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SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 05:59


Encouraged by Heo Yeong-mahn, Original Cartoonist-

When asked to have a round, Cho Seung-woo refused, saying "No, I am clean now." Yet he unveiled his tips after tinkering with a few "flower cards," Korean playing cards.

"Vets mark their own area. They fold cards they want to have in order to know which ones are the desired ones." While showing finger magic, he drops cards by mistake. "That's because here is not blanket," said Cho jokingly.

"It was really tough. Since I have never played Go Stop game, let alone gambled, I did not understand what "heukssari" was. Also, my hands were small so not perfect for normal flower cards. For the three months during the shot, I learned from real gambling veteran, but I still felt uncomfortable about bringing flower cards in my pocket."

Cho was the first one who came forward to choose the movie. He is the big fan of Choi Dong-hoon, director of "The Big Swindle," and he said he would be in the film when he heard Choi was planning to make cartoon Tazza of Heo Yeong-mahn into a film.

"At first, people said 'casting Cho is not right decision,' and I was very nervous. Yet when Heo said 'if you would just mimic the character in the cartoon, don't even try to make the movie,' I was encouraged to try. Instead of the original work, I grabbed the scenario and thought about a person who is freewheeling and full of guts, and cares about only himself."

Feel Unveiling a Secret Girlfriend-

"Movie Tazza is not about gambling but about people," said Cho. Goni, who happened to engage in Seota (a type of flower cards game) gambling rounds, he loses all he had including his sister's money she received when she got divorced. Goni flees his home. While dreaming about becoming the best gambler, he meets legendary gambler Pyeong (Baek Yoon-sik) and learn the secrets. He thinks he will quit gambling when he makes five times his sister’s money. However, he can not escape from femme fatale attraction of Madame Jung (Kim Hye-soo), gamble organizer, and strengthens the ties with Goh Gwang-ryeol (Yoo Hae-jin).

Charismatic Cho played charismatic role, which is like a fish in the water. When asked if he was a bad guy in high school, he said no without hesitation. Only being in mid-20s, he seems like an old man who knows my inner thoughts.

"I was precocious and I behaved like an adult because I wanted to be 30. I am the only male in my family so I thought myself as head of the family and wanted to earn money. But my friend once said to me that every man’s mental age is 14," he said to laughter.

Organizing flower cards at the end of the interview, Cho said "I am both nervous and pleased to see the release of the movie coming near." He explained he felt like showing his secret girlfriend to the public. Yet soon he stated bluntly "nothing to worry about and nothing to regret." His eyes seem overlapped with Goni's eyes.

Source: The Dong-A Ilbo


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Film2.0 article


Vogue article




Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600



Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600

Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article


Movieweek article


Movieweek article


Film2.0 article


Movieweek article



Movieweek article


Film2.0 article




Movieweek article


Screen article


Premiere article




Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article



Movieweek article



Cine21 article







Movieweek's 50 Most Creative People in Korean Entertainment (2005)

Movieweek's 25 Most Beautiful People (2007)


Film2.0 article







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Guest hip_peach_girl

I love Cho Seung Woo ever since I saw "The Classic", hope his presence in soompi grows!!

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thanks melusine for those pictures~^^ .his new movie is doing very well ..going into the 7th ranking in box office of top ten kmovie of all times ..really not bad for a 18 year above rating movie .. :D ...

some of his new CF~ ^^





i remember he was influenced by his sister to enter this showbiz ..~^^ .


Cho Seung-woo and Sister Join Musical

Musical and film actor Cho Seung-woo and his sister, Cho Seo-yeon, will star in the musical “Rent.”

The two will play lead roles in the musical, which will premiere in January. Cho Seung-woo will play a songwriter, and his sister a performer.

Cho Seung-woo, who has displayed impressive acting skills in his latest movie, “War of Flower,” will make a comeback as a musical actor along with Shin Dong-yup.

Cho Seo-yeon debuted in 1998 in the musical “Hard Rock Cafe,” and has appeared in a number of famous musicals so far, including “Line One” and “Singing in the Rain.”

Na Sung-ho, a member of the R&B band “Noeul,” will make his debut in “Rent” in the role of a roommate and story narrator.

The role of night-club dancer "Mimi" will be played by Ko Myung-seok, the role of "Joanne" by Chun Mun-ji, the role of "Colin" by Choi Min-shik, and the role of "Angel" by Kim Ho-young.

”Rent,” which debuted in Korea in 2000, is based on Puccini’s opera “La Boheme” and was dramatized by scriptwriter Jonathan Larson, who died at the young age of 36.

