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[Official Thread] J-Min ~ First mini album digital release 06.23.14

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Official Threadtumblr_lw894tSYNi1r1ac52.jpg
PROFILE Stage Name: J-MinFull Name: Lee Jung MinBirthdate: May 27, 1988 (age 23)Blood Type: BLanguages: Korean, Japanese, EnglishInstruments: Guitar, PianoFavourite Artists: Michelle Branch, Kasabian, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Chick CoreaLabels: Avex Trax, SM Entertainment

Promo CD: Dream on...
Released: 2007/05/23
1. Dream on...
2. mama

1st Mini-Album:ころがる林檎 (Korogaru Ringo)
Released: 2007/09/12
1. ころがる林檎
2. シーツの羽
3. mama
4. よるの手
5. Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows cover)
6. outro

2nd Mini-Album: Dream on...
Released: 2008/01/16
1. Dream on...
2. Fly to your sky
3. 少年
4. My Generation (The Who cover)
5. Rolling Apple Hills

Cover Mini-Album: The Singer
Released: 2008/11/19
1. 傘がない(井上陽水)
2. 満月の夕(ソウルフラワーユニオン)
3. 春夏秋冬(泉谷しげる)
4. ONE DAY(桑田佳祐)
5. 眠れぬ夜(オフコース)
6. スローバラード(RCサクセション)
7. 久遠(仲井戸麗市)
Bonus Track
8. The First Star(上を向いて歩こう)

1st Single: CHANGE / One
Released: 2010/05/27
2. One
3. CHANGE (Instrumental)
4. One (Instrumental)
Bonus Track
5. 立人のテーマ~The Truth~(J-Min Vocal Version)
6. 花咲ける青少年スペシャル座談会 Part1(J-Min×遠藤綾)

2011 SMTown Winter 'The Warmest Gift'
Released: 2011/12/13
11. Happy X-Mas (War is Over) (John Lennon cover)

난폭한 로맨스 OST Part. 4
Released: 2012/01/30
1. Hello, Love
2. Hello, Love (Instrumental)

무신 OST Part.2
Released: 2012/4/13
1. 시공천애 (時空天愛)

더킹 투하츠 OST Part.3
Released: 2012/4/25
2. 말못하죠

Unreleased Tracks:
울어도 되나요

Official Website (JAPAN)
Official Blog

Credits: AVEX, SM TOWN, & Generasia
jmin.jpg SM-Entertainment-singer-songwriter-J-Min31794_original.png

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding due to false information from a now-defunct k-pop website. Around the same time that J-Min debuted in Japan, another artist by the same name had debuted in Korea with the digital single, 손뼉을 쳐. The other website had mixed up the two and were under the assumption that they were the same artist.

Let me clarify things, they are two separate artists. The J-Min of this thread belongs to SM Entertainment and has a pop-rock sound, while the other is produced by Korean hip-hop artist, Kjun.

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Wow, it's supposed to be released September 12th, but I haven't seen it anywhere? :P

She reminds of a YUI or something.

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Her album picture reminds me of a Mini BoA x3

It's cool that SM started her off in the Japanese music market^^

Daaaang! She kinda looks like BoA in the Dream On PV o_o She could play as a body double LOL

But her english is too (:

She really loves guitar x3

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yeah i thought of michelle branch and then it was weird to see it on her favorite artist list thing, lol.

cool, new sm person debut, hope it's good music

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i´ve never heard of her before. usually SM artist´s are talked about o soompi alot. good luck to her ^^

she looks like the indie version of BoA ^^. and her name reminds me of J-Lim =)

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Never heard of her before,,

Heh i thought of J-Lim too

But anyways...... O___O

Where was she born?


I'm guessing she's not gonna go for Korean market O.O

I haven't read anything about her not entering the Korean market, but she is Korean and they are calling her a global star... So, I'm sure she will debut in Korea too.

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On Z-degrees, they posted a digital single by an artist named J-Min and claimed she was under SM... After doing a little research, I'm not quite sure they are the same person and that the J-Min who sings, 손뼉을 쳐, is not the same one signed with SM and Avex. More information on 1st post,

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