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Why isn't there a thread for the bestest anime of the world?

CODE GEASS THAT IS O_O;; Lol, if there isn't one for real, I'd like to start one :D

@tvxqslave: Nice avatar xD ♥ Lelouch~

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EVENT: Quick Poll: Animate your life!   Chingus, a new Quick Poll is up. This time the questions focus on anime. Please vote! The poll is only open for 48 hours.     Your E

Cardcaptor Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles ^-^ I'll go and search around for some more...

I just realized there’s a thread for manga and anime here.   Anime - both in Netflix  I recently watched Violette Evergarden series and specials and highly recommend it - it is a mature

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Guest lea11

I'm trying to find the name of this anime - it aired in Korea long long long ago, as "Chun-sa So-nyuh Nettie" or something like that. With this girl in ponytail and she was like a night theif?? and there was a boy with green hair named 'sherlocks'?? Can someone tell me what that is called? It's been forever.

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI
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