”Rent” is a story about the dreams, love and friendship of poor artists living in New York’s East Village


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Guest .alyak_

This thread is so quiet. :tears:

I bought his movie "Lizzard" yesterday and i watched it.

Its been so long since i've seen him and i almost forgot how handsome he is.

I really liked the movie. It has alot of cute parts. I loved it!

Well, after watching it. I was in the mood to make some graphics.

And guess what? I picked non other then Jo Seung Woo!!!!

Gah....i fogot how gorgeous he is. I saw some magizine scanes of him and i went nuts!

Jo Seung Woo is beautiful! AND he reminds me of Minwoo, but still. He's amazing!





:) I'll be back with other pictures i've found....

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Guest pure_joy

thanks for the graphics this_kid, lovely!! and glad to see "war of flower" doing well.. and noo :( there's talks about his secret girlfriend, letting her be known to the public, ouhh noo. hope its still Kang Hee Jung though *sigh. they look lovely together.. :blush: and yes "lizard" or "love phobia" is a great show, cried like nuts at the end. how sad, but i really like the chemistry there. awWW. like really really sweet :) and JSW looks awessome!

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Guest .alyak_



*heheh, he's so adorable here!


*Does anybody have these? Bigger and HQ pictures???


*reminds me of Minwoo here. I love that smile <3


*total hotness!






Credits: Cyworld

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Guest pure_joy

arhahar *yays. more pics of JSW, thankie you this_kid and yess, that one of him, the first one is wayyy adorable + the beanie one arhahar. :blush:

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Dec 18, 2006

The emergence of a Korean hero

By Darcy Paquet

This December, South Korean screens will play host to a new British hero. If James Bond were a normal person, by now he might be sipping martinis in a retirement home. But instead, each new generation gets treated to a new face. The latest Bond, Daniel Craig, will project a grittier, more vulnerable image in hopes of appealing to today’s young audiences.

This fantasy character - suave, deadly, attractive - may have little in common with real British spies, but over 44 years he has turned out 21 films and sold US$4 billion worth of movie tickets. The U.S. has produced its own share of heroes: Superman, first conceived in the 1930s; Rambo, the hyper-masculine fantasy figure of the Reagan years (unfortunately set to return in 2008); and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean - my personal choice for the most interesting and appealing American hero.

As for Asian heroes, there are Chow Yun-fat’s appearances in John Woo’s early films - even if they were different characters, it was basically the same, distinctive hero. On a more comic level, Japan produced the longest-running hero in film history with the Tora-san films. From 1969 until his death in 1996, actor Atsumi Kiyoshi played the same character in the original and 47 sequels.

Perhaps the mark of a true franchise is that the hero is more interesting than the films themselves. Certainly this is true of Pirates of the Caribbean, and most of the Bond films. Film companies who are able to produce such a charismatic hero can look forward to years of hit films, if they play their cards right.

And Korean heroes? Most Korean films seem to be constructed around interesting situations, rather than a single strong personality. The Chinese seem to think that "Her" from My Sassy Girl is the most memorable Korean hero, given that they named her alongside kimchi and taekwondo as things they most associate with Korea. Could the "yupki girl" from that film have indeed been turned into a franchise?

Oh Dae-soo from Oldboy certainly qualifies as a memorable, charismatic hero. But it would be hard to turn this into a franchise, since one of the defining aspects of the character is that he is subsumed to one, single goal that is resolved at the end of the film. Besides, it’s usually better not to attempt sequels of director-centered works like Oldboy. Arguably, this is true of the characters in The Host, as well.

Korea has so many good character actors that it would seem there is good potential for creating highly memorable, charismatic heroes. When watching Tora-san, it’s not hard to imagine someone like Song Kang-ho or Oh Dal-soo being just as hilarious in a similar role; Korean film companies should consider remaking that film. If Korea wanted to go the James Bond/Chow Yun-fat route, either Cho Seung-woo or Hwang Jeong-min would make a great charismatic action star.

The most famous film heroes seem to capture some aspect of an era’s mood, or give voice to its anxieties. It’s possible that Korean society has a bit of an anti-hero bias at the moment, which if true is probably good thing. Still, it will be interesting to see the emergence of an iconic Korean hero at some point in the future. What kind of figure will it be?

