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[Drama 2008] Iljimae 일지매

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[sBS] Lee Jun Ki, Park Shi Hoo, Lee Moon Sik, Han Hyo Joo
SBS drama scheduled to debut on 21 May 2008 as Wed & Thur drama. Shooting started Nov 2007 at locations in China.

PD : Lee Yong Suk 이용석

Scriptwriter : Choi Ran 최란

Cast :

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Moon Sik

Park Si Ho

Han Hyo Joo 한효주

Lee Yung Ah 이영아

Lee Moon Sik 이문식

2008 SBS Drama Awards :


Lee Joon-Ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)


Lee Moon-Shik 이원종 (Iljimae 일지매)


Yeo Jin-Goo 여진구 (Iljimae 일지매, Tazza 타자, Gourmet 식객)

TOP 10 STAR AWARD (10대 스타상)

Lee Joon-Ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)


Han Hyo-Joo 한효주 (Iljimae 일지매)


Lee Joon-Ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)


Do Ki-Seok 도기석 (Iljimae 일지매)

Official site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/iljimae

Official English site : http://global.sbs.co.kr/English/AboutSBSPr..._id=V0000330637

SBS free to watch site with English subtitles : http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?p...p;menuid=100001

Episodic preview : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1008683

Other SBS video links :


Photo gallery : http://wizard2.sbs.co.kr/resource/template...vMenuId=1008851


On a night when the apricot tree blossoms were in full bloom, young Gyum (actor Yeo Jin-gu) witnessed the death of his father. The black emblem engraved on the sword shined under the moonlight... His father’s blood was splattered on the apricot tree blossoms... After that night, Gyeom’s life became a wretched existence. He changed his name to Yong, living as a beggar in the city streets.

One day, Yong (actor Lee Joon-ki) remembered his past when he was being chased by a group 13 years ago (1644. 22nd year of King In-jo’s reign). Thoughts of revenge didn’t occur to him. His dreams were to be reunited with his mother and sister, recover his family home, and live with his family again. But when he finally met his sister again, she was executed in front of him. Revenge was all he wanted after that. Yong has a tattoo of the black emblem, which he saw on the sword that killed his father, engraved on his chest.

With the skills he learned from his foster father, who was a small-time thief, he obtained information from the nobles by committing his first break-in. But he left behind a red apricot tree blossom by accident. When the officials found this evidence, people began calling him the “Iljimae” robber. Yong discovered the existence of a secret list, with the names of all the members of the secret Chunwoo Association while slipping into a nobleman’s home in search of the sword with the black emblem. Yong recalled that his father was a member of the secret Chunwoo association. He then decided to use Eun-chae (actress Han Hyo-ju) to obtain the full list. Under his meticulous plan, Iljimae approached Eun-chae. Eun-chae fell into love with Iljimae and the feelings became mutual but he kept his focus on getting revenge and holding back on telling the truth to Eun-chae.

The royal court was deploying all their forces to capture Iljimae. Shi-hoo (actor Park Shi-hoo) failed to capture Iljimae twice during a stakeout. But Iljimae suffered a deep gash from Shi-hoo’s sword.

Bong-soon (actress Lee Young-ae) discovered Yong lying half-unconscious from his wound and she took him to her foster father Gonggal, who saves Yong’s life. After learning that Yong is Iljimae, Gonggal became Yong’s martial arts teacher.

The stories of various incidents involving Iljimae spread among the people who began to revere him as the hero of the commoners. Iljimae robbed more noblemen to the delight of the people!

Sometimes, Iljimae fought like Zorro, or used his brains like MacGyver... Royal palace prosecutor Shi-hoo became obsessed with catching Iljimae. King In-jo felt threaten by the growing reputation of Iljimae as the king of the commoners and wanted him captured at all cost.

Mysterious deaths kept occurring after the death of his father. Small nail scratches are found on the dead bodies that keep turning up. The shocking truth emerged... Who wielded the sword with the black emblem? Iljimae then bravely embarked on his final mission!







