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The Official (by Jinsung) Thread


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Jin Young

Name: Jang Jin Young

B-Day: July 1, 1983

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 60

Fav. Genre: R&B & Ballad

Fav. Artist: Park Hyo Shin, Yoo Young Jin, Fly to the Sky, & Kim Jo Han

Fav. Colors: Red & Black

Hobbie: Singing

Kim Sung Pil

Birthdate: 7/30/1983

Height: 176cm

Weight: 66kg

Bloodtype: AB


By Jin Sung - 1st Single

Release Date: 10 October 2007

Genre: R&B Ballad


01 Chiukae

02 In my dream

03 Mimda

Credit: bww2

Official Site


Music Video Links


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Guest splendidlure

they're really good. haha. the image of the cover really confuses u. u'd think they are a hip hop/rap group. this group is recommended if you like fly to the sky. i'm really enjoying their songs at the moment.

wow. the first 2 tracks were bleh to me cuz it sounded like any other r&b tracks but wow. u really hear the power in their voices in track 3. i recommend track 3.

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Guest ^w-nGz^

and i was just about to make a thread for them... ^_^;;

i found out about them when i saw their picture in Jae Won (BlackBeat)'s CY and i just realize its JINYOUNG!!!!!

i am having mixed feeling right now because i used to be a Blackbeat fan back then,

and now that he is in byJinSung that means he's out from BB... =(

but i'm happy to see him in the gayo world again after so long...

i will definitely support them!!!!

+ the video for eraser is hot... :wub:

and to thread starter, please update their details soon~ keke

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dear God, they're really good :o they have both: looks and voice!

But I didn't see them on the charts T_____________T are they underrated?

I wonder if they dance, too :D

edit: OHHHH I SEE, they're from Blackbeats! Wow...they're not under SM anymore, right?

so they DEFINITE dance XD can't wait until they release some dance tracks :D

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available in my CB



Thanks a bunch, Joyce! :D

[HQ] Star Golden Bell (2007-12-22) [753.4MB]

Tim, Yuri & Soo Young (SNSD), Sun Ye & Sun Mi (Wonder Girls), Danny Ahn, Crown J, Jang Yoo Joon (I.T.T), Jang Jin Young (By Jin Sung), Woo Seung Min, Kim Jong Jin, Lee Seung Shin, Joora, Kim Mi Ryeo, Yang Hee Eun, Han Da Min, Kim Tae Hyun, Kim Shin Young, Jang Young Ran, etc.

NEW files uploaded to this CB from Dec. 17-24;

after it passes inspection, those files will be moved to cashewmania CB ^_^

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Guest BendyStraw

By Jin Sung has another song they released before their debut single on the 푸른물고기 OST called 가슴에 지는 태양.

Anyways, here is some pictures I used when I opened a thread for them before finding out someone already made a thread for them:


(Left: Kim Sung Pil ; Right: Jang Jin Young)


(Left: Jang Jin Young ; Right: Kim Sung Pil)


Sung Pil


Jin Young

Sung Pil's solo works:

2004 KBS Drama "미안하다 사랑한다" OST

2006 KSB Drama "긋바이 솔로" OST

2006 MBC Drama "한상의 커플" OST

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Guest kevjc07

I'm glad that this duo has a thread. I loved Jin Young in Black Beat and he sings really well on the single. He has such a good voice, as well as Sung Pil. I hope that they put out an album soon. I would really like to hear some new music by them, as well as support them. Jin Young fighting!

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Guest _mwish`

good gosh. I heard about them last year but never did a follow up ahahahaha, but 2 days ago when I watched them on Yoondohyun LL i'm like oh.my.gawd.

JangJinYoung <3333333333333333333333333

their stuff are so difficult to find ;_; sighs, i hope they grow bigger very sooooon!

sighs, i'll miss jinyoung's old group though ;_; but jinyoung ah~ hwaiting!

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Guest Ser3n

They're amazing!^^

I really love their voices and Jin is really cute in that shy boy type - at least that's the impression he gives me xP

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Guest kevjc07

Hey. Does anyone know if they plan to release an album anytime soon? Or if they are still active? They only released those 3 songs and I think it was a digital single. Any update on this group would be great ^^

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