnt have enough money for food back then.
◦ Jaejoong naturally doesn't have pit hair (well very very little). He said he shaved to make it grow, but it just doesn't grow.
◦ Jaejoong was a Chinese Soldier extra in the movie Tae Guk Gi, Brotherhood of War
◦ Jaejoong likes texting the members when they're not with him. he's constantly worried about them
◦ Before debut , Kim JaeJoong bought Kim Ki Bum ( from Super Junior , I guess. ) and Changmin alcohol, but they were caught by the manager because they came in later.
◦ Jaejoong is afraid of water cause he can't swim.
◦ He likes to wear his ring on his fourth finger and feels uncomfortable when it is on other fingers
◦ He taught himself how to play the piano
◦ He has a thing for the Han River; his ideal date is walking near the han river and when he's stressed, he likes to listen to music at the han river
◦ He has eight sisters and he's adopted
◦ He shares clothes with yoochun and they both get to choose costumes before the other members when performing
◦ He can't trust himself with dating younger girls because he has never taken care of a girl younger than him
◦ He has a thing for elephants
◦ He hates loud noises

Other Interesting Facts
◦ He has a dog named VICK , a great pyrenees. His name comes from Jae's nickname which is "VISUAL SHOCK" so he made it shorter to VICK
◦ He has a cat named Jiji
◦ Thinks that cook formed in a pretty way would taste better
◦ Taught how to drink by his MOTHER , because his father wasn't a strong drinker
◦ Wants to be in TVXQ FOREVER, or until health screws him up
◦ Jaejoong is paranoid about what other people think about him (which explains a lot about why he is so careful about his hair, the clothes he wears, and covering his smile while laughing

JaeJoong was a gum seller during his youth?

Spoiler: Dong Bang Shin Ki member, Young Woong JaeJoong has revealed that he was a gum seller when he was young.

Young Woong JaeJoong has captured the hearts of his fans with his prince-like looks. However, during his appearance on KBS 2TV's Happy Together Season 3, he revealed for the first time that he was once a gum seller when he was young.

When he was 16, JaeJoong decided to go to Seoul to fulfil his dream of becoming a singer. JaeJoong, who lived a hard life while he was at Seoul, said " The owner of the house I was staying in said If you can't produce the rent by tomorrow, I'll evict you from your room."

In order to come up with the 150 000 won needed to pay for the rent, he started working, taking up various jobs including being one of 100 000 soldiers for the movie, Taegeukgi Hwinallimyeo (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War) and selling gum, JaeJoong explained, to the great surprise of the audience and his fellow guests alike.

When JaeJoong was selling gum, due to his normal appearance (as in he didn't have the appearance of someone who would usually do that type of work), admitted that people would usually mistake and think that I had stolen the gum, which made it hard for me. JaeJoong, who would walk around all day trying to sell the gum also said "Out of desperation, I went into a supermarket, where the woman working there took pity on me and said I'll buy whatever gum you have left, so don't do that type of work anymore." before giving me 150 000 won.

From this, JaeJoong continued, "Through this event, I got even more determined in my attempt to become a singer.". JaeJoong also showed his thankfulness towards the woman he met in the supermarket during the broadcast.

Source: Yahoo Korea (http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...2e7&newssetid=5
Translation Credits: Celestial_Crystal@TVXQ Australia Forums

Compilation of Tohoshinki's Secret of the Day - Jaejoong

Spoiler: 09.05.07 - Kobe
Jaejoong: Jaejoong is ID No. 1 in Bigeast fanclub namelist.

09.05.10 - Saitama
Jaejoong: Jaejoong has the most celebrity friends among all the DBSK members.

09.05.11 - Saitama
Jaejoong: In the composing of the song �Wasurenaide�, Jaejoong thought through the whole meaning of the song in Japanese before writing the lyrics in Japanese.

09.05.16 - Sendai
Jaejoong: Jaejoong feels that his most charming feature is his [white/fair muscles]

09.05.17 - Sendai
Jaejoong: Jaejoong will play his music at a loud volume and sleep

09.05.23 - Sapporo
Jaejoong: The first dish Jejung ate when he came to Japan was 『カツ丼』 [a pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice]

09.05.24 - Sapporo
Jaejoong: at 6th grade of elementary school, started a part time job! Thus, his first job was delivering newspapers.