OST album at http://listen.daum.net/info/albuminfo.asp?...mp;albumNo=4148






















01 외로운 발자국 (main Title)

02 화신 (花信) ㅣ박효신

03 매화

04 인연ㅣ웅산

05 붉은 그림자

06 운명에 외치다ㅣ배기성 (캔)

07 어둠의 늪

08 의적 일지매

09 은행나무 언덕ㅣ유열

10 매화 (orch Ver.)

11 휘파람새

12 산촌별곡

13 외로운 발자국 (gtr Ver.)

14 운명의 맞수

15 회상 (원제: 아도니스)ㅣ놀이터

16 풋내기 사랑

17 어둠의 방랑자

18 보이지 않는 적

19 인연 (orch Ver.)

20 화신 (花信) (orch Ver.)

Links to news video clips :

http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipView.do?clipid=7260651 (24 Mar 2008)


http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipView.do?clipid=7294507 (26 Mar 2008, offering prayers)


22 May 2008 about ratings for Ep 1



29 May 2008



4 July 2008





21 July 2008



24 July 2008 screening of last episode at Yongsan CGV





and something about x-files



and on the reasons Iljimae stayed at No. 1 spot



post-production party




Jovi75's Creativity Music Video

Iljimae MV #1


Iljimae MV #2


Iljimae MV #3


Iljimae MV #4


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Guest huangsy

The 8-volume comic book series of Iljimae can be purchased at Korean bookshops for about 55,000 won and looks like this.


More about Iljimae :

This is one of those print to screen drama based on a Korean comic book series by Ko Woo Yung (고우영).

Seems that in 1993, there was an earlier drama version of iljimae acted by Jang Dong Gun.

source : http://www.seoulselection.com/weekly_book_...ew.html?bid=231 (8 sample pages available)

"Iljimae" is the first complete version of a comic series by Go U-yeong that had been published in a local sports newspaper from 1975 to 1977.

The story line is familiar to every child. A chivalrous bandit during the Joseon Dynasty robs corrupt government officials to feed the poor. Iljime, the hero, leaves a wooden branch from a plum tree at the site of each robbery to take responsibility for the robberies and to protect others.

Indeed, the book has a timeless quality even though the original comic series was written 30 years ago. The dialogue, characters, and the author's style creates stories that are more than a superficial story about a hero and his struggle with good and evil. The characters' exaggerated personalities and the humor of their situations save the story from falling into a didactic tale of morality or commentary on social conflict.

This work is considered an excellent example of social parody. Go was a veteran Korean cartoonist who broke with social conventions in his story. He also is known for using characters and stories from ancient folk tales or novels as metaphors for contemporary Korean society.

Going by the Chinese characters, the meaning suggests 'a stalk of plum'. Iljimae seems to have been called 'A Blossom'.












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Guest lucky_moon

OMG.. the best thing I heard today :w00t: .. I can't wait till 2008 & GoodLuck Junki in ur new drama & hope to be as good as TBD&W.. :blush:

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Guest SillyYun

This is a 20 episode drama will be on SBS.

News from: http://broasia.com/lwboard/lwboard.php?act...pg=1&no=411

Credits: sChiZoO14 @ AsianFanatics.net


Lee Jun Ki who rose to stardom with his feminine clown role in "The King and the Clown" is returning to a historical drama series in an opposite persona.

Lee Jun Ki has been cast as the leading role in "Iljimae" a 20 episode historical drama series to be aired on SBS. He will display his strong charisma through 'Iljimae' who is considered a chivalrous robber of the time.

Lee Jun Ki's manager Kim Woo Jin commented, "He has selected characters that emphasized his manliness since 'The King and the Clown' and this character seems to be at the peak of his efforts."

In the drama series "Iljimae," Lee Jun Ki will play a character who acts as a usless gangster in the marketplace by day and a chivalrous robber by night.

The series will start filming in November with a location shoot in China as well.

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cast members aside, they better make the 2008 version worthwhile - plot development wise, and technically. it's a pretty well-known story in korea. and hope this news isn't one of those hype things, or when news is made about the cast members only to find that they change by the time the show airs.

