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[movie 2006] Lizard / Love Phobia 도마뱀

Guest atel

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Guest luvxholic

why are the fly to the sky guys there?? are they singing the OST for this movie?? the two main characters are so cute i love them as a couple!!

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wow...never expected that to happen .... the kang hye jung-jo seung woo couple acting together in a drama O_O

hmm...interesting ... i might check it out..

its a movie :blink:

anywyas i love this couple and i really like both of them as individual actors. ^_^ i saw the m/v and it looks okay. but it all depends on their acting. hehe~ i cant wait to watch.

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Guest namoo_ya

in korea it's been going around for a while that jo seung woo and kang hye jung broke up........

apparently he left her for suh ji hye..... (whom he actually did some commercials with)

netizens in korea are going crazy that they're "faking it" and showing up at the press conference as if theyre a couple just to publicize their movie........

check out their naver articles.......... it's flooded with comments about their breakup..

if true, really sad...

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^ woah. that'd be news. i mean if it's true (like if they publicize it) then it would show that they're just doing this to help promote the movie.

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in korea it's been going around for a while that jo seung woo and kang hye jung broke up........

apparently he left her for suh ji hye..... (whom he actually did some commercials with)

netizens in korea are going crazy that they're "faking it" and showing up at the press conference as if theyre a couple just to publicize their movie........

check out their naver articles.......... it's flooded with comments about their breakup..

if true, really sad...

ohh really :mellow: actually there were some rumours flowing around beginning this year .but i thought just some bad rumours ..but ....if this is true then it quite sad .....it always hard for a celebrity couple ..

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Star Couple Tackles Love on Big Screen


Cho Seung-woo, left, and Kang Hye-jung star in the upcoming film, "Love Phobia."

If real-life lovers star in a melodrama, can they do a more convincing job of telling a love story, whether its sad or romantic?

Movie stars Cho Seung-woo and Kang Hye-jung, who have been a couple for years, say that their upcoming movie "Love Phobia (Tomabaem)" will have the answer.

"Since we are a couple in the real world, we were able to help each other while we were making the film, more than just as co-stars," Cho said during a news conference held last Friday at Seoul Plaza Hotel in downtown Seoul. "But while we were working, we didn't really think we were each others' boyfriend or girlfriend."

Kang and Cho showed up at the conference with their hands clasped tight. The event was held to promote the movie, which opens April 27.

Directed by Kang Ji-eun, the story is about a boy named Cho-gang who falls in love with his classmate A-ri.

A-ri, with her peculiar personality and many secrets intentionally avoids meeting the boy although she also loves him. Cho-gang is only able to meet the girl three times in 20 years, but his love for her never changes.

Many star couples tend to avoid standing in the center of public attention and hide their relationship, but Cho and Kang have often appeared in public places and openly express their affection toward each other.

In their acceptance speech at a local film awards, they said, "I'd like to share this honor and joy with my loved one."

As boyfriend and girlfriend, they definitely seem to find each other the perfect partner. But, as top actors, how do they view each other?

"You learn a lot from your partner when you make a film. Apart from the fact that she is my girlfriend, I have actually wanted to work with her in a movie for a long time. She is an actress that I really wanted to work with," Cho said.

Kang also admired her boyfriend as an actor saying that he is very passionate about what he does and knows much about acting.

"When we were filming a scene where we kissed, it was a bit silly. But he taught me what I should do in the context of the story. He helped me a lot," Kang said.

But she also teased Cho by revealing to reporters a "secret" moment when he broke wind during filming.

"Due to physiological problems he is also great at making noises and smells," Kang said jokingly recalling the scene in which they were in a taxi.

The film seems to have been a perfect opportunity for the two stars as they were able to enjoy filming as well as dating, but the director said that their personal relationship was also seen as a risky factor somehow.

He implied that a possible breakup can damage a film's box office performance and audiences may focus more on the actual relationship rather than the story of the film.

"When I first wrote the script, I was really confident about the story. But when we actually got to cast a real-life couple, honestly, I was a bit worried. But now I'm happy with the result as they knew what they could do for each other, which was a great help for me, too." Kang said.


