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[variety] Oot Chat Sa 웃찾사

Guest mushu

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Cultwo and Yoon tek came back!


and his sketch (Yoontek) Chang-pee-hae!!! It's the best!!!!

I love that cast esp. ever since "Gu-run-guh-ah" and "taek-ah"

best best bestttttttttttt~~~

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Guest chibikko

[HQ]Oot Chat Sa Ep.132 (11.24.05)

Special Guests: Chae Yeon, Chun Myung Hoon


Now available in my cb


Haha, one of the highlights of the show: Ten-three, ten four :lol:

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Guest mango.baby

the guy in the wheel chair is kim ki wook.

he's injured from the horse ride game on x-man

i think that's why they stopped doing the game.

he's adorable! and funny. i love his "kwon-bub"

PS! i saw that min-sa-ma guy TWICE this summer.

once at the airport in the duty free store at LAX

and the other at lotte world when he was a guest or something for a concert

funny guy

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Guest a_lot_dumb

can anyone post the "waeirae??~" here??

that's my favourite.

I don't watch oot chat sa anymore :( I watch Gag Concert now

And does anyone have that waeirae song and also the 왜 없어?! song, the one when the guy in the red suit comes out and dances...


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Guest a_lot_dumb

^ that's so weird...

hey ok well right now i have nothin to do, so i'm gonna post a "Waeirae~" It's been a long time sinc i've watched oot chat sa so...hehe

btw for ppl who don't know, waeirae means, "Why are you like this?"

"Waeirae, waeirae waeirae, waeirae~~"

"Waeirae, in your family" (somethin like that, don't remember)

Guy 1: "I can't stand this! Let's just file a divorce."

*Smack!* "Waeirae!!"

Guy 2: "What about our kid??"

*Smack!* "Waeirae!!"

Guy 1: "I'll take our kid..."

*Smack!* Waeirae!!"

Guy 3: "Mum, I'm thirty."

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH well anyways, if anyone could post the waeirae...that would be so cool...

I'm still looking for the 뚜릇뚜릇 Song... and the 왜이래~~ song...

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^Someone once posted the 왜이래 song... it's Eve's "Got What Ya Need." The "왜이래, 왜이래..." part is actually "ladies, ladies..." lol. I could upload it if anyone would like. PM me :)

I would love the 왜 없어 song too... just hearing it makes me laugh!

I've been rewatching past episodes. In #129, there's this sketch where they kept saying 'chaem pee yae'. What's that? :huh:

From the 창피해 sketch, right? It means embarrassed or humiliated... something along those lines. :)

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