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{101207} Bae Seul Gi's Comeback Stage!

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BSG is back! She owned the stage.

Of course, she changed her whole 'image' into punk/rock/hip-hop. but it really suits her. xD

I like the song, she's one of the korean singers that can actually rap, so yay! I'm glad she cameback.

Love her.

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Guest dlsgp_ckdalsx3

ohhhh yeayyyyy she's backkkkkkk!!!!!!

i was waiting goodness... its been a while lol

actually... it hasnt hahah

hasnt even been half a year actually lol

thanks for sharing

i love love love her new look... i always liked her but it seamnt like she started to look awkward as time went on but she looks so hot and pretty :]

lovin' it heh

thanks again XD

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Guest hamdainvincible


i love her clothing, her look, her perf.

her new style / look is great.

i mean i loved her old style but this one just fits her more.

love the song; but it sounds like a remix / remake.

but i loved it !


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Guest Uyen Duong

WOW. I never knew she sang that type of song.

Ohmygaw, I love her new look <3

Her hair and make-up looks really nice!!!

She can look sexy without wearing revealing clothes ^__^!

It also gave her a hiphop-ish/boy-ish look. CUTE AND SEXY!


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Guest fallenbroke

Ohh ! No more cute girl image ? Haha , I used to think she's really cute ! She's taken a different route this time and I like it :)

She's really good ! It's LIVE ! <3

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Guest addickshun

she's so sexy with the black eyeliner,

i love what she's wearing~!!

definitely have to check out her new album if you haven't *(^O^)*

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Guest flycrazily

that was a hot performance man. she looks so sexy with full clothes on. i agree LOL. the song is catchy. shes so pretty :]

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