04-03-2006 16:09

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/20...16100711690.htm

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도마뱀 (Love Phobia) Theatrical Trailer Released


When you think of real life couples in Chungmuro shooting melodramas together, two names instantly come to mind: Eom Aeng-Ran and Shin Sung-Il. But we've been removed from their golden age for a long time, so looking at recent years, Ryu Seung-Beom and Gong Hyo-Jin shot 품행제로 (Conduct Zero) right as they were going out. But this is another level, as 도마뱀 (Love Phobia) stars what's pretty much become the hottest real life couple in Chungmuro: Jo Seung-Woo from 말아톤 (Marathon) and Kang Hye-Jung from 올드보이 (Oldboy) and 연애의 목적 (Rules of Dating). But don't tell them that, as Jo recently commented that he's 'nobody's boyfriend' when acting.

It could just be a star vehicle, but little things tell me it might work. First is the obvious: both are very good actors, one grabbing the spotlight thanks to his exciting performances in several sold-out musicals and last year's super hit directed by Jung Yoon-Cheol, the other has become one of the most reliable actresses in the country. Besides them is an excellent cast, with Kang Shin-Il from 부활 (Rebirth) and super-cute child actor Byun Joo-Yeon from 패션 70s (Fashion Seventies). And this doesn't seem like a throwaway film, although I thought the same at first for Moon Seung-Wook's 로망스 (The Romance) and it turned out... well, let's not digress. Director Kang Ji-Eun debuts here after working as assistant director on a few Kang Woo-Suk films, for what should be one of this month's biggest hits. Release is set for April 27, alongside 사생결단 (Bloody Tie) and 맨발의 기봉이 (Barefoot Gi-Bong). Something tells me one of those is going to reschedule its release...

도마뱀 예고편

Theatrical Trailer (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)


» Posted by X at 08:59 AM



My heart ached a little just from watching the trailer.

I hope this movie is going to be really good.

And I reallyreally hope those breakup rumors aren't true... :unsure:

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Guest makemyday

ohmy. i seriously hope they're not broken up.

that'll break my heart.

cutest couple :)

i love jo seung woo

anyways, just downloaded this mv without even knowing it was for this movie..

but since it is, i uploaded it to ysi so we all can enjoy it :)

fly to the sky (ft. gummy) - sarang hae yo oori

love this song



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here a 7 min long report on the movie and the press conference :)



2006년 4월 7일 (금) 11:06 ETN

실제 연인이 영화속 연인으로 변신해 화제를 모으고 있는 영화죠? 영화 '도마뱀'이 개봉을 앞두고 제작 보고회가 열렸는데요. 현장에서 강혜정씨가 조승우씨 비밀을 공개 하기도 했습니다. 그 현장 지금부터 보시죠.

[촬영 장면]

3번의 만남 그리고 만남보다 더 긴 기다림이 반복되는 영화 '도마뱀'은 신비한 매력을 가진 배우 강혜정과 순수한 매력을 가진 배우 조승우! 실제 연인인 두 사람의 공동 캐스팅으로 많은 화제를 불러일으키고 있는 작품입니다.

드디어 영화 '도마뱀'의 두 주인공이 나란히 모습을 드러냈습니다. 이 곳은 제작보고회 현장인데요. 그 여느 대작 영화보다도 취재 열기가 뜨거웠습니다.

수많은 취재진에 두 사람 무척 놀라는 모습인데요. 밝게 웃는 모습이 매력적인 강혜정씨는 이날따라 입술을 꼭 다문 모습인데요. 치아를 교정중이라고 합니다.

평소 공식석상에서 유난히 다정한 모습을 보여 왔던 두 사람은 여전히 손을 꼭 잡고 있는데요. 조승우씨는 코앞까지 밀려드는 취재진에 자제를 구하기도 했습니다.

하지만 취재열기가 식을 줄 모르죠? 애정은 감추려 해도 표시가 나는 법입니다. 테이블 밑으로 이렇게 손을 꼭 잡고 있는 두 사람 귓속말을 나누는 모습이 변함없는 사랑을 보여주었습니다.

이 날 도마뱀 제작보고회에는 도마뱀 OST에 참여한 남성듀오 플라이 투더 스카이와 가수 거미가 함께 축하 무대를 꾸며주었습니다. 두 가수의 감미롭고 애절한 목소리가 영화의 가슴시린 느낌을 한층 더해주었습니다.

