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[Movie 2008] Antique Bakery 앤티크-서양골동 양과자점


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Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Ah In, Choi Ji Ho
Title: Antique Cakeshop

Genre: Comedy

Rating: Age15 & above

Runtime: 109mins

PD: Min Gyu Dong (민규동)

Production: Soo Film


Based on: Seiyō Kotto Yōgamini cooperen (japanese comic by Fumi Yoshinaga)

Starring: Ju Ji Hun (주지훈), Yoo Ah In (유아인), Kim Jae Wook (김재욱), Choi Ji Ho (최지호), Andy Gillet

Official Websites: Movie site, Naver Blog

Additional information:


Casting has been made and filming started on 17 November 2007

Fiming ended on 10 March 2008.

VIP Premiere on 28 October 2008

Opens in korean theatres on 13 November 2008.

Official Posters:



news credit: kdramafanusa

BROasia 2007-10-17

Joo Ji Hoon to star in "Antique" directed by Min Gyu Dong

The upcoming film "Antique" (Director Min Gyu Dong) will star Joo Ji Hoon of "Goong (Princess Hours)," Kim Jae Wook of "Coffee Prince" and others.

According to the production company on the 17th, Joo Ji Hoon will play the "Antique" owner Jin Hyuk who becomes the perfect salesmen with his speech skills, while Kim Jae Wook will play the genius patissier Son Woo to mark his silver screen debut.

Also, Yoo Ah In will play the boxer turned patissier assistant Gi Beom, and Choi Ji Ho who debuted through "Time Between Dog and Wolf" will play the role of Jin Hyuk's bodycard Soo Young.

"Antique" is the story of love and friendship of four men set in an antique shop that is renovated into a cake shop and is scheduled to be released on screen during the first half of next year.





2007.12.26 - Kim Min Seon Plays Antique Bakery Boss' Ex-GF

2008.03.01 - Japan Fuji TV to make Antique Bakery into Animation


Crew & Cast Group Photo -Page 7 #124

BTS pic -Page 7 #131, Page 8 #156, Page 18 #353

On Location pics - Page 8 #149, 153, Page 9 #164, 165, 169, Page 10 #182, 188, 192, 193, 196, 198

Screencaps & Gifs - Page 11 #203, 207, 208, 210, Page 19 #374, Page 20 #385, #390, #391

Movie Stills - Page 14 & 15, Page 18 #359

Interviews - Page 16 #319, #320, Page 17 #333, #324, #338

Premiere & Advance Screenings - Page 18 #354, #356, Page 19 #361, #363, Page 20 #400, Page 21 #403

Magazines - Page 19 #362, #363, #365, #367, #374, #378

Come To Play - Page 19 #380, Page 20 #391

Clips Download:

Interviews - Page 11 #207 (Section TV), #219 (YTN), Page 12 #221 (YTN), #222 (Ent. Relay), #225 (YTN with chinese subs), #226 (YTN), #236 (Showbiz Extra), Page 17 #322, #340, Page 18 #344, 352,

Trailers & Teasers - Page 14 #263, #279, Page 16 #305, Page 17 #323, #324, #335, Page 18 #349, #350, Page 19 #349, #375,

BTS & NGs - Page 12 #230 (CGV), Page 20 #384

Premiere - Page 18 #356

Come To Play - Page 19 #380

Section TV - Page 21 #408

Entertainment Relay - Page 21 #409


Japanese drama - Antique Cake Shop on Crunchyroll

Thanks to everybody who contributed pictures, news, downloads here ^^

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Guest cheli001

whoa!! that was fast!

thanks rebby for creating the thread :)

Ju Ji Hun and Sunki (waffle guy in CP) in one movie. Awesome!

I read the wiki summary and whoa the movie is going to be quite interesting.

Sunki will play the baker/patissier yah? who is known to have demonically gay charm hahahaha..

