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[official] Exile Thread

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the special site for the new singel was updated!! for CD cover and song preview check here

They also released their 5 big project for 2011 :

Nr. 1

They will release a new album

Nr. 2

They will have a domtour

Nr. 3

This is called "gekidan EXILE E-IMPACT" I don't know yet, what it is

Nr. 4

EXILE presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 〜 For Girls〜 (They make an audition for a femaie Vocalist!!!! Next they want to support are Girls!!!!)

Nr. 5

J Soul Brothers 2 VS. J Soul Brothers 3

I wish I could participate in this audition !!!!

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the sound preview sounds really nice!...february 9th is too far, but I guess they need time in preparation

for their choreography.

I wish I could participate in this audition !!!!

I found more info on the audition!

EXILEが今度は“女の子”をオーディション! 『EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3 ~For Girls~』全国で開催

デビュー 1月1日(土)4時0分配信

20101230-00000311-devi-000-0-thumb.jpg 拡大写真 (写真:De☆Viw)  EXILEが応援するオーディション『EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION』の第3弾の開催が1日に発表された。第3回オーディションは『3~For Girls~』と題し、12~25歳を対象にした“女の子オーディションであることが分かった。


 テレビの生放送内で開催が発表された『EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 3~For Girls~』。EXILEの新ボーカリストを選出した第1回、三代目J Soul Brothersを生み出した第2回に続き、第3回は12~25歳までの女の子を対象に開催され、EXILEと同じプロダクション「LDH」に所属する現 メンバー、Happiness、Kana、FLOWERの新メンバーも募集する。

 2011年2月9日には、平均年齢15歳、EXILEのパフォーマンス力を受け継いだ中学生のガールズ・ダンス&ヴォーカルグループ 『Happiness』がメジャーデビューを果たす。2011年のガールズポップシーンに新たな潮流を巻き起こすにあたって、女子の新戦力を拡充する構え だ。

 アイドル全盛の今、カッコ可愛いガールズグループを目指す女子は、2月5日・福岡を皮切りに全国5都市でスタートするオーディションに注目を。オーディ ションの詳細は2011年2月1日発売の『月刊デ☆ビュー』(オリコン・エンタテイメント刊)、公式サイト『WEBデ☆ビュー』に掲載される。

cr: YJ

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^ Thank you very much!!! I will translate it when I have time !

For those that wonder yesterdays kohaku performanc of EXILE

Check it out here !!!

I don't like that they (host ??) were talking almost non stop during the performance....

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watch AKIRA's CHINTAI CM here: http://www.chintai.net/cm/index.html

They used the new song for it !!!! I really wonder how the full version sounds.... and how the PV looks....

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 EXILE is going to have a documentary, focusing on the time, when they mixed with JSB2. For this project Hiro was accompanied for a whole year!

I wonder when it will be published, so that we oversea fans also can watch it.... for what I read till now, they only show it in Japanese Theater..... :(

Edit: New infos on EXILE's documentary movie!!

The popular music group EXILE  will appear in their first documentary film, titled "EXILE PRIDE." The  movie is set for a limited theatrical run, starting on February 5.

"EXILE PRIDE" takes a behind-the-scenes look at the group, especially its leader HIRO.  As HIRO explained, the group hopes that the movie can express their  "thoughts" and "beliefs" that they can't express through their works and  live performances. The documentary will start with their activities  around March 2009, when they merged with J Soul Brothers and became a  14-member group.

The movie is being directed by Koichi Makino, who is also handling  composition, cinematography, and editing. To capture everything, Makino  even accompanied HIRO on the performer's overseas trips to places such  as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Hawaii.

EXILE had a big year in 2010, including a stadium tour that drew an estimated 1.1 million people and their third consecutive win at the Japan Record Awards. They recently announced five major projects for 2011, not including this movie.

source: Tokyograph

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EXILE releases Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no Tochuu~ PV

Fourteen member group, EXILE, has finally released the promotional video for their latest single “Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no Tochuu~“. The single is set to officially release next month on February 9th.

source: tokyofever

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I love the new PV and song so much. It seriously makes me want to run into a field and twirl. It sounds so inspirational and Atsushi's and Takahiro's voices are like butter in this song. And the dancing from the boys are so clean and sharp! A beautiful PV for sure.

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Hey Exile Fans :D i`m not actually new to soompi but i am atm since its been a while since i`ve been here so the changes is a bit weird

anyways i`m new to this thread Mia desu ~ i`m an Exile fan since 2007 ^_^ love them and I wish to go to one of their concerts one day :)i love the original 7 and after they became 14 now i know all the members looks & names (my sister still mixes kenchi ,akira and makidai )^O^ my favorite is :Atsushi ,Akira , Tetsuya ,Naoto ,Takahiro And Kenchiman but i love them as a whole not to mention Papa Hiro`s Awesomeness i just saw that this thread and i wanted to post something here ^^(sometimes i`m too lazy to login ):P Yoroshiku

i dont know if you watched it or not here`s Atsushi solo concert The root (outstanding Performance )





I so love AI and A~chan collab :wub: :wub:

the rest is in the related videos/user uploaded the whole live and HD ~

i`m going to sleep now so sorry and Enjoy

PS: Excuse any mistyping its nearly 2a.m .