꼬리를 자르고 도망치는 도마뱀처럼 달아나기만 하는 그녀 강혜정. 그리고 그녀를 기다리기만 하는 민들레 같은 남자 조승우. 영화 '도마뱀'은 사랑하는 마음을 간직하면서도 서로 가까워질 수 없는 두 남녀의 20년간에 걸친 숨바꼭질 같은 안타까운 사랑을 그리고 있는 영화라고 합니다.

손에 접착제라도 붙였는지 내내 손을 꼭 잡고 무대에 오르는 강혜정, 조승우 커플은 제작보고회가 아니라 결혼발표 기자회견이라도 하려고 무대에 오르는 듯 한데요.

그런데 이 자리에서 강혜정씨는 연인인 조승우씨의 숨겨진 비밀을 깜짝 공개해버렸습니다. 조승우씨 긴장하는 모습이죠? 조승우씨가 서둘러 변명에 나섭니다.

실제 연인이 함께 영화에 출연하기란 좀처럼 쉽지 않은데요. 그래서인지 많은 취재진들은 영화에 대한 궁금증보다도 실제 연인인 두 사람에 대한 궁금증을 쏟아냈습니다.

행사 내내 두 사람은 서로를 지극하게 챙기는 모습을 보이며 취재진들의 부러움과 시샘을 샀는데요. 과연 조승우, 강혜정의 스크린 속 호흡은 몇 점 일지 많은 기대하겠습니다.

영화 '도마뱀'은 실제 연인인 조승우 강혜정씨가 동반 출연한다 하여 촬영 전부터 화제가 된 작품인데요. 이를 반영하듯 각 언론 방송사의 쥐재 열기가 뜨거웠습니다. 연인이 같이 연기 하면 얼마나 좋았을까?

현장에서 조승우씨가 이런 말을 했는데요. "강혜정씨는 연인을 떠나 꼭 한번 같이 연기하고 싶은 여배우였다"며 "굉장히 집중력이 대단해 강혜정이란 배우의 힘을 느꼈다"고 말입니다.

그리고 영화 속에서 강혜정씨와 조승우씨와 키스신이 있었는데요. 강혜정씨가 "그동안 연기할 때는 미숙했는데 조승우씨와 키스신은 영화의 앞뒤 상황을 다시 분석해줘 새로운 각도로 근사한 키스신을 찍을 수 있었다"고 은근히 연인 자랑도 하기도 했습니다.

영화 '도마뱀'은 20년 동안 한 여자를 사랑하는 남자와 자신을 외계인이라고 믿는 여자와의 20년 동안의 세 번의 짧은 만남과 이별을 반복하며 서로를 그리워하는 내용인데요. 너무 예쁜 영화가 되지 않을까 싶습니다.

그런데 영화를 보면서 실제 연인이 연기하는 모습 보면서 부러워하고 질투하는 관객들도 있을 것 같은데요. 영화도 대박 나시고 두 분 예쁜 사랑도 오래 동안 키워갔으면 좋겠습니다. [저작권자© ETN . 무단 전재-재배포 금지]

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Guest lynnshim

OMY! i wanna watch this so badly! I hope they didnt break up. I thought they were the cutest couple! And i looked up suh ji hye.. the girl that cho seung woo supposedly left for. She isnt that pretty dude.. it think kang heh jung is wayyy prettier. I loved her especially from welcome to domakgol. Crazy. Welll they better be together still because they are such a sweet couple lol.

p.s. I hate neitzen people. Goodness they bash about everything.. and then later on they claim they didnt and say that they loved them from the beginning. that b.s. Ugh.. they are sooo stupidddddd.Even though they are defending for these 2 couples to stay together, i am sick of them like being the ignorant people they are. For example, they said the drama 'my girl' Lee da hye was "over doing her character" in the beginning but now they are like omg we love my girl. BS. And they opposed JJ of being the fc shootdori coach.. but i betthey will praise him later. Anyways.. its kinda nice of them to defend for this couple i guess.. But they better not bash Cho Seung woo because these accusation might be false and Seung woo might be innocent!

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on 17th April there is a press perview .~ . this the first time the cast see the final version of the movie ` and both express great satisfaction with the final movie .version ~ ....


아름답고 비밀스런 사랑이 다가온다. 영화 '도마뱀' 시사회 현장


2006년 4월 18일 (화) 20:24 YTN STAR


햇살 좋은 날, 사랑하는 연인과 함께 애잔한 멜로 영화 한 편을 보고 싶으시다고요?