:lol: if anyone's curious, here's a little clip of an ending for the MBC 1993 Iljimae with Jang Donggun (8 episodes). it's been such a long time since i've seen the 1993 version.


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Guest babymarzy07

cool!!i heard about this character from watching legend of hyang dan and im very curious about it.he seemed somewhat similar to hong gil dong. but i wasnt sure.but i heard he was also a well known korean folk character so i wanted to know more.ah wow jang dong gun was in the previous!interesting interesting!!i cant wait!!another fun character!cool!!i heard about this character from watching legend of hyang dan and im very curious about it.he seemed somewhat similar to hong gil dong. but i wasnt sure.but i heard he was also a well known korean folk character so i wanted to know more.ah wow jang dong gun was in the previous!interesting interesting!!i cant wait!!another fun character! :D

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^ yeah... iljimae and hong gildong are similar in the robin hood sort-of-way and they are both fictional characters. i guess the biggest difference would be the time period the stories were written. like huangsy wrote, iljimae was written in more recent south korean history (1975-1977), but hong gildong was written during the joseon dynasty, couple hundreds of years of ago. lol. oh, i guess another difference is that iljimae leaves a plant/flower behind after robbing the rich. lol.

here's a little english description from wiki about hong gildong. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hong_Gil_Dong

maybe reading it will help better separate out the two characters? O_o


^ author of Iljimae, Go Wuyeong (고우영). Born Sept. 27, 1938. He passed away on April 25th, 2005.

i just hope there would be more romance here than in TODAW...

^ about this. i wouldn't say there would be more romance, but should i say there is 'tension' between iljimae and a female character. from what i can remember, in iljimae there's a female character who plays an important role in helping iljimae. i hope sbs can get an actress who can Act. not a pretty face with awkward acting. only saying that since that character is important. (of course, who knows how this version will turn out. personally, i would like it to be as close as possible to the original story while making it fun). ^^V

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Guest thunderbolt

I'm very excited. It sounds like a perfect role for Junki. And I loved Lee Moon-shik in Damo where he played the thief who could run faster than the wind. I like LMS better in a period role. He had great chemistry with Junki in Fly Daddy too. Great pairing!

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Guest jun_bin

Actually, MBC have a plan to making this drama from long time ago with director Hwang of Goong,and this photo above is the one they are relased, but don't know why SBS says they are going to making is with Jun Ki as lead actor ...

Now, I think they got some proplem between SBS and MBC ...

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^ hmm... that was true. wonder what's going on between SBS and MBC. hope it doesn't drag down making the story.

edit -

okay, i've been reading around and it seems SBS and MBC will be both airing Iljimae next year... but don't quote me on this since who knows what will happen until then. supposedly, MBC's version will follow Go's original work more and SBS is a slightly different rendition???? :wacko: i dunno, to have 2 versions of Iljimae airing in the same year (which if it does happen would be a little too much, no?)? of course, who knows what's gonna happen as 2008 is still couple months away. also, there could possibly be an Iljimae movie in the making too. O_o.

maybe jun_bin is right, there might be something going on between SBS and MBC .

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Guest plumangel3

OMG.. the best thing I heard today :w00t: .. I can't wait till 2008 & GoodLuck Junki in ur new drama & hope to be as good as TBD&W.. :blush:

LOl exactly what im thinking too :D

i cant wait to see Junki in it! i thought he would do a couple more movies before staring in another drama.

good thing we`ll get to see him for 20 eps. :lol::D

i hope the lead actress is a good match.

ahhhh i cant wait :w00t:

awwww i hope nuthing`s wrong between MBC n SBS. >.>

& faswa i hope you`ll give this a chance. you never know. maybe you`ll like it :)

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Guest namilussah

OMOO!! this is the greatest new ever since i finished watching TBDW... am soo exited too.. i hope the time will pass fast so we can watch the drama ^^

and yeah i was wondering about he female lead too... not sure who is she but hopefully she will be someone with a great chemistry with junki so nothing would spoil the drama ... junki fighting !!!!!

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