09.05.30 - Fukuoka
Jaejoong: He loves to work. He keeps saying �Gimme more work!� to the staffs.

09.05.31 - Fukuoka
Jaejoong: Jaejoong really love to train his muscle, but now he seems to try holding back to do so (as his fans dont like him to be too muscular)

09.06.06 - Hiroshima
Jaejoong: Jaejoong peels sausages really really fast

09.06.07 - Hiroshima
Jaejoong: Jaejoong feels uncomfortable if he doesn't wear his ring.

09.06.10 - Osaka
Jaejoong: Jaejoong was strongly attracted by a female with a beautiful mole/birthmark.

09.06.11 - Osaka
Jaejoong: Jejung is the No.1 member who loves spicy food. When he went back to Korea, he brought along �THE DEATH SAUCE�!

09.06.13 - Osaka
Jaejoong: Jaejoong's favorite anime character is �TOTORO�!

09.06.18 - Nagoya
Jaejoong: aejoong who has been taking up challenge of composing, uses computer and keyboard to do so.

09.06.20 - Nagoya
Jaejoong:When aejoong is drunk on sake, he would turn so beautiful!

09.06.21 - Nagoya
Jaejoong: He loves onions a lot and he can eat it raw.

source: http://sharingyoochun.wordpress.com/?s=sec...p;x=13&y=10


JYJ - Their Rooms, JYJ Music Essay

JYJ - The Beginning

JYJ - The....

Jaechun Sub-unit - Colors Single

Fourth Korean Album - Mirotic

Third Korean Album - "O"


Second Korean Album - Rising Sun


First Korean Album - Tri-Angle


Fourth Japanese Album - The Secret Code

Third Japanese Album - T

Keyword - Single

Second Japanese Album - Five In The Black

First Japanese Album - Heart, Mind & Soul



Jaejoong's Tattoo
New/ Extended

Do not HOTLINK! Do not quote images. No bashing. Have fun here ^^

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Guest splendidlure

haha. wow. judging from these pics. his hair never really changes. it's just the hair color that changes.

love the pic where changmin is about to hit him. haha. his hair was the best in that pic. love the platinum blonde.

thanks for starting this thread. jaejoong is so hot x]

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Guest xxpiinkified


i LOOOOVE this thread! kekek : P

Jae got me into this obsession with guys with long hair <3

gaaah , i'll post pics tmrw : P

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Guest LittleSmurfie

Cool. ^^

I'll start posting the goodies ^^





























Maybe I should stop now..but it's JaeJoong where talking about.. ^^

Neh.. How about three more?




I'm happy now ^^


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Guest disfunktional.

i was about to start this months ago ;D i was just too lazy to post up his pictures rofl.

wheee~ i already have 1100+ pictures of him. i'll be stalking this thread for rare pictures o-o

this guy is my addiction. i can't wait for his 4th album looks TT-TT

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Guest joongieforeva


jaejoong sexy tongue


one of my favourite .............his eye..................woot blue contacts


he look so good when he was sleeping.......................


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Guest Baby.doll

MmmmmMmmMMm, yum yum.

LOL Hes always a great peice of box of candy<3

Aw, how cute, hes sleeping xDDDD

Thnx for making this thread ^_^ -dies happy-

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Guest godlovesBoA

Thanks for starting this thread! I wanna share a couple of my favorite pix of this ridiculously hot guy too!



This pic is like the.. ultimate Joongie smile pic.... SQUEEEEEE


Y'all see the lips, yes? Don't lie. Angelina Jolie who??? Haha I'm just playin'.. his lips remind us of Song Hye Kyo right..


He is trying to kill us with his smile. NO DOUBT!





Holy berjedah slap me on my thigh.


I just had to throw in a piece of JaeHo.

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Guest wing834

yay! a picture thread for my beloved jaejoong~! thanks for all the pics, its my turn to contribute now :D









Jaejoong is so HOT, love him forever~~!

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