그렇다면 이 영화는 어떻습니까?

군더더기 없는 담백한 사랑 이야기, '도마뱀'입니다.

지난 17일 제작 초기부터 이목을 집중시켰던 영화 '도마뱀'이 그 베일을 벗었습니다. 언론 기자단은 포함하여 많은 영화 관계자들이 서울의 한 극장 시사회에 참석했는데요, '왕의 남자' 팀을 포함해 여러 반가운 얼굴들이 눈에 들어오죠?

마침내 '도마뱀'의 두 주인공 강혜정, 조승우 씨가 등장을 하는데요,

[인터뷰:강혜정, 조승우]

"안녕하세요. 아리역할에 강혜정입니다. 이 영화가 아무쪼록 여러분께 좋은 시간 되었으면 하는 바람입니다. 감사합니다. 조승우입니다. 참 기쁜 촬영이 되었습니다. 소중하게 찍었습니다. 재미있게 봐주세요."

더 이상 말이 필요없는 배우, 조승우와 강혜정의 결합.

게다가 실제 연인이기도 한두 사람이 영화 속에서도 애틋한 사랑을 나눈다는 사실만으로도 세간에 화제가 되었었죠?

스크린 안에서 조강과 아리가 되어 새롭게 만난 두 사람. 또 다른 사랑은 과연 어떻게 전개될까요?


"군더더기가 없어졌고, 심플하고 쿨한 영화가 나왔다고 생각. 소중하게 찍은 작품이니까 후회는 없어요. 재미있었습니다."


"귀엽고 밝은 느낌이 예전보다 많이 있었던 건 사실이지만, 정상적인 아이인 것 같지는 않거든요. 그전과 마찬가지로 새롭고 신선했고, 모험하고 싶고 그래서 선택하게 되었습니다."


"저 배우는 맨날 저런 것만 하고, 순수하고, 사랑 이야기, 멜로. 그렇게 생각할 수도 있는데, 인터뷰하다가 머리 긁적거리고 그런 모습만 보이는 것이 아니라 조강이는 뻔뻔하고 고집 세고 착한 남자가 아니라고 말을 했는데. 필름 보니까 여전히 순수하네요. 제가 거기서 거긴가 봐요."

우리가 너무나 잘 아는 조승우 씨가 갑자기 어디 가겠습니까?

'도마뱀'에서도 엉뚱녀 아리를 사모하는 순진남 조강으로 100% 흡수! 무공해 매력을 발산했는데요,

영화 안에서도 영화 밖에서도 애정사를 펼치는 여주인공 강혜정 씨와의 호흡!

요게 또 궁금하지 않을 수 없죠?


"서로의 눈을 보고 연기를 한다는 것은 굉장히 어려운 일이었어요. 우리의 연애담이 아니라고 그전에도 강조해서 말씀드렸지만, 배우 강혜정의 몸과 배우 조승우의 몸과 영혼이 그 인물을 만들어가는 것이기 때문에 그것들을 모두 배제시키기는 힘들었겠죠. 하지만 촬영장에서는 그 이상도 그 이하도 아닌 좋은 동료로 일하려고 했고..."


"정말 말을 잘해야 하는 순간인거 같아요. 아무래도 배우이기 이전에 인간이다 보니까 사랑이라는 감정으로 연애를 하고 있다 보니까 마음이 약해지는 순간들이 몇 순간들이 있어요. 저희가 연기할 때는 말씀하다시피 연기하는 사람 그 이상도 그 이하도 아니었기 때문에 그것을 컨트롤하는 일은 쉽지는 않은 일이지만 사랑의 판타지가 이런 것일 거다 라는 전제하에 내가 이런 사랑을 하고 싶다. 이런 영혼이라는 것을 느껴보고 싶다는 라는 전제하에 아리 조강의 캐릭터를 만들어 가다 보면 저런 뻔뻔스런 거짓말도 할 수 있을까 라고 생각해요."

현실의 연인 조승우, 강혜정이 아닌, 순수한 영화 속 캐릭터 조강과 아리로 재탄생한 두 주인공.

이들이 스크린을 통해 만들어낸 판타지 로맨스! 영화 '도마뱀'.

