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BoA vs Hilary... SAME TOP

Guest suejinners

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Love those pics of Boa. She's looking gorgeous there.

As for who looks better in that top,definitely Boa. It doesn't look flattering on Hilary.

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Guest iamamyy

boa looks so much prettier in it.

it think its because she looks more pettite, and the boob coverage (lol) was needed. to make the shirt look prettier.

can someone explain teh embarassing part? i dont get it.

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Guest Sunghee_Ster

it looks better on boa.

the white underneath makes it prettier.

and you have to be extremely thin to wear the top..

so while hilary duff has gotten a lot thinner, she looks huge compared to boa.

^ I totally agree with you.

Hillary looks good in it but Boa looks better cuz she is thinner and the white tank underneath it.

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