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J Music Recommendations?

Guest phantompc4

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Guest phantompc4

ive already posted this in zdegrees but i just want as many responses as possible. so id like some japanese music recommendations.im mostly into hip hop and rnb but j rock is also very good. only thing i dont like is the scary j rocker ppl.

here are a few,but not all of the ppl ive listened to: seamo,et king,utada hikaru, uverworld, zeebra, def tech, and kreva.

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Some artists you might be interested in: m-flo, Bennie K, Ketsumeishi(a unique mix of rock and hip-hop influences, qutie popular in japan, I highly recommend their fifth album), DJ Ozma (does quite a bit of Korean music covers, not to mention he's flashy :P ), Miliyah Kato, Crystal Kay, MINMI, Lecca (a bit reggae) and Namie Amuro (check out 'Play' and 'Queen of Hip-Pop' albums).

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click my siggie (Flavah of the Week) for some Japanese rnb/hip hop suggestions..the majority of the artist there i was introduced to @ JPM..you should join there for some good J-Urban artists.

i give brief descriptions of the artists bio, style etc. with newest release info, and a streaming video link so you can hear/listen and go from there. :)

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For 'friendly' J Rock try:

Mr. Children

Kinki Kids

Plastic Tree

Mika Nakashima (more pop, but I love "Sakura iro..." and "Glamorous Sky")

The Pillows

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Guest Pur3Lif3

Im into the Japanese Trance (Its like crack to me)...if you are too, read on my friend ^_^.


4 Skips

Rob Mayth (He sometimes does work for Japanese Labels)


Shohei Matsumoto

DJ Yoshinori

DJ Ten

Overhead Champion.

Cant go wrong with those! That is, if you're into japanese trance...if interested, shoot me a PM and ill introduce you :).

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J Urban:

Natori Kaori





Miss Monday



Foxxi misQ

Soul'd Out

Sowelu *more jpop than urban but she has some great slow jams*

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For jrock I would recommend:


Abingdon Boys School

Bump of Chicken


they're jrock but not 'scary' at all. SID used to be visual kei, but they're not anymore. And the music is awesome too :)

For RnB/pop/Urban:

Emi Hinouchi


Crystal Kay

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Guest Pantherezz

id have to recommned Gackt. Hes a lead vocals of the group mentioned above-- Malice Mizer

Hes jrock, and may look scary, but its actually really good. in my opinion. hes currently all i listen to, even though im not japanese. Im richard simmons, so its a little different.

If you like anime, "metamorphoze" had something to do with gundam, or something like that. i forget.

If you rpg, "redemption" and "longing" were featured as the theme songs on Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus (where he also features as the next and final boss of Final Fantasy: Crisis Core)

If you like ballads, "last song" is really nice. its uber sad if you read the lyrics though

so yah

and hes hot


have fun

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I like L`Arc~en~Ciel they're not the super scary bloody type of jrock band XD And Gackt :3 He's good too!

I like Koda Kumi's music it's really RnB & Hip Hop

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