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Lee Ji Ah 이지아


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Guest liezle

hi guys! you might be interested to know, LJA has a fan cafe ~ http://cafe.daum.net/starleejia those who understand korean may want to check it out.

and here's something from LJA's acting instructor, President Kim Jae Yeop of the Stargate Academy

"I am also the acting coach for E Ji Ah, TWSSG’s heroine,

and she is just as good as Yong Joon with guts and ability,

that I think she will probably become a major star in the future.

A few days earlier, we did a script reading on the telephone for 30 minutes,

but if I teach her one thing, she will learn ten things,

so it seems that both Yong Joon and E Ji Ah were born

to fulfill their destiny by becoming ‘actors’,

just as the king’s destiny was born to carve out the kingdom of Goguryeo.”

above is an excerpt from an article in ~

It's Koreal

'Acting Coach, Kim Jae Yeop, Speaks'

by Bi Oh Ki

original in japanese: It’s Koreal 2007/11 p.56-58

translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

this article is posted in BYJ thread

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BOF has just released vod of LJA in BOF's website. She's so pretty. Here's the link to watch the vod ~ http://www.bofkorea.com/press/issue_list.asp

and here's the screencap [hee, actually this is a .swf file but since i don't know how to get the url i just screencap the whole image]. taken from http://cafe.daum.net/byjgallery.


and BOF's message [hope someone can tell us what's written ;)]

<태왕사신기> ‘수지니’ 이지아 동영상 최초 공개

MBC 수목드라마 <태왕사신기> ‘수지니’역에 푹 빠져 있는 이지아씨의 동영상을 최초 공개합니다.

선머슴 ‘수지니’의 매력과는 다르지만 일상 생활 속의 밝고, 건강한 여성적 매력을 한껏 발산하는 이지아씨 또 다른 모습을 만나 보실 수 있습니다.

더불어 지금도 쉼 없이 드라마 촬영에 매진하고 있는 이지아씨에게 끊임없는 관심과 응원 부탁드립니다.


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I didn't see her acting yet, but I was curious about her face when I took a look at the Legend drama's Thread and I really like her face: I don't know if you guys already said that on the thread but: do you guys think that she has an ANDROGYNOUS FACE?

Maybe this is just her masculine hair on the pics from The Legend drama, but I think that she has some masculine features...even with long hair.(take a look at the first page)

I don't think that I know much actresses with an androgynous look (especially korean actresses, as I watched korean drama/movies for years), despite Kate Moening (from The L World, american actress). I'm glad to see that not only male gasoos can have this type of look (Lee Joon Ki, Kim Hee Chul from Super JUnior, JaeJong from DBSK and many others...)

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Guest cindai83

okay, i'm sooo... late to realise this thread. i didn't realise this thread has been exist even though i love Sujini character and of course the actress itself so much. so thank you for starting this thread liquidfir. going to keep checking this thread always to know what's new about this my new favourite actress. :D

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Hair is growing, believe me ;). By the way...your haircut is so cute. What is the point in having LJA's hair style?

The Video is so cute. She is so young, funny and cute. I want hug her like a teddy bear :w00t: .

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Latest Photo of Lee Ji Ah

this is LJA's latest photos. got this from an article saying that she's the newest endorser of LG. i don't know which line of product though. since TWSSG she's been getting cf offers left and right. :)


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OMG... she's so pretty<33 I like her homepage a lot.

The design is just too pretty. I like the butterfly on it. XDD

She graduated from an art university?? No wonder she can design so well.

She's so talented, in acting and in design. XD Can't wait for her homepage to be done.


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thanks to yon for posting in TWSSG thred :)

Lee Ji Ah now hot property

They hit bullseye casting newbie

By Chang May Choon (The New Paper)

October 30, 2007(Singapore)

SHE was a nobody who survived dozens of auditions to become Korean hunk Bae Yong Joon's new screen lover in the period drama TheLegend.

Fans were initially shocked by her inclusion in the star-studded cast.

But Lee Ji Ah, 26, has the last laugh now.

The arts graduate has become the breakout star of the serial, which is now showing in Korea and fast gaining attention in other Asian countries.

She plays a female archer who helps Yong Joon's character to become king and falls in love with him.

Director Kim Jong Hak raved about how Ji Ah has the combined appeal of two of Korea's most famous actresses - Shim Eun Ha's beauty and Ko Hyun Jung's strength.

He told The Chosun Ilbo that he picked Ji Ah because she is just like her character - honest, frank and refreshing.

To prepare for her role, Ji Ah, who is signed to Yong Joon's agency BOF, underwent intensive training in archery and horseback riding.

Having majored in graphic design in college, she prepared some of her own costumes and created her own hairdo.

It was worth the effort, as she has been getting plenty of praise.

Her fan base has grown so much that she started a website for them. And she personally designed it, reported Star News.

But, Ji Ah's best pay-off yet is drawing the attention of top advertisers who are fast to cash in on the mass appeal of rising stars.

First, she snagged a two-year deal with LG cosmetics line Isaknox, which is also fronted by Hollywood babe Jessica Alba and sexy Korean singer Lee Hyo Lee.

Then, Ji Ah inked another endorsement deal with Lotte Anytime candy, which had A-listers Choi Ji Woo and Lee Na Young as spokesmen.

An LG spokesman told The Chosun Ilbo that company hopes that Ji Ah's 'fresh and mysterious image' will draw more women in their 20s to its cosmetics line.

After all, she is a nobody no more.

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just tot about this, dont you think e ji ah is following japans fashion?

like nana and stuffs... just an oppinoin from a teenager who lives in japan.

B) IMO it's not just the Japanese style ... she seems to favor the Gothic style?! I just took a look at her self-designed site and then her pictures... I think the Japanese isn't too obvious as in the case of Kim Jae Wook (Coffee Prince). Btw she looks so good with her long, black hair.

She's not the prettiest of all, but surely owns a very unique style and irresistible charms. I find her to be a balance between Lee Yo Won & Lee Young Ae.

And she's pretty good for a newcomer in Legend.

Designer as well? Cool for a celebrity.

Welcome on board, Lee Ji Ah.

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Guest snow_drop*


At first when I watched Legend I thought she was alright at looks...lol

But then as I watched more I realized she is really pretty.

I actually like her acting, even though people say overacted but it's hard to act manly/stupid/childish personality when a person is that old. She is suppose to be hot temper, from what I have deciphered by watching, and so all that "messing up hair", yelling, and jumping around seems fine to me. lol She is like a comic-relief...so far. ^_^

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