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Yoo Seung Ho 유승호 ユ・スンホ 俞 承 豪

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Guest epikxlove

i remember him from 집으로 (to home) and 마음이 (feeling?) !! gahh i loved how he looked towards the end of 마음이, with the longish hair :] we're the same age :o scares me xD he's so cute ^^

Kentucky fried chicken! hahha <-- 마음이

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He's only gonnna be more handsome/good-looking than he already is as he grows older...I'll be looking out for that.

I'm so happy I'm same age as him. Finally someone near my age.

He is a great actor...so the one where he's in traditional clothing and long hair is his most recent? Sorry can't read hangul mind filling me out on this?

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Guest wakeupluv

wow they do look alike. the first time i've seen him in a movie was the movie where he has a dad that is a club singer and his mom left him when he was little, but came back when he was a bit older. i forgot the name of the movie! but yeah...

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Guest ALMOSTfamous

LOL he looks a little bit like the mini verison of So Ji Sup!

What a cutie he'll turn out to be when he's older, ahh I forgot what drama I saw him in xD

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Guest june1ov3


he's the guy from that drama!!

ohmannn, i called him little so ji sub too!

i loved him in tae wang sa shin gi!

he was sooo.. charismatic! haha..

too badd he's allott younger than me! :P

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  • Jillia changed the title to Yoo Seung Ho 유승호 ユ・スンホ 俞 承 豪

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