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Yoo Seung Ho 유승호 ユ・スンホ 俞 承 豪

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I just watched this 9 yr old music video with YSH: Don't Go, Don't Go by Brown Eyes.  Have you watched this? 


Soooo dramatic!  And YSH was so young!



Another old Music Video with YSH.  In the first MV, he was obsessed with his girlfriend in a destructive way.  In this MV, he is cheating on his girlfriend. 



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Hi there,

Yes, we can only re watch some of his old clips, old film and old drama while we miss him so much! only hope we can have more news of him?! 

On 9/10/2020 at 8:08 AM, Berou said:

Thank you for your input :)

Child actors dont have it easy and suffer a lot. I don't know if someone else than YSH has been vocal, I don't follow closely other child actors. He said multiple times in interviews that he got hurt of adults and he does not recommend being a child actor. You put 2 and 2 together, and deduce his childhood was filled with suffering. 


YDG ? Isnt it rather YJG ? I once watched his appearance in a reality show where he jokingly said he was mistaken to be an adult as a teenager because of his deep voice. The adult actors proposed him to smoke. So, they didnt care about smoking in front of a child.




Hello ,


It's everywhere the same. Covid has affected a lot of lives in the world :(. Take care of you. 



I have started to watch Memorist again. I have resumed where I left. It's indeed a dark drama, however that's why I like it. Not everyone can watch serious and dark dramas. I prefer Memorist over his rom-coms, not that I dislike rom-coms. They are nice to watch when they are well-written and have deep dialogues. 


I find YSH really good in Memorist. He is very in tune with his character. He worried uselessly about doing career roles such as doctor, detective and so on. I hope he continues on this route. 



His IG got closed because of impostors/fake accounts that were asking money to fans. Story J posted a message on the official fancafe. It's not a hack. I hope they will find another way to let YSH to communicate with his fans.


Oh please do it ! :)

Whether a summary or a translation. I'm all ears. 

Umm... I watch a few episodes but not ready to pick it up yet!! I am sure it will be a good drama when you say so.. you are not easy to please!! :) umm.. Remember was a dark drama too! very sad indeed! he is good at these, he has those beautiful sad eyes!

Did Story J update any news of him??? coming to year end!! any news of him? any new casting?? I miss him.

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On 12/7/2020 at 6:34 PM, See Wong said:

Yes, we can only re watch some of his old clips, old film and old drama while we miss him so much! only hope we can have more news of him?! 

Hi there :)


We've finally got some news from him !



He donated his favourite items to StoryJ  fundraising event : his cap, his jacket and beanie. 




On 12/13/2020 at 9:48 AM, Jowena Chua said:

waiting for YSH news or any upcoming drama.... anyone knows?

Hello .  We're waiting for his comeback too ! I guess the pandemic scrapped his plans for dramas or movies. In normal circumstances he should have been filming right now for his drama comeback. 


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His good deeds are often done without anyone noticing because he wants to donate quietly.  He has the biggest heart that helps those in need



Another one added to million reasons why I am his fan :fullofhearts:








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Finally we've got some casting news 






Yoo Seung Ho In Talks For Leading Role In New Historical Romance Drama


Yoo Seung Ho may be making his return with a new drama!

On February 1, Ilgan Sports reported that Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms” (literal title).

A source from the actor’s agency Story J Company shared with YTN Star, “Yoo Seung Ho has been offered the role of the protagonist in KBS’s new drama ‘Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms’ and is reviewing it.”

The drama will take place during the period of the strongest prohibition law in Joseon history, depicting human desire and proving that prohibition is not the best option. The main characters are an inspector from the Office of the Inspector-General who has left his hometown to achieve fame in Hanyang and restore his family’s status, a poor aristocratic woman who begins to make alcohol in order to pay back her debt, and a crown prince who continues to secretly climb over the walls of the palace to get a few drinks. The three people have a fateful encounter in front of a secret alcohol storage, consequently gaining a secret that could lead each other to death if revealed.

Yoo Seung Ho was offered the role of the inspector Nam Young, a good-looking man who is popular with the local women but is only interested in reading books. Intelligent, hard-working, and determined to make his name known, he has everything that’s needed for success, but the one thing he lacks is a strong family to back him.

Director Hwang In Hyuk of “Doctor Prisoner” and screenwriter Kim Joo Hee will be working together on the drama. It is set to air in the second half of 2021.


Catch Yoo Seung Ho in his latest drama “Memorist” here!








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