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Hello Mia!! Nice to meet you :)

The track list of the new album is out!!!


  1. Each Other's Way~旅の途中(Tabi no Tochuu)~
  2. I Wish For You (from Toyota「WISH」CM)
  3. Miracle (new song)
  4. 願い(Negai) -Album Version-
  5. GOING ON (from EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION2, 2nd stage)
  6. 手紙 (Tegami)(new song)
  7. Orion (new Song)
  8. もっと強く(Motto Tsuyoku) (from 「THE LAST MESSAGE海猿」)
  9. 掌の砂 (Tenohira no Suna)
  10. VICTORY (from World Championship)
  11. My Station (from Kirin Lemon CM)
  12. 24karats STAY GOLD (from Kirin Mets CM)
  13. Interlude for One Wish
  14. One Wish

DVD[DISC 2][Video Clip]

  • 24karats STAY GOLD
  • 願い (Negai)
  • もっと強く(Motto Tsuyoku)
  • I Wish For You
  • Each Other's Way ~旅の途中 (Tabi no Tochuu)~
  • 24karats STAY GOLD (KIDS & GIRLS Version)
  • VICTORY (Making)
  • 24karats STAY GOLD (Making)
  • Each Other's Way ~旅の途中(Tabi no Tochuu)~ (Making)
  • 24karats STAY GOLD (KIDS & GIRLS Version) (Making)

[Special Video Clip]

  • もっと強く(Motto Tsuyoku) (Album Version)
  • I Wish For You(Album Version)

DVD[DISC 3] Special DVD

  1. 言葉にできない (Kotoba ni dekinai)(Vocal:ATSUSHI)
  2. こんなにもながい君の不在 (Konnani mo Nagai Kimi no Fuzai)(Vocal:ATSUSHI) *
  4. Just The Two Of Us(Vocal:SHOKICHI)
  5. 遠く遠く(Tooku Tooku)(Vocal:TAKAHIRO, NESMITH, SHOKICHI)
  6. 以心伝心(Ishindenshin)(Vocal:TAKAHIRO)
  8. Giver(Vocal:NESMITH, SHOKICHI)
  10. Choo Choo TRAIN(Vocal:ATSUSHI, TAKAHIRO)
  11. 銀河鉄道999 (Ginga Tetsdou 999) / EXILE feat. VERBAL (m-flo) (Vocal:ATSUSHI, TAKAHIRO)
*from EXILE ATSUSHI Premium Live ~The Roots~

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Hey    Nicky  nice to know you too ^_^  thanks for the awesome news cant wait for it and the Makings =D 

I love their latest single and i love EXILE TAMASHI~

do you watch EXILE Tamashi ?? Takahiro Salon <33 (People think that Akira in the blond wig looks weird but i think he looks gorgeous XD 

Akira Bruce Lee Is Love !! i `m only sad that Keiji isn`t as active as in EXE =_= 

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I used to look EXILE tamashi every week.... but somehow I stoped.... It's not very well time for me to watch... and I don't know if it is uploded somewhere... so, no at the moment I don't watch it.....:( I used to watch EXH and EXE every week.....

But Takahiro cutting hair is so Kakko ii !!!!!!!!!!:wub::wub:

Akira is funny :)

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yeah, it's almost dead.... me droping in once in a while, but it's not too interesting doing a monologue... so i somehow stopped... maybe I should continue!!!!

That CM is great!!!!

Well Takahiro is best everywhere, and that CM is no exeption!!!!:wub::wub::wub:

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The English version of LDH's website's been released. http://www.ldh.co.jp/eng/artist/musician

Learn more about EXILE, J Soul Brothers, DEEP, BREATHE, E-Girls, etc in English!

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garnet_moon said: Of course kimi ga iru kara is doing well because it's a b-side of I believe.. It's a package ^^

It will be nice if you will call Takahiro as Takahiro.. We might be mistaken with COLOR's member, Taka ^___^;;

Really? The reason why don't like the other re-recorded stuffs is because Takahiro really sounded like Shun. image Well part of the reason why he won was that one that his voice was kinda a resemblance with Shun according to rumors. He can perform those songs even if they didn't release a studio version of it :\

Ohhh orchestra and piano versions are love because that's where you can hear the "pure quality" of voice

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Hi ! I'm new here and I don't know the rules, I'm a big fan of EXILE specially exile Takahiro and Atsushi.

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