조만간 이들이 선사하는 아름답고 비밀스러운 이야기가 여러분의 마음을


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Stars Make It Difficult Not to Like 'Phobia'

By Joon Soh

Contributing Writer

Most celebrity couples do everything they can to avoid having their relationship in the media spotlight. The exception to this rule is Jo Seung-woo and Kang Hye-jung, who not only seem to accept public interest in their relationship, but encourage it by starring as romantic opposites in a new film.


Cho Seung-woo, left and Kang Hye-jung star in "Love Phobia."

The drawing power of the couple is likely to be enough to make "Love Phobia" a commercial success. However, their celebrity status might make it easy to forget that Jo and Kang are in fact two of the more promising young actors working in Korea today. The film fortunately doesn't overlook this fact, and gives them plenty of opportunities to show off their skills.

Jo and Kang star respectively as Cho-gang and A-ri, a pair of young lovers whose courtship consists of three meetings in 20 years. They first meet in childhood _ a boy living in a small village (played by Park Gun-tae) and a young orphan girl who believes she is cursed (Byun Joo-yon). For Cho-gang, it’s literally love at first sight, and although A-ri seems to feel the same way, she keeps him at bay for fear of bringing him bad luck. It's a pattern that's repeated in their next two meetings as high school students and later as adults.

The story is fairly standard melodrama material, but the two stars make it work for most of "Love Phobia." The film is the first mainstream romance for Kang, best known for her roles in "Welcome to Dongmakgol" and "Oldboy." She brings a bit of depth to a potentially cardboard A-ri, especially in the subtle ways she shows the reasons behind the character's superstition.


As for Jo, who plays the perfect boyfriend who refuses to give up on true love, we've watched him play this part before in "Classic." Fortunately, he fares much better in this film than in that sloppy drama, though some of his scenes are as saccharine as the actor's KT&G television commercials.

First-time director Kang Ji-eun does well in setting the film's pleasantly cute tone, even adding a clever camera angle or two now and then. But then in the latter half of the film, he commits a cardinal sin of filmmaking by using a long series of quick flashbacks to tell the audience what's "really" going on, destroying the minor magic created until then.

The film is so enjoyable up to that point that you want to like the rest. But it's hard to find much enjoyment in the predictably maudlin ending you’ve unfortunately seen so many times in the average melodrama.


Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/20...16105010970.htm

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It saddens me that despite our favorite couple's star power, this movie didn't make a lot of money. But what the hell, box office doesn't always equate to quality. And it certainly hasn't dampened my enthusiasm about watching this.

In the meantime, enjoy the OST:


01 . 연인 /노래 Taru15 - Taru

02 . Good Bye - 이지훈

03 . 도마뱀 소녀(아리테마)

04 . 써클 만들기(Main Theme)

05 . Love Theme Piano Solo

06 . 아주 특별한 선물

07 . “사랑해, 미안해…"

08 . 웃으며 안녕 (Love Theme)

09 . 요술공주

10 . 10년만의 만남

11 . 사라진 티루카카…

12 . 여름방학

13 . 이별연습

14 . 첫 키스

15 . 열 여덟의 사랑

16 . 슬픈 이야기

17 . 노란 우비, 하얀 거짓말

18 . 티루카카 꾸루꾸루 깐따삐아 사우르스

19 . 훔쳐보기

20 . 여기서 기다릴께

21 . 아리의 사연

22 . 해피엔드

23 . 짧은 만남, 그리고 이별

24 . 잡지 못할 사랑(조강 테마)

25 . 이 세상 끝까지

26 . 노을

27 . Main Theme Image

28 . Whatever - The Melody


Credit to philly of We love Asian OSTs

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i have watch this movie in korea while it was still showing in the threate ..so i can concur with the review that it is really standard melodrama material but the fact is Kang Hye Jeong, Cho Seung Woo performance make this very enjoyable for me ..:) *they make it diffcult not to like the movie as the review say * .the two has such a good chemistry between them ...but yet the script is predictable if you have seem enough kmovies or perhaps kdramas ..the twist of why did she disappear everytime he come near .was interesting enough but towards the ending it went very melodrama style .

it is a good enough romance movie ..i will get the DVD too to get the subtitled version . haha i am biased i suppose since it is the two of them together in a movie ..

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