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[drama 2007] Auction House 옥션 하우스

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Yoon SoYi, Jung Chan, Kim HyeRi, Jung SangWoon

Auction House 옥션 하우스


Official Site :


Date of airing : Every sunday at 11.40 p.m korean time (starting from 30th Sept)

Drama eps: 12 eps for season 1 ( Season 2's filming will depend on the ratings)

Cast : Yoon So Yi, Jung Chan, Kim Hye Ri, Jung Sang Woon, Lee Yu Jung

Story: The drama traces the problems faces by employees of an Auction House.

Character descriptions (Credit Sandy @ purpletiger86)

Cha Yun Soo (Yoon So Yi), the tough as weeds girl.


Main female character: Cha Yun Soo (played by Yoon So Yi)

She is sweet as an apple, but strong as a weed. She finds an advertisement and immediately applies for a job at "High Auction", but after meeting/watching Min Su Rin (Kim Hye Ri), she dreams about becoming an auctioneer. She becomes a specialist who gets stuck with doing impossible tasks/duties that are ordered by Min Su Rin.

Min Su Rin (Kim Hye Rim), the cold looking, soft-hearted woman.


Min Su Rin is a high ranked representative at High Auction who deals with planning and fine arts. She is a great auctioneer. She is very cold-hearted and puts much effort into everything she does. After finding out that Cha Yun Soo's father did some kind of forgery, Min Su Rin purposely tries to kick out Cha Yun Soo from the company by giving her difficult tasks to do. But seeing how hard Cha Yun Soo works to get everything done, Min Su Rin gets affectionate towards her.

Oh Yoon Jae (Jung Chan), A man of strong pride who returned to the Auction House with instructions from the president.


Main male character: Oh Yoon Jae (Jung Chan)

He is peculiar and cynnical with strong pride. He's a type of person who strictly focuses on his work. In the past, he was a famous auctioneer, but due to auction forgery, he quit his job and had a long hiatus. In request of High Auction's boss, he gets called back to work again. Min Su Rin orders him to defend/help out Cha Yun Soo.

And along with Na Do Young (Jung Sang Woon) a Fine Arts and Wine Specialist, Jung Na Kyung (Lee Yu Jung) a Jewelry and Anique Specialist..


These five people will be showing you the inside world of the Auction House that you have never seen before.


Must read

Never ask for Vids, subs nor spam.


EP.01 : TNS - 6.6%, AGB - 5.7%

EP.02 : TNS - 7.8%, AGB - 7.2%

Jovi75's Creativity Music Videos

Auction House MV #1


Auction House MV #2


Auction House MV #3


Auction House MV #4


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Guest yeohweping





Cha Yeon-soo (Female, age: 26) - A new employee at Hi Auction

She is an honest person with a sunny personality. She is sweet like a strawberry and tough like a weed. Underlying her brashness and sure demeanor, she is a tough competitor.

After getting rejected 50 times in her job search, she watched a TV program about auctioneers by coincidence and decided to apply for a job at Hi Auction on a whim.

She is overjoyed to finally land a job. After getting to know Min Seo-rin, the top auctioneer, she admires her and dreams of becoming just like her.

She works hard to become a better auctioneer than Min Seo-rin.

But her dreams are almost crushed by Min Seo-rin, the very person she admires.

Min Seo-rin tells her to quit the company because Yeon-soo’s dad painted forgeries.

But Yeon-soo does not back down and holds on to her job as Min Seo-rin makes her life tough.

It’s the survival of the fittest.

But then life throws a curve ball at her! Her boss, Oh Yoon-jae, is only interested in assessing the fine artistic details of art pieces without any regard for the plight that Yeon-soo has gotten into because of Min Seo-rin. Her life at work becomes very complicated.


Oh Yoon-jae (Male, age: 35) A sophisticated art specialist, Yeon-soo’s boss

A theorist who holds an art degree.

He is a cynic with a lot of pride.

Having a difficult personality, he is inconsiderate, mean, and selfish.

He only focuses on his own work.

He is well-studied in art and has extensive knowledge of art pieces from different periods.

One time, he even urged a dying painter with liver disease to have a drink if it would help him finish his last masterpiece. This is how obsessed he is about art.

He likes to get into arguments with art speculators who have no appreciation of art.

Because of his abrasiveness towards prospective clients, he gets into a lot of face-to-face arguments with Min Seo-rin, whose mantra is the client is always right.

Min Seo-rin relegates him to oversee the new employee training program. Yeon-soo who causes problems and asks far too many questions to his liking annoys him. But he opens up as a person after meeting her. And one day, he finds himself attracted to her...


Min Seo-rin (Female, age: 40) - Top auctioneer at Hi Auction

Korea’s most outstanding auctioneer.

Director at Hi Auction.

Earning more than $100K a year at the age of 40, she looks much younger than her age and has a pretty complexion.

She is the most admired woman among female college students.

Any art that does not fetch a high price is meaningless to her.

