If you’ve been around the K-drama world for some time, you’ve probably seen a lot of the child actors and actresses grow up right before your eyes. It’s crazy how fast they grow and how fast time flies, isn’t it? These actors and actresses went from acting as children to landing main roles where they’re falling in love


Here’s a look at eight adorable child actors who have grown up way too fast:



Yoo Seung Ho

In 2000, Yoo Seung Ho made his debut as a child actor, but it wasn’t until 2002 when he had his breakout role. In “The Way Home,” his role as the bratty city boy who develops a strong relationship with his deaf grandmother won the hearts of many and even won an award. After this role, he played the child version of many top actors and rose to fame fairly quickly.







Throughout the years, viewers were able to watch Yoo Seung Ho grow and take on more mature roles. His first-ever starring role in a K-drama was in “Operation Proposal” where he showed us that he can be taken seriously as an adult actor. In his more recently roles, he has definitely shed his childhood actor image.




Catch him in his latest drama “I Am Not A Robot”