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[variety] Oot Chat Sa 웃찾사

Guest mushu

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Guest M3ForLife

Yeah anyone have this show on Clubbox? I don't have an ID/PW so preferably a clubbox that doesn't require one..

Thanks much in advance.

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Guest lilxbabieblue

did everyone see this week's woori hyung section?

AWESOME surprise...

i need someone to rave about it with.

seriously!!! haha it took me a second to catch on to what was happening tho :P

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Guest shronie_x3


i loveeee uhn heng il chi! it`s my favorite one haha. the first time i watched it i couldn`t stop laughing.

and omg.. it was so

sweet when he gave the ring to his girlfriend!!

i was like awwwwwwww!!!

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이용진 - Lee Yong Jin

born: 2/2/1986


남명근 - Nam Myung Geun

born: 2/21/1986




이진호 - Lee Jin Ho

born: 4/15/1986

Pictures of them together [:




theyre all the same age and are really close so they do alot of comedy corners together.

im in love with them all. <3

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Guest vic_taebin

was ootchatsa in KBS before? Because before, i would watch this gag show on saturdays evenings on ch. 44 and i was wondering if that was ootchatsa? Cuz before, one of the gags they did was the finishing gag where it had this classroom scenario and all the gag actors/actresses would do stuff. I dont know if wat i said made any sense, but if anyone knows ... thanks!

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