She prefers to handle art pieces of high value rather than art that is highly regarded in the art community.

Who cares if the art collector is a man of sophisticated taste or a vulgar art speculator? A paying client is the king.

She is business-minded and dislikes Oh Yoon-jae who only cares about the artistic details of art pieces.

But she does have principles.

She will never tolerate art pieces that have been obtained under suspicious circumstances.

Even if an art piece has a high value, she won’t handle stolen art or forgeries.

But out of all the people she could hire, she can’t believe she hired the daughter of a notorious art forger.





credit: iMBC

From javabeans's blog:

Broadcast networks are also planning more multi-season dramas. Case in point: MBC’s upcoming drama Auction House, premiering on the 30th.

Auction House delves into the world of art auctions, the people who work there, and their loves, with a twelve-episode season 1. With four PDs and four writers, it will air one episode every week, with each director producing his own segment in his own style — the drama plans to take on the challenge of using different genres, such as thriller, “human drama,” detective story, etc.

In an interview with Park Sung Soo, who is in charge of coordinating the project, he explained: “I’m in the middle of preparing the second season of the drama, which is set in the world of plastic surgery. While the other season is being shown I’ll be planning and prepping Auction House 2 for broadcast for next year, maybe May or September.”

If this drama turns out to be anything like "Beating Heart" (given the omnibus format and Park SungSoo's involvement), then count me in. ^_^

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Guest yeohweping


There's a visible 1% rise in ratings for ep.02. The tensions that draw during their search for the missing to-be-auctioned painting as Cha Yun Soo and Oh Yoon Jae try to track down it before time is one of the main reasons for the higher ratings. And the appearance of a noisy reporter who's willing to be bringing down 'Will Auction' for any first-hand news contributed to the unexpected ending as more truth gets becomes alight.

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Guest yeohweping




Scenes that I like in Ep.03

Yun Soo and dad at the fishing port


Dad, why did you have to paint a forgery?


I only did it once. Your mom, she was in the hospital.

Yuri and her brother

Brother : Stop it! Mom's not coming back for us. It has been 5 years and she didn't even give a single call.

In the rain

Yuri: The painting is getting wet, I really like it a lot.

Yuri and Yun Soo

Yun Soo: Have a look at it for one last time.

Yuri's brother and the old man

The old man holds a handful of his dead sister's ashes and a gold nail-clipper in his other hand.

Old man: Which do you think is more precious? This or this?

As the old man raises the hand which holds the ashes higher and higher, and finally open his hand when a suddenly wind blew the ashes towards the sunflower field.

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Guest yeohweping



At an auction, everything has monetary value!

How much is your life worth in dollars? Do you want to be appraised?

Sotheby’s of New York, Christie’s of London, and Hi Auction of Seoul!

This is another battleground. Art, history and your life can be evaluated in terms of dollars.

This drama delves into the greed of humans that underlie art dealings.

The thrilling action at auction houses, A story about auctioneers who professionally compete against each other!

Hi Auction, Korea’s best auction house, is a place of high drama and action that is over the top.

At an auction, there are tensions between the seller and buyer.

People try to figure out who is bluffing or who is making a serious offer.

Auctioneers try to outsmart and outmaneuver buyers and competitors.

Art collectors and art dealers engage in close partnerships or betray each other if the need arises.

This is harder than “Mission Impossible!”

Cha Yeon-soo is a new recruit at Hi Auction, Korea’s best auction house.

Since her dad is an art forger, she is almost forced to quit the company but she tries to hang on to her job by performing impossible tasks that are delegated to her. This is a story about her survival!

A success story about one young woman who takes on the auction world.

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Guest juicy.couture

this doesn't seem like a very popular drama...but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I think it's a refreshing change...and the plot of each episode is so interesting. I didn't know it was a seasonal drama though...I hope it gets more popular!

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i watched the first ep its really good hopefully it doesnt get boring in the middle or end of the series

by the looks of the ratings season 2 probably wont be made

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Guest banana07

is it possible to download this drama without using clubbox? i heard that this drama was good but there doesn't seem to be any non-clubbox links...

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I had downloaded the first 20 from Global MBC (with eng sub) and I really liked it

But since no one is subbing it, sadly I cant watch anymore

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Guest Alethia

This drama certainly is under-rated. It deserves more attention!

Pity about the screening time tho.. it's showin at a timeslot that i can't watch it while it's on air :tears:

But it's really great that a c-sub team has taken on this project *dance of joy*

I didn't know any of the actors to begin with, apart from Jung Chan. But Ep 1 has me totally hooked to this series.

It's certainly a v refreshing theme. I don't think I've ever seen any series about the workings of an auction house.

Will certainly be following it with alot of interest. ^.^

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Guest huangsy

I had downloaded the first 20 from Global MBC (with eng sub) and I really liked it

But since no one is subbing it, sadly I cant watch anymore

The global MBC d/l is not free rite ?

If on paid basis, strange that they stopped providing the later episodes ?

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