Source: http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edi...ent/178950.html

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Guest StylishAzNx07

He is such a good actor. <3

Btw, omg I just found out that my dad knows his dad ... like my dad and his dad were friends for a long long time, and my dad never told me his son is jo seung woo. i just foudn that pretty awesome. :)

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Guest StylishAzNx07

first time in here ...

he is such a good actor!<3

btw, gosh i just found out my dad is good friends with jo seung woo's dad. he never told me his son was jo seung woo..... i've never met him before but hmm....i think i can now. :)

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Guest minamijaa

When oppa kept his beard and long hair, he really looks macho!! If you know what I mean.. :rolleyes:

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ah his musical sell out too fast ..lol even if i managed to get to seoul it will be hard to get a tic .if only he can come here for a performnace .!!

[MUSICAL REVIEW]'Rent': All about Cho Seung-woo


The Korean version of the Broadway musical "Rent" opened for a two-month run early this week.

The show, originally composed by Jonathan Larson, is, however, boring and stuffy. There are too many characters - a total of 16 - all on a small stage at a Daehangno theater, shouting out their lines so quickly that you have no idea what they are really talking about.

The storyline was carelessly compiled and disordered, while the production team provided little scenic variation. There was also not enough space on stage to express the energy of youngsters living in New York.

Despite its negatives, however, the musical has been successful with young audiences screaming during and after the show due to Cho Seung-woo's explosive and passionate performance.

"I think I am quite enjoying performing in the musical," Cho Seung-woo says.

The show relied heavily on Cho's fame, highlighting his role throughout its two hour and 15 minute run. Simply the fact that Cho, a versatile actor and an iconic star of the country's entertainment industry, returned to the stage, was enough to drive audiences crazy.

Cho didn't disappoint his audiences, even revealing a little about himself through his portrayal of the most likable character he has ever taken on in his acting career.

Cho plays Roger, a musician desperate to write one great song before AIDS kills him.

The 27-year-old actor was charismatic and natural, as if he felt no pressures from acting.

"To be honest, I think I am quite enjoying performing in the musical," Cho said.

Cho has dominated local musical stages as a lead performer in "Jekyll and Hyde" and with his role as a transsexual rock singer in "Hedwig." He also won the Best Leading Actor award last year at the 10th annual Korea Musical Awards for "Jekyll."

Cho's casting in the musical set a new record late last year when tickets were sold out in less than half an hour. Cho appeared to have put a lot of effort into fully learning about his character in preparation for the show, rather than depending on his fame alone.

"I felt a lot of pressure ... it is really hard to express how overwhelmed I was by the news that tickets were sold out even before I started practicing my part and songs. So I went in the studio early (in the morning) and practiced really hard," said Cho.

"Rent" runs through March 4 at the Seensee Musical Theater in Daehangno, downtown Seoul. Tickets are 35,000 won and 40,000 won.

For more information, visit www.iseensee.com


By Cho Chung-un


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손예진-조승우, 4년만에 연인 호흡

유순호 기자 | 01/23 10:06 | 조회 10284

ⓒ<머니투데이 스타뉴스>

배우 손예진과 조승우가 4년만에 연인으로 다시 만난다.

손예진과 조승우는 국순당의 백세주 모델로 낙점돼 다음달 1일부터 CF에 출연한다. 2003년 1월 개봉한 영화 '클래식'에서 애틋한 사랑 연기를 펼쳤던 두 사람은 이후 영화계를 대표하는 남녀 톱스타로 확고히 자리매김해 4년만의 재회는 더욱 의미가 크다.

이번 CF는 남녀 편으로 각각 나눠 제작되며 연인으로서 술잔을 기울이며 서로를 위로해 준다는 내용이다.

CF 관계자는 "당시 신인으로 풋풋한 감성을 선보였던 두 사람은 한층 성숙한 톱스타로서 완벽하게 호흡을 맞췄다"고 기대감을 나타냈다.

<저작권자ⓒ '리얼타임 연예속보,스타의 모든 것' 스타뉴스>

credit: yuta rule @ SYJ thread

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jo Seung Woo will be pairin up wif Son Ye Jin again for a CF portrayed as lovers after four years since Da Classic.

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Son Yeh Jin & Jo Seung Woo's latest CF

captures made by yuta_rule @ SYJ thread

It's so great to see two reigning actors of their generation reunited again after The Classic!
















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Son Yeh Jin & Jo Seung Woo's latest CF

the CF [the 2 CFs are in one clip ]


credits koreanwind.net

repost from www.ksdb.co.kr

ah now i rem what song is that in the CF! ..i the theme song from bungee jumping of their own !

01 오 그대는 아름다운 여인 - 김연우


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thanx shirley fow sharin de links! :)

really am liking de Classic couple even more.

hope Jo Seung Woo will reignite his partnership wif Son Ye Jin

in a drama or movie again... :)

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조승우-손예진 커플, 4년 만에 재회!

