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Yoo Seung Ho 유승호 ユ・スンホ 俞 承 豪

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“It is great my work receives strong responses and as a result I can enjoy popularity. But, that is not my purpose in acting. Money or fame is not my priority. I want to become an actor who can contin

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Guest marasshi

yoo seung ho! <3

i can't believe he's only 14. he acts so well. and yes, he does kinda look like so ji sub, except for the nose. sjs's nose is pointier and taller while ysh's is rounder.

i wish he'd grow up soon :x

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Guest nikou08

I totally fell for him ! ♥

i was like watching sad love story (sad sonata) ep 1 and i thought seung ho was okay and didn't really care

but after i saw him smile and act ... I just felt ..wOOOOo,..

His smile is the cutest !! hehe..beats kibum -.- (dun hate me pplz..)

he's only 2 years older than me .. =)

i think he's 10 times better then sjs xDD

Hope To See new dramas from him !! too bad he's too busy with highschool O__O

he'll definitely be A GREAT AND CUUTEE Actor when he'll begin the real acting thing..iunno what i mean -.-


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Guest ddalgi<3


i watched the king&i with my parents and when he came out i was like 'OMG THAT KID LOOKS LIKE SJS! ajdskfj!!"

he's so cute& he has a nice jawline! haha

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Guest love!melody

cutie! <3 ahhhh~ omg! i didn't know that he was only a '93er 0o! *shock* i always thought that he was the same age or older than me by like a year ><;; LOL anyways, wow! i never really noticed that but know that you point it out, they look almost exactly alike! LMAO i enjoy seeing him act! ahhh~ cutie <3 LOL

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Recent Pictures 04/29/08


His New Movie "Do You See Seoul/서울이 보이냐

This movie was taken two years ago and it will be released May 8th, 2008.



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30th April press conference ..

this movie i heard of it since 2006 and now only it is being released --;; even Yoo Seung Ho had grown up so much~~

Fighting ~ Yoo Seung Ho i hope to see more works of him~ .^^






trailer of the movie


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Guest SH<3

News Article (05/08/08)

`국민 남동생` 유승호 "이상형은 김태희 누나"

[매일경제] 2008년 05월 08일(목) 오전 10:33 가 가| 이메일| 프린트

'국민 남동생' 유승호가 방송에서 이상형을 밝혀 눈길을 끈다.

7일 방송된 SBS '생방송 TV연예'에 출연한 유승호는 귀여운 여자가 이상형이라며 평소 탤런트 김태희를 좋아한다고 고백했다.

또한 '국민남동생'이라는 호칭에 대해서 묻자 유승호는 "기분 좋아요. 저를 알아봐주고 제가 나온 영화를 보며서 좋아해주시니까"라고 말했다.

최근 유승호는 키 171cm로 훌쩍 자란 모습으로 오랜만에 공식석상에 모습을 드러내 관심을 모으기도 했다.

한편, 유승호가 주연을 맡은 1970년대 서울로 수학여행을 온 섬마을 아이들의 서울상경 이야기를 그린 가족영화 '서울이 보이냐'는 5월 8일 개봉한다.

[디지털뉴스부 digital@mk.co.kr]




Yoo Seung Ho was recently interviewed in SBS Section TV News.

The reporter asked him what type of girls does he like and he said shyly "I like cute girls... like Kim Tae Hee."

He feels good and thankful for the people who watch his movie and recognize him.

He has grown so much over the two years we haven't seen him. He is now 171 cm tall!

His new movie "Do You see Seoul?" is coming out May 8th, 2008.

credit: yahoo.co.kr

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Guest PecanPie02

omg i really liked the movie the way home!!

soo sadd and touching everyone should see him in it!! really it was really good

(just thinking about it makes me want to cry! T__T)

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Guest yukiseob

ooh my..

he very talented..

i agree, his eyes look like jisub..

firts time se him in movie "Hearty Paws", this movie is very touching to..

he's a good "oppa"

woow, now his 171 cm tall..

he was a handsome boy ^^

i like him..

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Guest ultranguik

i laugh and cry watching the way home, its one of my fave film yet besides guns and talks

he act really well even though he's still a kid

im sure he will become hude idol in the next 3-4 years

seung ho looks good on the kajima kajima mv, although i dont understand the meaning

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