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[drama 2007] Auction House 옥션 하우스

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

The global MBC d/l is not free rite ?

If on paid basis, strange that they stopped providing the later episodes ?

It's just a sample of a first few mins preview of ep.01 of the MBC dramas shown or showing to arouse interest in buyers. So you won't have more eps than that preview unless they are 'selling the subbed' eps on MBC caption. Pls don't ask about this here anymore as this is off-topic. Pls ask in the help thread if you want to know more about it.

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I'll be uploading this drama (MU links).. so as soon as I have the links ready I will post then here for easy finding. :) pm me if anyone has questions :)

Episodes are Ental Version

Episode 01 :

Episode 02 :

Episode 03 :

Episode 04 :

Episode 05 :

Episode 06 :

Episode 07 :

Episode 08 :

Episode 09 :

Episode 10 :

Episode 11 :

Episode 12 :

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Guest cococrust
Guest Alethia

thank you cococrust & ally.. we love you guys.. muah muah.. hehe.. and yes.. WITH S2 will rock this drama!!

heheh emily.. yes we will ^.~

WITH S2 fighting!!!

But what's this i read abt mbc america screening it with eng sub..? :unsure:

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In order to continue our fansubbing work, we ask everyone's full cooperation to keep our english soft-subtitles as they are. NO HARDSUBBING & DISTRIBUTION IN ANY FORM OF STREAMING SITE / FORUMS / NEWSGROUPS and/or any other online hosting services such as Clubbox, Megaupload, Sendspace, Yousendit, Mediafire, etc.

WITH S2 subtitles are NOT for COMMERCIAL USE.

We thank you for your supports! :)




Main Translator: Alethia

Spot Translator: purpletiger86

Timer: wichitawx

Editor/QC: thunderbolt

Coordinators: mily2, ay_link

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