2007-02-07 posted by Louis in iyejin


(리뷰스타 최인갑 기자) 조승우, 손예진이 영화 ‘클래식’ 이후 4년 만에 재회하게 되었다.

조승우, 손예진은 오는 2월부터 광고되는 국순당 백세주 CF를 12가지 좋은 마음 중 ‘아껴주는 마음’, ‘사랑하는 마음’이라는 멀티 주제로 방송된다.

4년 전 영화 ‘클래식’에 출연했던 조승우, 손예진은 이번 CF에서 서로의 마음을 달래주기 위해 백세주 잔을 기울이는 연인으로 등장해 한층 더 성숙해진 모습을 선보였다. 특히 조승우, 손예진은 환상적인 연기호흡으로 15초에 불과한 짧은 CF안에서 슬픔, 걱정, 위로, 기쁨 등 다양한 감정변화를 무리 없이 소화해내 최고의 배우라는 찬사를 듣기에 충분했다.

이틀 동안 진행된 촬영기간에 두 사람은 오래 사귀어온 연인처럼 서로의 마음을 이해하고 사랑하는 듯한 연기를 자연스럽게 펼쳐 비교적 쉽게 촬영을 진행 할 수 있었다. 실제로도 백세주를 자주 마시는 조승우와 술을 많이 못 마시는 손예진 커플은 마지막 백세주를 마시는 장면에서는 3시간 동안 서로 주거니 받거니 하면서 평소주량은 넘었지만 감정표현에는 더할 나위없는 좋아 쉽게 촬영을 마칠 수 있었다.

국순당 관계자는 “이번 광고는 소주의 저도주 바람으로 소주회사들이 소비자에게 도수를 강조하며 순한 술을 외치고 있는 시점에서 백세주는 몸에도 좋고 마음에도 좋은 ‘고객중심의 사랑이 담긴 술’이라는 고유의 콘셉트를 소비자에게 알리기 위한 것”이라고 밝혔다.

최인갑 기자/www.reviewstar.net

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생생 스타잉글리시 〈24〉배우 손예진과 조승우가 4년 만에 다시 만났습니다.

2007-02-10 posted by Louis in iyejin.com


배우 손예진과 조승우가 4년 만에 다시 만났습니다. 2003년에 개봉했던 영화 ‘클래식’에서 연인으로 호흡을 맞추며 안타까운 사랑을 연기했던 두 사람은 최근, 한 주류 광고에 함께 캐스팅되었는데요. 손예진과 조승우는 광고 속에서 술잔을 기울이며 서로를 위로하는 다정한 연인의 모습으로 돌아와 여전히 변치 않은 사랑을 보여줍니다.

Actress Sohn Ye-jin and actor Cho Seung-woo have had a much awaited on-screen reunion since they 1)starred in the film ‘Classic’ four years ago. In the film, Sohn Ye-jin and Cho Seung-woo starred as a young couple whose love cannot be fulfilled. However, thanks to a recent TV commercial, the two top stars were able to reunite on screen as sweet lovers. In the commercial, Sohn Ye-jin and Cho Seung-woo appear as lovers 2)consoling each other while having a drink together.

그룹 신화와 SG워너비, 한류스타 안재욱이 일본에서 한무대에 오릅니다. 이들은 밸런타인데이를 맞아 내일 일본에서 열리는 ‘밸런타인 슈퍼 콘서트 2007’에 출연할 예정인데요. 일본에서 각자 많은 팬층을 거느리고 있는 세 스타가 한무대에 오른다는 소식이 알려지자 일본 각계 언론의 이목이 집중되고 있습니다. 이에 대해 신화와, SG워너비, 안재욱 측은 밸런타인데이에 걸맞은 환상적인 무대로 팬들의 기대를 실망시키지 않겠다고 전했습니다.

Shinhwa, SG Wannabe and Hallyu star Ahn Jae-wook will be on stage together in Japan.

They are expected to appear in the Valentines Day Super Concert 2007 which will be held in Japan in celebration of Valentines Day. Thanks to their large fan base in Japan, Japanese media and fans have showed strong interest in their upcoming concert. In this regard, Shinhwa, SG Wannabe and Ahn Jae-wook said, they will not disappoint their fans and present a wonderful performance to make it their fans’ unforgettable Valentines Day.


1) star

star는 명사형으로 ‘인기스타’나 ‘연예인’을 의미하나 동사로는 ‘주역으로 쓰이다’라는 말이 된다.

ex) Actress Sohn Ye-jin and actor Cho Seung-woo have had a much awaited on-screen reunion since they starred in the film ‘Classic’ four years ago.

