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Priest by Min-Woo Hyung

Guest prequality

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Guest prequality

any fans?I absolutely LOVE this series. Read the mangas from the 1st to 9th book and looking to get my hands on more come my next paycheque image.
For those who haven't read it or interested, here's a good place to start...


Just wanting to see if there are any fellow Priest friends lurking about the forums...

Priest tells the story of humanity's battle against 12 fallen angels. The angels descended to Earth to 'play God' among humans, who build a temple and statues in their honor. For their rebellion against him, God destroyed their temple, imprisoned their souls in statues, and buried the statues underground.

Centuries later, a Holy Knight name Vascar De Gullion loses his family. He 'loses faith' and wanders the earth in a 'blood rage.' He discovers a cave containing the statues of the 12 fallen angels. Temozarela convinces Vascar De Gullion to give up his body to the angel to take revenge against God. Vascar De Gullion is discovered by a powerful priest, Betheal. He discovers that Vascar De Gullion is actually Temozarela. Betheal traps their souls within a powerful weapon called the Domas Porada, becoming the demon Belial in the process.

Ivan Isaacs, solves the puzzle of the Domas Porada freeing Temozarela. The angel murders Isaacs' love, Gena, after escpaing. Priest follows Ivan Isaacs quest for revenge against the fallen angel, Temozarela, and his 12 angelic disciples, with assistance from Belial and others.

Volumes: 16 (Complete)

Published by: Tokyopop




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Guest prequality

never heard of it. what's it about?

It's an interesting cross between spaghetti western and the supernatural. The "hero" or protagonist is a man by the name of Ivan Isaac, a priest who had lost his faith and renounced God for the sake of vengeance. He is the crucial piece in a battle between two demons, Temozarela, a fallen angel and Belial, an inquisitor who had forsaken his religion and made an unholy covenant with Temozarela to imprison him. Ivan releases both of them and as a result, Temorazela's evil is unleashed upon the Wild West and Belial is unable to contain him. The result is devastation and the death of Ivan Isaac's one and only love who was the sacrifice needed to release the demonic entities. Eventually, Belial strikes a deal with Ivan Isaac and grants him the power to carry out his revenge in exchange for his soul.

Zombies against the backdrop of the wild west, demons, fallen angels and a US Marshall's party on their pursuit are just some of the things to expect from the manga. I don't want to spoil the rest of the story for anybody interested but one thing's for sure, it gets both my thumbs up.

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Guest instantnoodlez

i love this series! i think it's pretty interesting. i have the first couple of books but i'm in a phase where i don't feel like spending money on manga anymore so i haven't kept up with it for a while.

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