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{101207} Bae Seul Gi's Comeback Stage!

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On Music Bank LIVE
Bae Seul Gi's LIVE Comeback Stage on 101207!

YAY, she's finally back on stagee! WOOT.

I personally loved everything about this performance (:

She was sexy with FULL clothes on, her hair is finally brown & straight again!

And for those who haven't caught it, THIS IS LIVE. (Music Bank's all about live performances)

She sounded exactly the same as the MP3. & for those who refuse to believe it's live, after her solo dance, you can tell she's out of breath (I think something was wrong with her mic, too).


Okay, so apparently people read others' posts, but not mines ? Lol.

If you think this sound familiar, then you're right. Some of the tunes is from Carmen, the opera.




Credits: Seul Ki Baidubar, Seul Ki Online, + Soompi's BSG thread

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Guest pinkylily.

omg i love her hair!!! ^^ im gonna go watch the peformance ;) be back to edit


the performance was really good for live ^^

i cant wait to hear her songs from her new album, is that song from the album??

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Guest kelseyum

ohh wow.

i really liked the performance.

it was so catchy, i love the chorus.

and she looked so awesome.

i love the look !

she looks so pretty



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Yay, BSG's finally back!..And with a sexy look this time. =o Ohh, this image reminds me of her bokko dancing times in Love Letter. I always thought she'll stick with her cute and innocent-looking image but she looks good anyways. ^^ I love her hair, she looks so pretty and sexy. I can't wait to watch her performances now. ^^

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

no offend,, but is this song a remake??? starting from 1:13... it sound pretty similiar to some song for a few secs

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