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[variety] Oot Chat Sa 웃찾사

Guest mushu

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Guest kiwi1430261477

younhesterx3 ~ I'd love to see pictures, but only if it isn't too much trouble. :) My friend's in Korea at the moment, and she also went to see a small performance of the show.

Sorry to keep you waiting for like over a month...lol. :sweatingbullets: Here they are (:

Summer 06' (Not the best quality >_<) They only give you like 1-2 min to take pictures...nfasljfsajfaslfj I mean, I need atleast an hour...=D


Guy from corner '누나'


홍동명, 박규선











명근, 이진호 (sooooo cute in person)


이용진, 양세형, 남명근





Summer 05' (When they were performing 왜이래, 명근 admitted that they had a hangover lol. When I came out after the show, 명근 was probably arms width apart from me, but I couldn't go talk to him because I was too shy :vicx:)









Just found a few random pictures from 이용진's cyworld


이용진's girlfriend...she's pretty.


At 김주현's wedding... :w00t:

Credits: me and cyworld

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I went to watch the show because Lee So Yeon (from Spring Waltz) invited me to come because she will be going on it as the special guest. It was sometime during the beginning of August when I was visiting Korea.

I was originally supposed to sit up in the front with Lee SoYeon but the stupid bodyguard wouldn't let me because he thought I was in elementary school. (<_< I'm not even close to elementary school! Just because I'm short. <_<) Anyways. If i had sit up in the front with Lee SoYeon i would've been able to meet the cast of Oot Chat Sa.

Did you know..

In the corner, 'Monkey Brothers', "MonKey 5" (i forgot his name) could beat box? He was beatboxing for us because there was still time left for the next corner. So HOTT! xD

I need to catch up on Oot Chat Sa...

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EP 169 - 060831


Sorry for the late link. I was moving back onto campus this past weekend (someone save me, I want to go back home) ;)

Thank you, younhesterx3, for all the pictures! It looks like it was a lot of fun. :)

swtmaggie92 ~ That's awesome that you went to the show! Aww, if only the bodyguard let you go we may have even seen you on TV! Oh yeah, "Monkey 5," Yang Seh Hyung beatboxed in another corner called, "Beat Boys."

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Thanks mushu :)I'm really sorry to say this, but EP 106's link is dead >_< hehe nevermind!

It was in myungguen's cyworld and he wrote "il chon" about this picture he had with this girl. And then he asked if we thought the two looked alike? So I was wondering if it was his younger sister or cousin? Hopefully not his girlfriend. :phew::phew::phew::ph34r:

hm on cyworld.....ilchon refers to a friend like "일촌맺기"[ilchon maetgi] is like the equivalent of sending a person a friend request on myspace. o_0.

hm. i cant watch this show a lot so i watch it sometimes when i go over my cousin's house. im guessing that man-sama [what was his real name...? lol im so used to calling him man-sama] is not on the show anymore? ;T? lol that guy haha..his dance....XD. me and my sister used to do his dance and i was supposed to be man-sama and she was supposed to be that guy in the suit xP.

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[sBS] Ootchatsa - 웃찾사









I am so sorry for being so late with uploading these. I know someone uploaded the EPS172-174 already (thank you! :D) Megaupload hadn't been working for me for some time, but it's working now. :) Enjoy, guys!

visit the non-cb link thread for past eps:


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Guest fishzgal

hihi.... i've finally found the thread for Na Moolah Family :D

1st of all... as im veri new here.... can i noe wat does " Oot Chat Sa " means?

2ndly... i've come to noe abt Na Moolah Family thru X-Man... when they appeared twice... n i found them too be reali funnie...

3rd... i've read thru the 6pages... but i dun seems to see the 3 funnie guys inside.... ( the 1 wearing, green, red n blue rite? )

iszz a variety show? i can't find any links/videos on Na Moolah Family or Oot Chat Sa on youtube....

can any1 enlighten me? thks a lot~ :)

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Guest honhiguy

Oot Chat Sa is an acronym of the Korean title of the show which translates to "People Looking for Laughter"

OotChatSa is the best gag show right now. MBC's Gag Night has a few good corners (Myeongpoom Namnyeo, Joo Yeon Ah, and Sa Mo Nim) and I don't even watch KBS's Gag Concert. But I watch most of the skits on Oot Chat Sa.

These are the corners I watch right now:

"Party Time" - Those guys crack me up. Basically a skit about a family of men who act like they're clubgoers. The grandfather who dances when he hears a celebrity name, the dancing son, the DJ son, and the waiter kid. This skit is just so frickin' hilarious.

"Na Molah Family" - Getting a little old now but still fun. It should end soon though.

"Nuna" - At first I didn't like this one but its really growing on me and now it's one of my favorites. I love it when the nuna hits the guys with the paper and then the fat guy comes in at the end. I still think that Oh In Taek (is that his name?) is a little stiff to be a gag man though.

"Hyeong-nim News" - News brought to you by gangsters. Was getting old but got a new life with the addition of Lee Ki Wook as another reporter.

"Boys 4 Men II" - The original Boys 4 Men was my favorite and I'm glad they brought it back. Good to see these 4 friends together again, making fun of the girls in the front row, usually celebrities. Very funny skit.

"Queenka Mandeulgi Jaejakjeon" - I'm getting tired of this one. I FF'ed through the last few of these. Time for this to end.

"Body Band" - Simple, yet fun.

"Egeon Ani Jan Ah" - Very good idea and funny at first, but like a few others, getting a bit old now.

"Shinin ___(?)" - The one where one of the Monkey Brothers is a "shinin" and doing a radio show with his seonbae. This one really cracks me up.

I really don't like the following:

"Ko Bong" - That fat girl with the afro is really annoying and the woman (Park Bodule?) is irritating beyond words. She's just so "oba" that I can't stand watching her.

"Haebwasuh?" - I think that's what it's called. The one with the 3 girls. I watched the first 10 seconds of the first one and haven't watched it since.

"Ddili Ddili" - I find this one boring and kind of dumb.

"Kang Dae Wook" - I watched it the first couple of times but skip it now.

Did that corner with the 2 pregnant ajumma and their kids end? I really liked that one!

And when's Man-sama and to a lesser degree Yoon Taek coming back? When they did the preview when they first moved to Sunday nights Jeong Man Ho appeared in the preview but I still don't see him. That guy's a crack up.

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