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Summer Heights High.

Guest lido0l_zen

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Guest lido0l_zen

Its SO funny !!

The series is filmed in a or mockumentary style, with real people acting as the supporting characters. The programme explores the facets of a typical Australian public high school such as social cliques, bullying, teenage slang, profanity, racism and homophobia by showcasing three different individuals: the bully, the snob and the fool. These characters take the viewer on a journey, and as audiences follow them, through their trials and tribulations, the programme highlights issues and events in a unique way.


Ja'mie King


Ja'mie King is a precocious 16 year old schoolgirl, who is attending Summer Heights High as part of a student exchange program. Ja'mie featured in Lilley's previous series, We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year, where she attended Hillford Grammar, a private girl's school in Sydney. Ja'mie had in the past sponsored 85 Sudanese children as part of a Global Vision programme, however her motives were not due to concern for the children's welfare. Ja'mie

rather saw it as a way of gaining approval and fame, as well as a chance to legitimately go on crash diets in the form of the "40 Hour Famine". In the new series, Ja'mie is on an exchange programme to Summer Heights High, a government school. In this tough environment, she attempts to break the barriers which stop her from interacting with the public school students in a normal and friendly manner.


Mr. G


Greg "Mr. G" Gregson is a 36 year old drama teacher at the school. Mr. G not only believes that he is an incredibly talented and well liked teacher, but also that his students share his intense passion for drama and performance. He is in constant conflict with other members of staff, particularly the school principal. He also seems to be prejudicial to the special education kids at Summer Heights High because they couldn't dance well. He has written his own musical, "Tsunamarama", based on the events of the 2004 Tsunami disaster, set to the music of Bananarama. Mr. G has previously been featured on the Seven Network sketch series Big Bite.[2]

Jonah Takalua


Jonah Takalua is a 13-year-old school boy in year 8 at Summer Heights High. He is of Tongan descent and lives with his father. Jonah, however acts out at school, treating his teachers with disrespect and bullying younger students. He is at serious risk of being expelled. Summer Heights High is Jonah's third school after being expelled from two others in eighteen months for setting fire to a student's locker and defacing a staff member's car respectively. Jonah attends "Gumnut Cottage", a remedial class for students at Summer Heights High who have reading difficulties and he is stated to have a reading level of an eight year old. Jonah claims to have a girlfriend named "Amanda, or some mini cooper". However, Jonah's close friends believe he is "full of mini cooper" and dispute her existence.

Official Site <----Go here for some funny scenes of the show!


Prior to Wikipedia.

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Guest lilmunkie

Funniest Show ever!!!

I LOOOOVVVVEE JONAH!! Chris Lilley is amazing!!

he does the fob (not asian fob islander fob) speech and persona sooo well!!!

and Ja'mie is just a girl that you love to hate!!! xD

Mr. G's okay but not my favourite

Go watch it people!!!

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Guest mikalana


my fave is JONAH!

"with a P miss, dont u know how to spell or some mini cooper"


Jaime is just soooo annoying! ahhaaha

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Guest rapunzel283


Jonah is hilarious, but his dad owns :lol:! He was gold when they brought him in for the meeting about Jonah's picture :P

J'amie is suchhhh a cow... her MySpace is hilarious too :P

Bec, J'amie's "try hard Asian" friend is so pretty :o:lol:!

"You know QANTAS is having some good deals for one-way trips to CHINA!"

Mr. G is probably my least favourite, but in the first episode... him and his drama class. LMAO. The interpretive dancing, the "Thank God You're Here" rip-offs ("Thank God you're here! Grandma's been... "... so wrong, yet so funny XD)

Spicks&Specks --> Chaser --> SHH --> love.

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Guest 831012

HAHAHA I love this show, I think Jonah's so cute :P

And Ja'ime haahahhaah farout she's funny. "My boobs would be bigger by I had an eating disorder in Year 8..."

Mr G hahaahah "Everyone get out now! There's a pedophile in the school!"

The episode where he carried his own poo was disgusting AHAHAHAHAH

Yeah ok that's all :rolleyes:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm a huge fan of this show! I love Jonah as well, "What's the matter miss? You on your period or something?" hahaha

Wednesday night is the best night for tv, Spicks and Specks, Chaser, SHH and now Newstopia. I love it!

Did anyone used to watch Chris Lilley's old show, "Australian of the Year"? That was awesome as well.

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Guest x3Julie

I didn't know there was a thread on this show. Episode 1 and 2 was freakin hilarious! The rest of the eps weren't as funny, but still good.

Ja'mie King's accent and her comments make me laugh my head off, "Oh, that's so random" and "Povo's" hahaha

LOLOL at Jonah! The way he was reading and how he bullied the red haired kid saying, "Punk'd" was so funny! ROFL

I really love the series all the characters are hilarious. Chris Lilley is amazing. O__O It disappoints me slightly that this week's will be the final episode.

Awww this week's the last episode? =(

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Guest petit_charat

Chris Lilley is an amazing dude, We Can Be Heroes is his best work, though summer Heights High comes in pretty close.

Jamie, i just think of a girl whenever i see her..i've deleted the thought that she is played by a man from my mind because he is THAT good.

yeah, sad that it's the final.. but it'll be the best one yet...

so sad that Celine died though, that dog was funny as "spin spin spin spin..."

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Guest monchichi

The dvd is coming out soon isn't it? I've been missing out on the shows on sbs but I'll buy the series 1 DVD since I can tell this is a kind of show I will like :3

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