손예진과 조승우는 4년 전 영화 클래식에서 주연한 이래로 오랜만에 영화배역을 통해 다시 만났습니다.

2) Console

console은 ‘위로하다’, ‘위문하다’라는 의미를 가지고 있다. 같은 의미를 가진 단어로는 Soothe와 Comfort가 있다. 명사형은 Consler가 있으며 부사형은 Conslingly가 된다.

ex) Sohn Ye-jin and Cho Seung-woo appear as lovers consoling each other while having a drink together.

손예진과 조승우는 술을 마시면서 서로를 위로하는 연인의 모습을 연출한다.

이 내용은 13일 오후 8시20분 그리고 14일 아침 8시, 오후 5시 아리랑TV에서 방송되는 ‘쇼 비즈 엑스트라’에서 직접 보고 들을 수 있습니다.

- 경향신문이 만드는 生生스포츠! 스포츠칸, 구독신청 (http://smile.khan.co.kr) -

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From http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho...868&st=2460

Fri., Feb. 9, 2007

Breakout talent roll


Choi Dong-hoon, director

The till-busting success of gambling caper "Tazza: The High Rollers" last fall gave CJ Entertainment its highest-grossing release ever at $47 million, and established second-timer Choi as a top-of-the-line director-screenwriter. Though his complicated plots can be hard to follow with subtitles, Choi's talent is not in question.

Hur Jin-ho, director

"Christmas in August" (1998) is a local classic and "April Snow" (2005) grossed $26 million in Japan, but Hur works in a muted, naturalistic style that has drawn greater kudos in Asia than in the West. His fourth pic, "Happiness," currently in post, could draw more interest from major fests, and looks to have potential in Asian markets.

Park Jin-pyo, director

With roots in TV documentary, Park has brought a reality-centered approach to Korean cinema in septuagenarian sex pic "Too Young to Die" and smash hit "You Are My Sunshine," a cocktail of melodrama, cattle farming, prostitution and AIDS. Latest picture, "Voice of a Murderer," based on a real-life kidnapping case, blurs the lines between the film adaptation and the real incident.

Lee Hae-young and Lee Hae-joon, directors

The screenwriting duo behind 2002 hit "Conduct Zero" made a critically acclaimed directorial debut in August with "Like a Virgin," which screens in Berlin's Generation section. Story about a gay cross-dressing boy from a tough neighborhood who takes up Korean traditional wrestling showcased the filmmakers' gritty style and offbeat humor.

Leesong Hee-il, director

After establishing himself with short independent works, Korea's best-known gay filmmaker enjoyed surprising commercial success with his feature debut "No Regret," racking up 40,000 admissions on a limited release. The film, screening in the Panorama section, marks Fortissimo Films' first Korean acquisition in close to a decade.

Im Soo-jung, actress

Im's second film role in Kim Jee-woon's horror pic "A Tale of Two Sisters" won her actress honors from Fantasporto and L.A.'s Screamfest Horror Film Festival in 2003. After appearing in lower-profile dramas for a couple of years, 26-year-old thesp returns to the spotlight with a showstopping performance in Berlin competition entry "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" and Hur Jin-ho's "Happiness."

Ha Jung-woo, actor

Up-and-coming thesp was showcased in Sundance's main U.S. competition, with a key English-speaking role in Gina Kim's "Never Forever." No stranger to film festivals, Ha previously appeared in Cannes' Un Certain Regard selection "The Unforgiven" and Kim Ki-duk's "Time," which opened Karlovy Vary in 2006. He next appears in Kim Ki-duk's 14th full-length film, "Breath."

Kim Ah-joong, actress

Having vaulted to stardom in the hit comedy "200 Pound Beauty," actress-model Kim has become one of the industry's darlings overnight. Pic not only showcased her good looks but also gave her an opportunity to show off a singing voice that has the fans buzzing.

Han Hyo-joo, actress

Han was a virtual unknown when she appeared in high-profile KBS drama "Spring Waltz" in early 2006. Although the drama's ratings failed to match expectations, her second film role in low-budget Forum entry "Ad Lib Night" won her widespread critical kudos. Han's participation in hot new KBS drama "Like Land and Sky" will prevent her from taking the trip to Berlin.


Cho Seung-woo, actor

Since his debut in Cannes competish entry "Chunhyang" in 2000, Cho has headlined two hits that topped 5 million admissions: "Marathon" (2005) and Choi Dong-hoon's "Tazza: The High Rollers" (2006). In between, the thesp has won critical praise for his lead roles in stage musicals "Hedwig," "Jekyll & Hyde" and "Rent."

Source: Variety.com


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