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[variety] Oot Chat Sa 웃찾사

Guest mushu

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Guest M3ForLife

Finally found this thanks to Mushu :D.

Anyways I was wondering why Moose stopped uploading and does anyone else upload HQ of UtChatSah? Thanks much ina dvance.

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Guest avajoi

I'm starting to really like this show, so funnie!

BTW, does anyone who the good looking guy in the front row was in episode 155, aired 5/11/06? He looks soooo familiar but I can't place where I've seen him!!!!

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Guest mushu

Sorry for the lateness! I was waiting to see if a LQ was available, but couldn't find it so I converted this week's into MQ from HQ. Hope the quality's not too terrible.

EP 157 - 5/25/06 [MQ converted from HQ - 304MB]


(by the way, if the link doesn't work let me know... I'll try out different servers :))

Here are two eps from a couple of months ago by request:

EP 145 - 2/23/06


EP 146 - 3/02/06


Extra stuff: Cuts from older episodes. Sorry, I don't know the dates for these though!

EP 93 - "Robocop 2005" skit


EP111 - "Robocop 2005" skit


EP111 - "Not Alone" skit (혼자가 아니야)


By the way, avajoi, I noticed that guy too! Lol, but I have no idea where I've seen him from...

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Guest mushu

Okie, I will be uploading last week's episode (EP157) onto another server tonight. :) After I uploaded it I read comments that that server was not working well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hope the other links work though.

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does anyone upload hq episodes?

sorry if i sound like im requesting... just if anyone's seen the more recent ones around... haha i guess i am requesting

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Guest mushu

Yay, after a two week broadcast hiatus (I guess due to World Cup activities), Oot chat sa is back on air! Here's episode 160. :)

EP 160 - 060629 - [LQ]


^ Oh man, new skit: Monkey Brothers - Yang Sehyung is so weird, in a lovable way. :D

There's another gag show, Gag 1, that features many of the gagmen that were on Ootchatsa. Here's the website if anyone wants to see: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/gagone/

xCINDERELLA ~ there are definitely HQ eps on clubbox (the ones I know of require ID, though). I would upload HQ but it's a big file - 700MB - to upload onto a non-clubbox link. Sorry I can't help. :(

[non-clubbox links thread]

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Guest kiwi1430261477

this thread it like dead haha...does anyone still watch 웃찾사? 몽키브라더스 is soooo cute!!! I went to the 대학로 on saturday to see them perform and 양세형 is adorable :P I'll post pics if anyone wants to see.

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Guest mushu

^ I updated it just now. Sorry, I should have thought of doing that sooner. :( I wish there were profiles of some sort I could put there. There used to be profiles on the show's website but they took it down for some reason.

EP 162 - 060713 - LQ


credit: sylver's cb

[non-cb links]

younhesterx3 ~ I'd love to see pictures, but only if it isn't too much trouble. :) My friend's in Korea at the moment, and she also went to see a small performance of the show.

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Guest QuEEN

gahh man anyone know where i can find a clubbox that uploads this

weekly cuz all the clubboxes i know don't have it...gahh it doesn't

matter HQ, LQ, MQ or w/e and i have id/password...so anyone

who knows a clubbox pleaaassseee post it here!!

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