Hope to see more updates :)

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weeeeee! a new project for JJH! :D thanks for creating this thread PM Reb! *hugs*

i remember the translation of creamer from hcp plus mag that Oppa wants to do a Japanese project... maybe this is the first step? hihi...

looking forward to more updates... wow, a project with Kim Jae Wook! weee! :D

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Guest huangsy

You may have seen the info from JJH or KJW threads, the 4th name is Choi Ji Ho

and the full Korean title is '앤티크-서양골동 양과자점’

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Guest is2minwoo

LOL. I just read the wiki summary, it sounds interesting especially as I've always thought of Korea as homophobic. i'm presuming that they'd probably change most of the plot just to fit people's sensibilities.

So many hotties as well, espesh Waffle Sunki. Can't wait to see how this develops! :P

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PM your are FAST whhoooooooooooossssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............


im so excited!!!!!

because jihun is in the movie and the "waffle guy"! hahahaha i like him!!! hahahahaha

so happy!!!!! looking forward for more infos! nd pics!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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now this is an early Christmas gift for all of us!

after the disappointment in Hong Gil Dong, jjh made sure he's coming up with another project to make up for it.

choosing this movie i think is a wise move on his part, something different again and much lighter than mawang.

and the cast is quite interesting too. hope this project goes smoothly and good luck! we're behind jjh all the way! :w00t: :w00t:

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty


I'm so excited now...i love all the actors "casted" i certainly hope casting goes well and no one drops out cus i like the whole cast at this point

the story sounds interesting too

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antique bakery!!! weehee!!! i love to see more of ji hun in apron!! waah!! gosh..

this is going to be a hit!! the storyline seems interesting and have same question here.. still no leading lady..

all i can see are pictures of men.. hehe..

wooha!! ju ji hun!! carry on.. u're almost there.. another kicking hot happy project!!!

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Guest tuchee11
:w00t::w00t::w00t: OMG! my heart is beating so fast right now! finally, oppa's gonna be on the big screen! i'm so happy for him! i'll be watching out for more updates on this...interesting story...can't wait to watch this... and waffle sun ki is gonna be there too! weeeh! :D
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Guest freeverse122085

wow! new movie! thanks PM for starting the thread! :D

from the look of things, this movie is whoa :o hehe :P gosh, another different and unexpected character.. can't wait to see oppa in a movie!!! weehhh a debut for him!! gosh :wub:

oppa, AJA yah?



^a book review ;) gosh, will Tachibana fall in the end for Ono? hehe :P

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Guest ds_dreamer

dreamer reporting to this thread!!! ;)

This movie is really gonna be very exciting... just look at the leads!!! in my eyes, 3 of them are very very popular in the drama that they once done... on Yoo Ah In, any fans of his here who can tell us more about him? I tried to look for more information on him in soompi, but no luck... perhaps he is new???

Ju Ji Hun (주지훈) - from dramas, Goong and Mawang!!!... well, looking at my avatar and siggy, of course i'm his fans ;) wave to fellow hunnies... so, of course, in my eyes, he is Mr Perfect!!! :lol::P... from a prince in Goong, transform to a "devil" in Mawang... and now, the boss of a cake shop! we fans are definitely anticipating and looking forward to seeing him on the big screen!!!

Kim Jae Wook (김재욱) - from Coffee Prince... no CP fans can forget this guy... another Mr Cool!!! speaks very little, but, he simply has a look that draws people...

Choi Ji Ho - from Time of Dong and Wolf... Though he wasn't the lead in the drama, and, he only speak once (or twice?) in the drama, but, he has gain quite a good followings cos of his cool look and role in the drama :)

Yoo Ah In (유아인) - found that he has done movies like "Boys of Tomorrow" and "Shim's Family"... but again, no related thread in soompi... can anyone tell us more about him???

Director - can someone fill us in on him??? really love to hear more info about the director.. his old movie, etc...

so, of the 3 casts that i know... all are Mr COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how to resist this movie right? :):lol:

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Guest tuchee11


^^ i searched in wikipedia... the PD has done a movie called "My Lovely Week"/"All For Love"....it was in 2005...it was his first solo directorial debut...he used to collaborate with other directors...

can't stop thinking about this upcoming movie! :D


he also directed Memento Mori with PD Kim Tae Yong... :D

hoping to see more updates about this movie! :D

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